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* Rocket Man Words and Music by Like slow 4 --~ ELTON JOHN & BERNIE TAUPIN She packed my bag last night prq-flight,__ Marsain't the kind of place to raise the kide,— ad + = 5 RF Ze—r0 hour Nine «mm. —_ ‘And U'm gon —nabe In fact it's cold as hell _—_ And there's no —one there— a BRP Be as a kite by then. — te raise them if you did. Cmi(sus4) It’s lone — ly out_ in space_ It’s just__ my job five a week — Smet : ——————— less flight. tF F Fisust Aad I think it’s gonna be a long Jong time till touch. down brings-me round a—gain to find T’m not the men they think am et home Oh no no ES > ‘burn — ing out his fuse up here_ c7 Eb Tate Coda ® on repost, Repeat at D.C. Repeat till ‘And I think it’s gon—nabe @ tong. long tin