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Rubatarshne a/p Vasu

Drama Technique : Mirror

Basic mirror

Guess me?
Whos the

Make me.




Teacher ask pupils to be form in circle

Pupils need to find their pairs.
Each pair need to name A n B
Teacher explains the pair A have to be
the mirror and other must do reflection
of it.
5. Pupils are instructed to switch roles
where partner B have to be mirror and
partner A must do the reflection.

To make students loosen

up and feel more relaxed

1. Teacher gets pupils to form a circle and

2. Pupils are instructed to select a leader
and another student.
3. The student have to wait outside
whereas the leader have to do actions
4. Pupils follows the actions of the leader
5. The student are called to be in centre in
the circle and ask to guess the leader.

Develop kinaesthetic and

spatial movement among

1. Teacher gets students to do the actions

as she gives instructions.
2. Teacher instructs pupils to find own their
3. For example, teacher ask pupils to be
build numeral group by using different
body parts.
4. Ex: form groups using elbow, fingers,
and feet.
5. Then, teacher ask the groups to create a
scene at a park based on their creativity.

Foster cooperation among


Develop two way

interaction among the

Pupils able to enhance

the focus skill
Create the awareness
among pupils

Develop high order

thinking of skills.

Rubatarshne a/p Vasu

Drama Technique : Mirror


What have
you learnt?

1. Teacher divided students into 3 groups.

2. Each group must select a leader and
choose a scenario made by the teacher.
3. When they received the scenario, pupils
have to carry out the scenario according
to their understanding using the various
drama technique.
Eg. The scenario are in an aeroplane, a
bank robbery, and at a concert.

Able to differentiate the drama techniques and

apply in scenario.
Cater the needs of different learning style of

Develop creativity among

Develop thinking skills