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Social media marketing: this has risen hugely in popularity and there are now countless
dedicated agencies scattered around the web which promise to help with it. Facebook, Twitter,
Pinterest and LinkedIn are all examples of social networks which can be used as a part of your
marketing efforts, although they are far from the only ones.
Social media marketing allows two-way communication between a company and consumer in a
way that wasnt previously seen and its safe to say that it has changed business approach to
marketing as now, the consumer holds the power.
Its also based on one of the most effective forms of advertising; word of mouth.
Social media means that communication can be a lot more targeted and personalized than other
forms of marketing, as companies get the chance to receive feedback from customers daily.
Its also useful for making content go viral, something which can help to strengthen a brand
very quickly. Its brand personality that makes social work so well, as if this is done correctly,
across the board, then it can boost engagement considerably.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): is a means of optimizing the content of a website in order
to gain better placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPS). A variety of techniques are
employed to achieve this and its not a job for amateurs really as there are many pitfalls that
could have Google frowning on your site.
SEO includes:

Keyword research and usage, on-page and off (within HTML)

Link building /outreach blogging

Content delivery

Site structure


This is not an exhaustive list, but it does give an indication of how much work is necessary in
order to optimize a site.