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Winter Street Elementary School
Title 1
Parent Involvement Plan

Winter Street Elementary School
59 Winter Street

59 Winter Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740
FAX: 301-745-5449

Revised: May 06, 2014

Dear Title I Families,
At a Title I Parent Involvement Training/Workshop held
on May 06, 2014, Title I parents and staff members
worked together to develop goals and activities for the
Winter Street Elementary Title I Parent Involvement Plan
and the Title I School-Parent Partnership Compact.
In Title I Federal Guidelines, it states that “schools
receiving Title I funds must have a written Parent
Involvement Plan that was developed with input from
parents.” In this booklet, you will find the ideas that were
developed jointly by Title I parents and staff at the Title I
Parent Involvement Training/Workshop. We GREATLY
appreciate the families who attended and gave their
support to this effort. In addition, we want to give ALL
families the opportunity to provide input/suggestions as
well, if desired.
Please review this booklet and detach and return the back
page, by September 19, 2014 to your child’s teacher. All
students who return this form will receive a small
We appreciate the teamwork of parents, teachers and
students which helps Winter Street Elementary “Bee” the
Best that It Can Be!”
Lura Hanks, Principal
**For additional information on Title I and Parent
Involvement, please visit the following websites:
MSDE Parent Involvement Website

Washington County Public Schools


Winter Street Elementary
The goal of Winter Street Elementary School is to
produce independent, complex thinkers and problem
solvers who are prepared for educational and career
environments. We encourage learners to be responsible
citizens of the educational community by setting goals,
collaborating and communicating with others. Teachers
will be accountable for providing a rigorous environment
with high expectations that is also nurturing and safe.
Winter Street will rely on the community to support
student learning though focus on attendance, homework
and behavioral expectations. This vision will be achieved
by clear and open communication and partnership
between all stakeholders.
Winter Street Elementary
“The Winter Street Elementary School community will provide
students with necessary skills to successfully engage in rapidly
changing educational and career environments.”

Winter Street Elementary provides full opportunities for
participation for all parents, including those with limited
English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents
of migratory children.


In working together for student success, the WCPS and
Winter Street Elementary School will work toward the
following six goals based on the National and PTA standards:

COMMUNICATION: Providing various forms of
on-going two-way communication about student
progress, performance, academic requirements and
opportunities as well as school-family partnerships.
Winter Street Elementary will:
1. Invite all families to attend a Title I Orientation at
the beginning of the year to explain the Title I
Program and NCLB.
2. Hold a “Back to School Night” for families to
meet the teachers and staff and learn state, county,
STEM initiatives, and academic achievement
3. Send home to all families the WCPS Title I Parent
Information Packet, including the Compact and
Parent Involvement Plan.
4. Encourage parents to complete and return the Title
I Parent Participation Response Form regarding
the spending of the parent involvement fund.
5. Create a Title I School/Parent Partnership
Compact with parents and school staff that
outlines how staff, parents and students will share
the responsibility for high academic success.
6. Send home student planners daily.
7. Send home folders with important
information/progress weekly.
8. Send home classroom and school newsletters
9. Provide document translations and interpreters for
families upon request to families of foreign
10. Hold Parent/Teacher Conferences on November
03-04, 2014 to discuss student progress and grade
level expectations.

PARENTING: Working together to help families
provide a home environment that supports and
encourages student learning and success.
Winter Street Elementary will:
1. Hold a “Back to School Night” for parents to
meet the teachers and staff and learn state, county,
and academic achievement standards.
2. Offer various parenting workshops and
opportunities coordinated with community
agencies on topics such as: behavior, nutrition,
budgeting, time-management, Grandparents as
caregivers, etc.
3. Assist families with basic needs through the Title
I School-Family Liaisons.
4. Provide transportation, if needed, for families to
participate in school-sponsored functions such as
Parent/Teacher Conferences, IEP meetings and
Family Nights.
5. Provide a Parent Lending Library with materials
on a wide variety of topics.
6. Encourage families to work with their children at
home through our Bee a Reader and Raising a
Reader programs & various take-home activities.
7. Encourage families to attend our “Family
8. Send home monthly Parent Pages and Recipes for
Success newsletters.
9. Make a personal contact by phone or home visit
with students who are absent.
10. Hold PBIS recognition events.


families with information, resources, workshops and
activities that will encourage academic success both at
school and at home.
Winter Street Elementary will:
1. Sponsor two Family Curriculum Nights to include
information and strategies along with take-home
activities for parents on how to improve their
children’s academic achievement.
2. Organize the Bee a Reader (K-5) and Raising a
Reader (Pre-K) take-home reading program and
provide books for students to take home and
3. Provide parents with Common Core State
Standards and assessment expectations and testtaking strategies as well as sample questions.
4. Sponsor a Family STEM Event..
5. Sponsor an Encore Showcase featuring student
6. Organize the Camp Reach after-school program
with the Grace United Methodist Church.
7. Schedule the Bookmobile to visit Winter Street
School monthly.
8. Provide grade level word wall words and math
facts triangular flash cards to practice at home.
9. Collaborate and organize early learning parent
sessions for Pre-K & K students with the Judy


VOLUNTEERING: Encourage family and community
members to volunteer in various ways to help promote
and improve school and student success.
Winter Street Elementary will:
1. Send home to all families a Volunteer Interest
Survey and have the Title I School-Family
Liaison contact those interested in helping.
2. Provide information about the volunteer
application process required by the WCPS.
3. Provide training to volunteers on county and
school policies, confidentiality and use of
equipment through the Title I School-Family
Liaisons’ office.
4. Work to increase PTA membership and encourage
families to attend and help with sponsored events.
5. Designate a grade-level representative that will be
present at each PTA meeting.
6. Form a PTA Involvement committee including
parents and school staff members.
7. Recruit and encourage community organizations
to help with activities and events throughout the
8. Recognize volunteers in newsletters, bulletin
boards and at a Volunteer Recognition Tea.


DECISION MAKING: Include families and
community members in school decisions and program
development and encourage them to serve on various
Winter Street Elementary will:
1. Provide opportunities annually for all Title I
families and staff to review and provide input,
feedback and suggestions through surveys and/or
meetings on the following documents:
 Title I Parent Involvement Plan
 Title I Parent Involvement Budget
 Title I School/Parent Partnership Compact
2. Have at least one parent representative serve on
the SIT team and provide input concerning
parental needs, and suggest topics for professional
development on how staff can better work with
parents to serve as equal partners in their child’s
educational process.
3. Request feedback through questionnaires after all
Family Night Events and Activities as well as all
Title I School-Family Liaison’s take-home
4. Encourage all families to complete the Annual
Title I School and Family Partnership Survey.
5. Encourage family and community members to
join the Winter Street PTA and attend their
meetings and functions.


Identify and work with numerous community
organizations, businesses and service agencies to
strengthen school, family and student achievement and
Winter Street Elementary will:
1. Invite local agencies, businesses and organizations
to share information at our Community Resource
Information/PTA Night and other Family Events
and activities as appropriate.
2. Work closely with local agencies, businesses, and
organizations such as (but not limited to):
 The Winter Street Alumni Group
 Hagerstown Community College
 Children In Need
 Washington County Health Dept.
 Normal, Inc.
 Judy Center
 Girl’s Inc.
 Boys & Girls Club
 Local churches
to help coordinate and integrate programs to better
serve the needs of our parents and students.
3. Coordinate with the Grace United Methodist
Church to provide the Camp Reach afterschool program.
4. Work with Martin’s Grocery store and the A+
Rewards and Box Tops for Education programs.
5. Coordinate various Family Nights at local


Glossary of Abbreviations

WCPS - Washington County Public Schools
WCBOE - Washington County Board of Education
WSE - Winter Street Elementary
NCLB - No Child Left Behind
MSA - Maryland State Assessments
AYP - Annual Yearly Progress
IEP - Individualized Education Plan
PBIS - Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
ELL - English Language Learners
FARM - Free and Reduced Meals
PTA - Parent Teacher Association
SFL - Title I School-Family Liaison
BLT - Building Lead Teacher
MAP - Measures of Academic Progress
MMSR - Maryland Model for School Readiness
SC - State Curriculum
MSDE - Maryland State Department of Education
CCSS - Common Core State Standards
STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, &
SIT - School Improvement Team
SIP - School Improvement Plan


for your support and your continued dedication to your
child’s education.


Winter Street Elementary School accepts the Washington
County Public Schools Parent Involvement Policy and
has aligned its school-level Parent Involvement Plan

Please detach and return this page of the booklet to your
child’s teacher TOMORROW. All students who return
this form will receive a small incentive.

_______ I have reviewed the Winter Street
Elementary Title I Parent Involvement
Plan. At this time, I have no further
changes or additions.
_______ I have reviewed the Winter Street
Elementary Title I Parent Involvement
Plan and would like for you to consider the
following changes (see comment space
_______ I would like for Cindy Hinkle,
Title I School-Family Liaison, to contact me
regarding some changes or additions I
wish to make to the Title I Parent
Involvement Plan.
Parent Name: _______________________________
Student Name: ______________________________
Address: ___________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________