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Ronald Reagan, the former President of the United States once said, "Welfare's purpose

should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence" (Welfare Quotes). I
think that there is a massive amount of truth in this statement by the former president. Our
country has established a welfare system to aid those who are impoverished. The original intent
of this program was to help people get back on their feet and get people out of their poverty.
This system, however, has gotten out of hand over the past few decades, spiraling out of control
into a massive waste of U.S. tax dollars. Instead of functioning in line with its intended mission,
the program has enabled the poor to live comfortably off of the government without ever having
to put forth any effort. The welfare system in the United States has hindered the growth of both
our citizens and our nation as a whole.
The welfare system in the United States has caused many problems. One such problem
is that it negatively affects our countrys with costly government programs and services.
According to a study done by the United States Census Bureau, the United States spent $1
trillion in welfare alone ("Welfare under Obama White House hits $1 trillion"). Bill Gates, Steve
Ballmer, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffett-not even these none of the wealthiest men in the
world can pick up the tab for the U.S. welfare system. Bill Gates, the wealthiest man in the
world, is worth an astounding $82.4 billion (Forbes 400). While this number is astounding, he
would still not be able to cover the cost of the U.S.s rising welfare expenses. The spending has
reached an absurd amount. Poverty is an issue that does need addressed. The Congressional
Research Service is a group of over 900 lawyers that review American politics and the actions
of Congress. According to a study done by the CRS that was later published by the Examiner, a
news service that reports on American issues, over 16.8 million American homes receive
welfare benefits.This needs a citation- we dont see CRS or Examiner as the first piece of info.
in the WC pg. While many families truly need the financial help from the government, the
amount of aid has reached a ridiculous level. In the aforementioned study done by the CRS that
was published in the Examiner, the average family received $59,523, which happens to be well

above the median American income of $50,000 (Welfare under Obama White House hits $1
trillion). There are many people that work hard every day that dont earn as much money as
those who are receiving welfare benefits. This isnt to say that that the country shouldnt be
helping the people; there are just much more efficient ways to use this money. According to
Daniel Halper, an American journalist and editor for The Weekly Standard, the United States
has spent over $3.7 trillion on welfare over the last five years. The more alarming piece of this
study shows that the amount spent on welfare more than quintuples the amount spent on
NASA, transportation, and education combined. This piece of information is particularly
troubling. With NASA struggling to gain funding for years, this money could have helped. Public
transportation is a huge part of big city life, but money is not allocated to it. Many schools are
having to pass levies and potentially lay off teachers. All of these circumstances could have
been prevented if they had received fair, sufficient funding. There is absolutely no reason that
the welfare costs should be so much higher than these other services.
Welfare, in its original intent, was created to help people gain stability in their finances. It
was used as such for years, but as of late, it has gotten away from the intended purpose. This
once great and functional government program has become corrupt and, in some cases, is used
as nothing more than a gimmick for government control and persuasion. The government and
politicians have used welfare to control and persuade the American public. According to the
United States Census Bureau, a government agency intended to gather population information
within the United States, there are 319.2 million people living in the United States. This needs a
citation. If you replace the period with , making- your sentence would be fine. That makes the
United States the 3rd most populated country in the world, only behind China and India. (U.S.
and World Population Clock). This information may seem unrelated to welfare, but it makes
sense once you take into account the population of people living on welfare in the United States.
In a different study done by the United States Census Bureau and reported by Terence Jeffrey,
a reporter for Cybercast News Service, they discovered that 109,631,000 Americans received

welfare benefits in 2012. This means that over 1/3 of the United States is supported by the
government. These people support the welfare system because, without this system, they
wouldnt have any money. The George Orwell-ian type of thinkers within the U.S. are alarmed
at this large figure because the government has massive economic control over a large portion
of the United States. They are the main source of income for a large number of citizens and this
allows them to use the system as a ploy and device to influence and control the American
public. Sadly, the corruption does not end with control. Welfare is also a largely racist system.
Tammy Shockley is an expert when it comes to intergenerational poverty and founded the
Meant To Be Birth Clinic in Cambridge, Maryland. In Cambridge Maryland, over 27% of the total
population live below the poverty line. This needs a citation. In this area, a large portion of the
people that receive welfare benefits are African Americans, despite the fact that the welfare
population is about even according to race (Welfare Statistics). According to Shockley:
In our area specifically, it is a very racially biased system. If you are white, it is very
difficult to get services. When you are approved, all paperwork must be meticulous and
services are very much regulated. On the other hand, if you are any other race,
especially black, you are approved almost immediately.
The government and politicians make it easier for the minorities to receive benefits, for reasons
that arent quite clear. If this is a program that is intended to be beneficial and fair for the
American public, why is the government giving preferential treatment to one group over
another? It is a concept that dumbfounds many political and economic analysts.
Not only has welfare negatively affected American economics and politics, but it is
beginning to seep into the mindset of American citizens in a detrimental manner. Welfare has
enabled poor citizens to receive money without working, allowing them to remain lazy. You
might term this differently causing them to sink into laziness. The reason for this trickle down
is the welfare-born tragedy known as intergenerational poverty. Intergenerational poverty has
been defined as family having been in poverty for at least two generations (Intergenerational

Transmission of Poverty). In Cambridge, Maryland, intergenerational poverty is massive.

According to Shockley, it has become a permanent means of income and an unethical career:
Here, welfare is a career. Families begin priming their children as young as ten to be
sexually active. By 13-14, they are. By 15, they are coming in for pregnancy tests. As
long as someone in the house is under 18, then services remain in place. When a baby
is conceived services are increased. When baby is born services can double or
sometimes even triple. There is no drive to work.
The system has allowed people to remain at home, have children, and continue to receive
paychecks from the government without ever truly having a job. The welfare system is their job.
They abuse the system and nothing changes. For instance, Shockley has had one client that
has never had a job in her entire life. She is currently 43 years old and has seven children.
Every time that she has a kid, her services are increased. Her current total for her benefits
exceed $48,000 and she has never worked a day in her life (Shockley). How is that fair? How is
the government helping her? Some would argue that the system has hurt her more than it has
helped her because she has been taught that she can do nothing but have children and there
will be no consequences; the government will always be there to pick up the tab and pay the
bills. Substantial amounts of taxpayer money goes toward housing, fuel, electric, food, cell
phones, and clothing. Intergenerational goes beyond the laziness however. It begins to settle
into the minds of the individuals and makes them lose all hope. There is a generation of children
growing up in poverty. They grow up without hope. Among all people living in poverty, most are
under the age of fifteen (Cambridge, Maryland).Does this have a credential? The welfare
system acts a crutch for these young kids. Instead of pursuing further education and trying to
break the cycle of poverty, they remain a part of the system and continue the awful trend. While
this information may focus on one state, this is a problem throughout the entire United States.
There are many states that have more extravagant spending welfare system. Hawaii, the state
with the largest welfare spending, rewards those on welfare with an hourly check that averages

out to about $29.13 (The Statistics Do Not Lie! Welfare Is the Best Paying Entry Level Job In
35 States!). This is a problem throughout the entire nation. It is something that needs to be
fixed immediately because it is crippling our nations future.
In 2013, my mom heard from a friend from college. Her friend, Tammy, had started a
birth clinic in Cambridge, Maryland. She created it with the goal to lower abortion rate and aid
those in poverty escape the vicious cycle. She contacted my family because there was a 16
year old girl named Michelle that had recently come into her clinic considering abortion. Our
family began to talk to Michelle, investing into her and telling her that she could escape the
system. She had come from a family that had been affected by intergenerational poverty; she
lived with her parents, siblings, grandparents, and great-grandparents and they all received
benefits for the children within their home. She, along with the childs father William, wanted to
go to college and end this trend. They decided to let us adopt their son and we began the
adoption process. We began to prepare for the child, buying diapers and clothes, readying the
babys room, and even deciding on a name for my new brother: Titus. Titus was due to be born
in early October of 2013. One morning in mid-July, my family received a phone call from Tammy
at 4:00 A.M. Michelle had been pressured continuously by her family to keep the child. They had
told her that if she were to give away the baby for adoption, they would disown her; they wanted
the additional money for welfare. On July 19th, in an attempted suicide, Michelle aborted my
brother. Michelle ended up spending weeks in the hospital and subsequent mental institutions.
My brother Titus died before I ever got to meet him. It was a struggle for my family, but Michelle
is not to blame. The welfare system is to blame. Intergenerational poverty is to blame. Without
these aspects, The U.S. government wouldnt be able to economically control and influence the
public. Our economy would have less debt. Our economy would be able to flourish. Our nation
would be able to better help people. Our nation could move forward. Good use of parallel
structure. Above all else, our nation would have hope for the future. There are programs in
place to end the system. The Titus Project, a project headed by Meant To Be and named after

my brother, is set to abolish welfare and set to change the landscape of America. Regardless of
political affiliation, race, religion, gender, or status, one thing is clear: this system is choking the
life out of the United States and we have to wake up before it is too late.

Your paper is very insightful and has included excellent research. There are some places
where you need to include further citation- those sentences in the midst of the other
sentences still need to be tagged as research. Ill want you to fix those so that I can see
that you understand what Im saying. Beyond this, your work is interesting and passionate.
Your story at the end is heartbreaking, and it is a perfect ending to such a controversial and hot
Nice work.

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