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As they say, Education is a continues process of learning.

Its continuity
should be renew every time to cope up with the set objectives. Yet teaching for
many years with old visual aids and old teaching techniques might be absolute and
not so much interesting because of over used and boring to audience and has been
use in the sane process or procedures. Thats why nomination moderately introduce
to new teaching aids couples with new teaching techniques strategies which will
give something new or different ideas that will help catch the attention of the
children. Because of the new visual aids and new techniques in teaching will surely
be better for the benefits of the children especially the intervention introduce, the
making of new devices through indigenous materials to suits learners
Providing interventions and Innovation materials in the locality will eventually
help establish and maintain standards of pupils behavior required to achieve
effective and maximum participation of learning activities of pupils in all subjects
areas. It will actually assess the educational needs of pupils and develop their
capabilities and skills. Even simple but if presented properly will surely stimulate
learning environment then it will establish an effective working relationships of

Noted intervention