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A.P. World History

Guided Reading Chapter 23
Nation Building and Economic Transformation in the Americas (1800 1890)
Directions: You must answer who, what, where, when and why important for the
vocabulary that are labeled with an asterisk and answer ALL of the questions.
Answers should be in a different color font and should be turned in to
and to the class crate when due.
1. Junta Central
2. Creoles
3. Personalist leaders
4. Caudillo

5. Abolitionists
6. **American AntiSlavery Society
7. **Acculturation

8. Development
9. Underdevelopment

Places / Colonies / New Countries:

11.Gran Colombia
12.Buenos Aires
13.Viceroyalty of Ro de la Plata

14.Ro de Janeiro
15.**Confederation of

16.Republic of Central
17.Confederate States of

Individuals / Peoples:
18.**King Ferdinand VII
19.**Simn Bolvar
20.**Jos de San Martn
21.**Miguel Hidalgo y Costillo
22.Jos Maria Morelos

23.Agustin de Iturbide
24.**King John VI (Joao
25.**Benito Juarez

26.Tecumseh and Prophet

28.Frederick Douglass

32.Caste War

33.**Womens Rights
Convention at Seneca

Events / Wars:
29.U.S. Civil War
30.**War of 1812
31.**Trail of Tears
34.**Indian Removal Act of 1830
35.Emancipation Proclamation

36.**Chinese Exclusion
Act of 1882

Questions to Outline:
1. What were the five reasons for colonial frustrations on the people of Portuguese and Spanish
Latin America?
2. Developing a chart or Venn diagram, compare the revolutions in Northern and Southern South
3. How was Brazils road to independence different than that of Spanish South America?
4. Outline how British Canada was administered
5. What was Bolivars four branch of government?
6. What was the political role of the Roman Catholic Church, if any, in the newly independent
Latin American counties?
7. Compare and contrast the presidencies of Andrew Jackson of the United States and Jose
Antonio Paez of Venezuela.
8. How did regionalism threaten the United States between 1825 and 1865?
9. List five examples of foreign intervention in Latin America
10.Live five ways in which Amerindians in the United States were subjugated
11.Describe the steps in the abolition of slavery in Brazil

Chapter 23 Guided Reading

Nation Building and Economic Transformation in the Americas
12.How did the environment change in the Americas during the 19 th century?