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Visa Social Media


Content Pillars: Campaign, Offers, Festivals, Important Days,

based on Brand Strategy. Number of posts under each pillar.
Referencing & Competition Tracking


(1st day of previous month)

(2 hrs)

Account Management
briefs Creative Team

Day 2

CT creates Social Media deck

Day 6

CT/AM vets the deck


Day 7
Day 10


AM sends deck for legal approval (Safir)

(Safir) Legal sends feedback


Day 13

Checking for guidelines,

content pillars, offers


AM sends deck for legal/CR approvals to clients

Day 15 Client shares legal/CR Feedback

Rework on



Day 17 AM buys images/shoots images if any

Day 18

AM checks for rights

and existing images

CT tempaltizes posts

Day 20 AM sends final deck of posts to clients & media team

Day 23 Media team begins testing process & shares feedback


AM/CT checks for SM guidelines, offers, copy check

AM sends daily posts for clients approval

Post client approval, AM team goes LIVE with the posts

What creatives have

worked & what not