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Essay: How do you aspire to shape India's future?

India, today, is in one the very complex phases of its development and
growth. All kinds of worlds exist here rich & poor, violent & peaceful, safe
& unsafe, corrupt and ideal, erudite and illiterate, and happy & unhappy. The
greatest irony is that India, as one of the superpowers of the world is not
able to feed, teach, and provide healthcare facilities and proper security to
its people.
I see myself as a valuable resource for my country that can make useful
contributions to let these extreme worlds come together. For initial 1215
years, till I achieve my personal and professional goals I will try to engage
myself with non-profit organizations, which work for social causes, on part
time basis, in my available capacity. Roles typically include teaching
unprivileged students of marginalized societies (which I have also done
during my graduate studies), taking part in social awareness campaigns,
arranging funds for donations to poor etc. I will try continuously to build my
knowledge and network which will give me exact direction when I become
ready to devote myself whole-heartedly and fulltime into social activities.
My personal inclination is towards education dissemination as its lack is the
root cause of almost all existing problems of the society.
I will also try to instill a sense of social service and give-back attitude in my
friends and colleagues as its a collective duty of all well-doers to let others
also do well.