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Zen Dragon

Zen Dragon

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Published by: emmetkeogh on Jan 21, 2010
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want you to hold up your tai chi sword and say, ‘The jian is the king of

swords.’ He will think you’re over confident and he might even laugh. This

Bryon Severns

Zen Dragon


will make him under estimate you and give you a chance to surprise him

with a speed attack.”

Longsword practiced using that trick on me with a slow demo

followed by a speedy attack. At first I had to tell him to make his demo

slower. I explained that before real combat he would be pumped full of

adrenaline and the hardest thing would be to go slow.

I told him to go home, and meditate. “Visualize your strategy giving

you victory……and don’t tell anyone your strategy. Your life may depend

on it.”

After he left I went to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Some

naproxen should help reduce the inflammation of my bruises. A little pain

was worth the price if it allowed Longsword keep his life.

Bryon Severns

Zen Dragon


Ch 19

Tansao was in charge of teaching the classes today, so I had the entire

day off. I planned to spend the evening with Etherea and it was very hard to

wait for her to get off work.

Now that I didn’t have Longsword to distract me I watched the clock

and waited eagerly for every second to pass. It seemed like I would have to

wait forever until four o’clock.

At two o’clock Tansao asked me, “Where are all the Tiny Dragons?”

“Maybe they got spring fever,” I said. “Sometimes nobody shows up

for class.”

“But I took the day off from work so I could teach,” she complained.

“Don’t worry, some students will show up as the day gets later.”

She was not reassured, “What if nobody comes to class anymore?”

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