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Citra Perdana Yanti IKM A 2014


Functions ofThe lobus

Frontal Lobe

=> the contoller of

draft muscle-moving and place 0f
intellectual process
Occipital Lobe => sight center
Temporal Lobe => hearing center
Parietal Lobe => changing regulator
to skin and muscle

The Function ofTalam us

Feeling regulation

center and various

of mving,

ex Arc
the band that be throughed reflex

process .
the stimulatting that to be emerged
by environment changing inside also
be taken outside will emerge it . who
involve it nerve be mentioned reflex
Reflex -> eferen nerve -> medulla
spinalis as center nerve -> eferen
nerve dan vektor that be throughed
reflex process is Reflex Arc

Anatom y of Cauda Spinalis

Nervi Spinalis walk to through foramen

intervertebralist, because spinalis only

until to waist until only to continue it as
end thread (filum terminal)
canalis vertebralis section that putted its
under in content by a part n-spinalis that
came from section under columna
vertebralis with to walk to put aside to
under to go to foramen intervertebralis
that fit, so it form a cauda spinalis

The Function ofCauda Spinalis

Help Lumbai and 3 acrum to control

the part of body