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New Age Piano Tricks

New Age Piano Tricks

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Published by Edward Weiss
Looking for an easy way to play piano? Check out these New Age piano tricks!
Looking for an easy way to play piano? Check out these New Age piano tricks!

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Published by: Edward Weiss on Jan 20, 2010
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An Article on New Age Piano Playing by Pianist/Composer Edward Weiss

New Age Piano Tricks
By Edward Weiss

Published by Quiescence Music

New Age Piano Tricks
One of the things that makes New Age piano so enjoyable is that it's easy to get started. One of the "tricks" of the trade is to play an ostinato pattern in the left-hand while the right improvises a melody. Just listen to George Winston's lovely piece Thanksgiving http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDq0HqHXuq0 to hear an excellent example of this technique. He uses just a few chords here. But just look what he does with them! He maintains interest for a good couple of minutes before any contrast is introduced. Remarkable! And not as easy to do as many people think! The artistry in this is how he maintains interest. The improvised right-hand melody carries the music through and propels listener attention forward. The left-hand however, is just playing the same ostinato pattern. Complicated? Hardly. A beautiful piece of music? Absolutely. And all that's required is the ability to trust your intuition. Trusting intuition is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING A TEACHER CAN HELP YOU LEARN! Why? Because when you trust yourself, you allow the music to come as it should - naturally and easily. Technique can be taught by most anyone and can be learned readily. However, the ability to trust yourself is something that takes a bit of introspection. Most of us have an internal critic that tries to condemn any creative effort. We must learn to listen to what we say to ourselves and allow for the creative impulse.
Warmest wishes, Edward Weiss Quiescence Music

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