Sherly Alvarez
Mr. Gonzalez
Design Y2
February 4, 2015

Structures Bridges
Before the bridge were invented they used boat to move from one side to
another a ferry boat alameda with crowed with commuters 1958.Before he
bridge was built the ferry was the primary transportation for commuters
between San Francisco and Oakland. The bridge was built to we can pass
trough the river before we can still pass trough the river but the bridges are
more easy to pass. That why the Emperor Norton built think to create the
first bridge. The first bridge was in San Francisco and Oakland. The bridge
were built during the depression era. The groundbreaking ceremony took
place on July 9, 1933 when construction began on the longest bridge in the
world at that time. It took three years and five months to complete the Bay
Bridge. The final bridge cost was approximately $77 million, $6 million under
the estimated cost. A tugboat towed a barge to be loaded with soil from the
excavation on Yerba Buena Island. Further west were the caissons for Pier 6.
American Bridge was the primary contractor for the construction of the
original bridge, and is also building portions of the new bridge!
Then he see that many people was passing trough the bridge and said we
can built more types of bridges and test them. If they function we can create
more bridge. The first type of bridge was the suspension bridge. The


suspension bridge have advantages and disadvantages the advantages is
that is strong and can span long distances such as across rivers. The
disadvantages are that is expensive and complex to build. The name of one
bridge that is type suspension is the Golden Gate Bridge that is located in
San Francisco, Marin County. For many years before the Golden Gate Bridge
was built, the only way to get across San Francisco Bay was by ferry, and by
the early twentieth century the Bay was clogged with them. In the 1920s,
engineer and bridge-builder Joseph Strauss became convinced that a bridge
should be constructed across the Golden Gate the Golden Gate have a really
interesting fact the fact is that The Golden Gate Bridge is the top suicide
location in the world. Another type of bridge is the truss bridge the truss
bridge have advantages and disadvantages the advantage is that they are
very strong and make efficient use of materials the disadvantage is they are
more complex to construct and need a high level of maintenance one name
of the bridge that is truss is Aldrich Change Bridge the location of this bridge
is Palmyra: Wayne County, New York On September 18, 1855, the Canal
Board awarded John Hutchinson of Troy a contract to fabricate and erect six
iron superstructures on Canal sections 264, 266, and 275, including a twospan towing-path change bridge at the Rochester weigh lock. The weigh lock
spans were to be 84'-6" and 53'-6" long, and each was to be supported by
two trusses built on Whipple's "trapezoidal plan." This structure was to
replace a two-span timber change bridge that had likely been built about
1850 when the new and enlarged weigh lock at Rochester was opened. There


are too bridge that collapse that they not built correctly one is the Dry Creek
Bridge the location is Eden, Colorado the reason for that happen is because
collapsed because of a sudden washout. Another bridge that collapse is the
temporary footbridge the location is Havana is collapse because Bridge
struck by an out-of-control Ferrari sports-racing car, driven by Armando
Garcia Cifuentes, which then ploughed into trackside spectators during the
1958 Cuban Grand Prix.