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(On: 20 January 2015 19:07, "Sobanet, Jennifer” wrote: angela, \Willyou pls make sure you let Kachina know in advance of ny meetings with a legislator. She's most touch with the {Gov's office and Je onal of our issues and can help you with messaging. (and go with you f posible). you run into 2 legsiator at an event and dlscuss legislation, pls be sure to ether now as quicly a8 possible ater that interaction, Those dats points are important for usin the overall strategy, Thanks, Jeanie ‘From: Angele Sle (malto:abalecBealecsineston) ‘Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 1:16 PM ‘To: Garcia, Joseph Ce: Garcia, Joseph; Weaver, Kachina; Wasserman GOVOFFICE, Scott Sobanet, Jenifer Subject: RE: Plce in Focbes about 529 tax issue In residents Budget ‘greed, Should we dscuss at Run the Traps on Thursday, prior to our meeting with Carol Hedges Friday morning? Kachina is working on setting a meeting wth Merrifield and the three of us. Ihave not heard of a date/time yet. Tie did request background information about Collegelnvest (placed & copy of what gave him on your hal). When ropped it off Friday morning | was able to speak very briefly with him. | wll fil you in on Thursday, but overall thinkit ‘was. postive conversation. He was unaware of the cost of college, how much student loan debt the $100k¢ families, fare accumulating, our Matching Grant program, an that his proposal would only put an addtional $44/-in those families pockets, etc. He sad he wished he had this information earlier. However, it seems heist set on drafting something this week, gels From: Garcia - GovOfic, Joseph [malto:joseshagarcia@state.c0.18) ‘Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2015 1:07 PM To: Angel Baer (Ce: Garcia, Joseph; Weaver, Kachina (Kachina, Weaver@dhe,us); Wasserman - GOVOFFICE, Seat; Jennifer Sobanet (Jennifer sobanet@dhe ‘Subject: Re: Piece in Forbes about 529 tax isu in President's Budget ‘Thanks, Angela, That isa helpful perspective. We need to get together and agree withthe Gov's office on a position going forward. Did we ever meet with Merrifield? I thought we had something scheduled last week. but I don’ recall that we actually met with him, ‘On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 12:57 PM, Angela Baier wrote: soe, | thought the Forbes article Below is interesting. The pont it makes onthe importance of nat changing $29 tax code to increase tax ate very similar tothe unintended consequences of Sen. Mersifl's proposal of removing the state ax deduction for 5295 forthe lower middle cass. upton forbes, nells/2015/01/19/0 the-w 59-college-savers! Key points: