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Are you a Singaporean aged between 80 - 90?

Do you have a family member who is a Singaporean and aged

between 80-90?
Research study

Genome sequencing for


We are recruiting volunteers for research.

We are actively seeking Elderly Singaporeans who are willing to
donate a blood sample for DNA sequencing.
The purpose of this research is to establish a local control set of
healthy genomes for all future reference.
You will be eligible for the study if you are aged 80-90 and have no
chronic disease, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
If you contact us for the study, we will only need to pay you a home
visit that should last no longer than 1 hours at a mutually
convenient time.
During the home visit*, we will go through a questionnaire with you
and take a small blood sample.
*No further procedure or contact will take place after this home visit.

If this is of interest, please contact

Associate Professor
Roger Foo
6808 8232 or
National University Hospital
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119074
Version 2, dated 31 December 2014