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Institute of English Language and Literature

University of Sind, Jamshoro

Course Outline 1st Semester 2015
BS Part IV & M.A (Pass), Course No: 600

Syllabus Design

Teacher Concerned: Shoaib Shah


Distribution of Marks


Final Test:



*Assignment & V.V



A r t i c l e s
1. Ideology and cultural and economic reproduction

M. W. Apple

2. Economics and control in every day school life

M. W. Apple

3. Curricular history and social control

M. W. Apple

4. The hidden curriculum and the nature of conflict

M.W. Apple

5. Life in School

Peter Mclaren

6. Social Class and Hidden Curriculum of Work

Jean Anyon

7. Education & Identity,1971: Historical Falsehoods in our Textbooks

Ahmed Salim

8. The Politics of Official Knowledge: Does a National Curriculum Make Sense?

M.W. Apple

9. Cultural Politics and the Text

M.W. Apple


Deconstructing the Textbook Controversy in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Nosheen Ali


Politics of Curriculum: Origins, Controversies and Significance of Critical Perspectives

W. F. Pinar


Ideologies in School Science Textbooks Confront Students: harmony & indifference



Polarised Education (Dawn Newspaper)

M. Zaidi

Suggested Reading
Michael W. Apple

Ideology and Curriculum

Michael W. Apple

Education and Power

K. K. Aziz

The Murder of History

Marcuse, Herbert

One Dimensional Man

Adorno Theodor

The Culture Industry

A. H. Nayyer & Ahmed Salim

The Subtle Subversion

Denis Lawton

The Politics of the School Curriculum

Feroz Ahmed

Ethnicity and Politics in Pakistan

Fulya Damla Kentli

Comparison of Hidden Curriculum Theories

Donaldo Macedo & Lilia


Dancing With Bigotry: Beyond the Politics of

Paulo Freire

Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Note: *You may select any topic from afore mentioned list for Assignment. You need to
follow APA style while composing your Assignment. There will be a brief discussion or
interview from Assignment.

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