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Primary Objectives
The Food & Beverage division is responsible for managing the supplies of foods &
beverages operations of the Precedent event in a professional manner, while
continually exceeding the participants expectations.

Essential Function
1. Responsible for all areas of the food & beverage while the event is going
2. Ensure all participants are provided with the good quality of foods and beverages
3. Responsible for ordering foods and beverages in order to fulfill the participants
needs while the event is going
4. Responsible for food hygiene, health and safety issues
5. Responsible to assist in menu planning, development and meal specials
6. Ensure proper cash management controls are followed by all food & beverage
staff members based on the budgeting that already given
7. Responsible for the distribution of the foods and beverages
8. Ensure waste of foods and beverages are minimized after meet the participants
9. Participate on committees to assist with event details, and other special