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Executive Summary :

Sudhir Gupta, a charismatic leader and CEO of Parivar, saved the second
tier IT company from bankruptcy and made it an industry success story.
However the way ahead is not a smooth journey. With a burgeoning
employee base and future plans for international expansion, the attrition
rate of 35 per cent is a serious concern for the company. The family
culture as propagated by the CEO is not alluring enough and they are
losing their employees to their well-established competitors. A sense of
nepotism has grown among the employees and the senior management
faces a tough challenge to resolve the myriad issues afflicting the
organisation. To be sustainable, Parivar needs a culture that is weaved
within the fabric of the company and organisational practices which
forebodes well the employees especially during tough, trying situations.
This report provides a systematic exploration of the various issues
plaguing the organisation and gives a comprehensive analysis of the
same. A detailed analysis of the proposed People Support program is
incorporated and various alternatives to tackle the growing resentment
among employees are provided in the report. The problem is studied
through various perspectives and a conclusion is drawn along with
recommendation which resolves the problem in the best possible way.