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Complete with the present perfect.
1. Mum.(make) a cake.
2. I..(read) this book.
3. He(wash) the car.
4. We ..(buy) a new house in the country.
5. Cosmo and Suzie(drink) all the milk.
6. You .(break) my glass.
7. You.(finish) your homework.
8. It(stop) raining.
9. Thomas..(pass) his exams.
10. Somebody..(take) my umbrella.
Complete with the negative form.
1.Ive called Kate, but I Susan .
2. She has met Tom, but she Richard.
3. We have seen 'Space Adventure I' but we ..'Space Adventure 2'.
4. I've bought some eggs for the cake, but I ..any sugar.
5. He has found his keys, but he .his wallet.
6. They have travelled to Italy but they Japan.
7. You have tidied the living room, but you ..your room!
8. We have invited Nick, but we .Larry
Form questions:
1. we / buy the tickets for the concert?
2. the game / finish?
3. you / do your homework?
4. Mark / open his present?
5. he / meet your sister?
6. Cosmo / eat all the cat food?