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Angel Velazquez
Mr. Gonzales
Design y2
February 4, 2015

Structure Bridge
The first bridge to build was made out of wooden planks and stone. The first bridges
were built to cross rivers and ponds. The first bridge to be build was in the 13 th
century in the Bronze Age, the name of the bridge was the Arkadiko Bridge in
Greece. On the 18th century bridges were started to be use as shortcuts to cities.
Many people use the bridges to get from one place to another.
Before bridges were build ferries were used to transport the people through the
rivers. People got in their cars and drive to ferries. In the 1860s people used tunnels
to travel to cities. But then people closed the tunnels because there were many
accidents and people saw things.
There are four type bridges that were early used. Stone Masonry bridges, steel
bridges, timber bridges, and bow string bridges are the type bridges that were
commonly used back then. Another bridge that Incas used back then was the rope
bridge. The rope bridge is mainly is used on trees and a rope.
I choose the beam, truss, suspension, and the last bridge is the arch.
The advantages of the beam bridge is that they are helpful for short distance the
disadvantages was that they cost a lot of money to buy steel.
The advantages of the suspension river is that they can be a long way and go too
far cities and disadvantages of the suspension bridges is that is hard to design the

The advantages of the truss bridge is that they are very sturdy and have cracks and
the disadvantages is they are not very attractive.
The advantages and disadvantages of the arch bridge is that is easy to build the
bridges but it needs a lot of materials to build the bridge.
A real world example of the suspension bridge is the golden gate bridge. The golden
gate bridge was built in 1933 and is in San Francisco the length of the bridge is
2,737 and 67 feet high.
An example of a beam bridge is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, is located in Virginia
and cape Charles. The bridge is was finish in 1964 and its 89,760 feet long.
An example of an arch bridge is Garabit viaduct is in Massif Central, Europe. It was
made in 1884 and its 1,853 long.
And last example of a bridge is truss is Kyono Bridge it was finished in 1994 is
location is china, is 338 meters long.
the golden gate bridge is called like that because before they found a gold in
California a man name john Fremont said that it looks like a golden gate and then
they discover the gold.
The Chesapeake Bay Bridge was used to connect Baltimore, Washington, and the
ocean side, Maryland.
The Garabit bridge was built to cross the the river.
The Kyono Bridge was built to cross the mountain.

An example of a failure bridge was the Springbrook Bridge in the United States, it
was an arch bridge, what happen is that they build that bridge weak that when a
hurricane happen it was washout.
Another bridge that was poorly build was the Platte Bridge what happen to it was all
cause during the use civil war in 1861. This St. joseph, Missouri and the bridge was
a truss bridge.
The last bridge that was poorly build was the dry creek bridge. What happen is that
the conductor was driving a train in a thunderstorm, and the whole trained
collapsed and destroyed the whole bridge. This The Springbrook Bridge was poorly
design, the people who build the bridge thought the bridge was strong enough to
hold , but the bridge wasn’t strong enough so when the hurricane came the bridge
was wash away.
The Platte Bridge was strong build but in 1861 some bushwhackers put mines on
the bridge and a train fell into river killing 20 passengers. The it was rebuild.
The dry creek bridge was destroyed when the train was on a thunderstorm and
water got on the engine and the engine stop and the bridge fell and destroyed the
whole bridge, and it was never rebuild.
happen in Denver, Colorado and it was a truss bridge.
I choose beckham as my partner and we decided to work or build the beam bridge.
Me and beckham choose the beam bridge because the beam bridge is strong
enough to hold books, and weight. The bridge is going to be 250 feet long that the
bridge is not going to be long but if the bridge is going to hold weight than we need

to make the bridge strong enough to hold the weight that they’re going to put in the

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