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We would appreciate it if you would post this in your business, Thanks. Lt.

Steven Kosek

Moundsville Police Department

E mployment O pp ortunity
The Moundsville Police Department will be

testing for the position of probationary

patrolman on March 7th,2AL5 at the City of


l{ryilte,!qun_c!l Chamber

6th St.,


at_ B0 Q

Moundsville, WV.

The patrolman position offers a competitive wage, paid

vacations, paid hotidays, paid sick days, paid health insurance

less co-pays, including eye and dental, clothing allowance, take

home vehicle, and participation in the West Virginia Municipal

Police Officers Retirement System.

Applicants must be eighteen years of age, must have a High

School Diploma or equivalent, and rmrst possess a valid driver's

license. Applications can be obtained at the Moundsville Police

Department, 608 Tomlinson Ave., the Moundsville City Clerk's
office, 800 6th st., and online at

Applications must be returned by February



Applicants must meet other stondords as set by WV Code 8-14-7 or ony other stondards os set by the City
of Moundsville Policemon's Civil Service Commission.