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The gayageum or kayagum is a traditional Korean zither-like string instrument, wi

th 12 strings, though some more recent variants have 21 or other numbers of stri
ngs. It is probably the best known traditional Korean musical instrument.[1] It
is related to other Asian instruments, including the Chinese guzheng, the Japane
se koto, the Mongolian yatga, and the Vietnamese n tranh.
Gayageum are available with 13, 17, 18, 21, 22, or 25 strings

Theo s sch ghi li th n Gayageum xut hin t khong th k th su v tri qua thi gia
g th loi m nhc th cn nhiu dy to m vc rng,... n Gayageum ca Hn Quc c th

n Gayageum xut hin Hn Quc khong 1500 nm trc. Tc truyn rng, n Gayageum vn
l Gayago, c ngha l nhc c dy ca nc Gaya. n do vua Gasilwang (Gia Tt Vng) ca
ch to. Nh vua cho vi nhc s Wureuk (Vu Lc) vo triu v ni cc nc u c ngn ng
nc li ging nhau n vy!. Sau khi nghe li phn ny, nhc s Vu Lc sng tc ngay 12

l cu chuyn v ngun gc ra i ca cy n Gayageum ca Hn Quc. T khi ra i cho ti

tha ban u. Ngi Hn Quc cn gi cy n ny l Chnh Nhc Gayageum hay Beopgeum (Php C

Trc y Gayageum vn l nhc kh chi trong hong cung hoc cho gii qu tc v hc gi gi

n thi k cui triu i Joseon (th k 19, mt loi n dy nh hn m phng theo n Gaya
So vi n Gayageum nguyn bn, Sanjo Gayageum c m thanh trong v cao hn, dy n mnh h
dy hp hn, nn c th chi c nhng bn nhc c tit tu nhanh, din t c nhiu cung
nhc dn gian qun chng, cho nhng bn dn ca c cung bc bin tu t ngt nh dng dn ca
hoc cho cc bn ha tu trong giai iu Sinawi.

n hnh hp di 150cm, rng l 30cm v mt n vng ln. cho m thanh ca n c chiu s
cy. C 12 cu n bng g c gi l Anjok hay cn gi l nga n mc dy.
The beobgeum gayageum is 160cm long by 30cm wide by 10cm deep. Its body is made
of a single piece of paulownia wood. The resonator chamber is hollowed out of th
e piece of paulownia.
The sanjo gayageum is about 142cm long by 23cm wide by 10cm deep. The soundboard
is made of paulownia, but the sides and back are of a harder wood such as chest
nut or walnut.(Choi 2005) (KCMPC 2001)


gn ging vi cy n Tranh ca Vit Nam, ngh nhn n Gayageum ngi chi n trn chiu, m
tay tri gi, nhn, ko hoc rung u bn kia ca dy n to m thanh.
Vi lch s 1500 nm, cy n Gayageum ca Hn Quc c m thanh trm, su lng, vang vng v

Tuy l mt nhc c c truyn nhng n Gayageum vn c gn gi v biu din trong nhiu l

tr ca Hn Quc vn ginh s quan tm cho ngh thut truyn thng u c th chi n. ch
Quc khi h vn bo tn c nhng gi tr truyn thng....