Boll Weevil

B y: D a n i lC l rk e a

Anthonomous grandis Bohemanis an insect and a member of the beetle family.

Where on earth can the animal be Found?
• Native to Central America, the Bull weevil can be found throughout the southern United States. It can be found as far north as Kansas, and as far south as Central America. The USDA however has launched a Bull weevil eradication program which has significantly decreased it’s current range in Oklahoma and Texas.

What are the characteristics of this animal’s habitat?
• Since the Bull weevil lives in the southern part of the northern hemisphere, it prefers a warm and humid climate. It also needs conditions similar to cotton due to that being it’s food supply.

What are the animals most common sources of food?
• The bull weevil is purely a herbivore with a diet consisting of the cotton plant, which is why it is considered to be a pest by many. The part of the cotton plant which the prefer most is immature cotton buds(which it also lays it eggs in).

• The bull weevils spend their winter under leafs, they then mate in spring after haven eaten for 3-7 days. The female bull weevils then use their mouths to “drill” into the buds and cotton fruit, and lay their eggs in immature cotton. The eggs then hatch into larva within 2-5 days and then feed for another 714 until they chew out of the cotton bud.

What are the major features in the animal’s physical development?

What other animals is the animal closely related to?
• Being a member the weevil family, the bull weevil is considered a beetle (which is the order Coleoptera). There are many varieties of weevils(over 60,000) which are from all over the world. Some common examples are the clover leaf weevil, the acorn weevil, and the long nosed weevil.

• The bull weevil has a major influence on cotton production and therefore affects America’s economy. • The bull weevil is the only “pest” to have a monument made in it’s honor(located in Alabama).

What are two features of the animals that make it interesting to you?

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