April 15, 2008 zarahlim

What About You? [Jesus] “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Mark 8:29 Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is known by many people in different ways – Teacher, Prophet, Son of God, Savior, Redeemer, Friend, Lover, Bridegroom, etc. But have you ever thought of who Jesus really is for you? Who do you say Jesus is? Disregard what you’ve heard others tell you who Jesus is. Have you really experienced Jesus in your life, you being the one who’s really in contact with Him? Or are you just riding along who you’ve heard Jesus is?

Lord I wanna experience you more in my life. like my prayer in tonight’s prayer meeting, help me to have more close encounters with you, just like I’m having right now! Jesus, to me you are my BEST FRIEND. For the past few weeks (months? years?) I’ve thought so much of how few my friends are. no one really knows me. yeah, I talk to my mom about my hurts. and I talk to Lawrence about everything else. but I don’t tell them everything. Only Jesus, my best friend, knows me. He listens to me 24/7. Pag asar sa office, sha ang sumbungan ko. Pag natutuwa ako, sha rin ang pinagpapasalamatan ko. writing this entry, I’m realizing (once again) how blessed I am to have you, Jesus, as my best friend. Thank you because you loved me even before I knew you. Thank you because you chose me to be one of the blessed ones called to your kingdom. Thank you because I got to know you early on in my life. Blessing talaga, Lord!! I love you Jesus, my Savior, my Friend. 

“Jesus warned them not to tell anyone about Him.” Mark 8:30 After Peter’s confession of Jesus being Christ, He told them not to tell anyone about him (yet). Imagine! Knowing that you’re with a “big-time personality” and you have to keep it a secret because it’s not yet time for him to be revealed! How blessed are we right now because the secret’s out. In fact, we are tasked to tell everyone about Jesus being The Christ. What a privilege!
Help me do my part Lord. Help me to be a megaphone for you. Forgive me for my ineffectiveness as your witness. From now on Lord, with all these insights you’ve revealed to me, I will speak about your greatness “bessie” Jesus! 

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