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Zen Dragon

Zen Dragon

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Published by: emmetkeogh on Jan 21, 2010
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She rested her arms on the shoulders of Long and Saber. Kong sat

beside them and wrapped his arms around them.

“It saved us,” Tansao said. “It saved the universe.”

“What saved the universe?” asked Boomba as he walked up to her.

He bent over and hugged her from behind.


Bryon Severns

Zen Dragon


Ch 35 Ascension

There were many spirits in need of guidance. While the living tended

to the wounded the spirits wandered lost and confused. The kind of people

who had come to see dueling were not the kind of souls ready to ascend. So,

there were many kami dragons and they all needed guidance.

I gathered them together and explained their precarious existence as

spirits, free of their bodies, yet trapped on earth until they learn to ascend.

Then I took the kami dragons flying over the world. The thrill and

freedom of flying caused most of them to go off on their own, but a few

remained with me. Then I led the kami dragons to the rocky hill where I

previously landed. We rested our wings and I taught them how to meditate,

to let the wind blow away their selfish thoughts and emotions so they could

listen for the voice that would guide them on their journey of spiritual

improvement. After a long silence one of the green dragons announced that

he was leaving. He said his purpose was to protect an endangered sea turtle

that was laying eggs on a Texas beach. We congratulated him on his noble

mission as he flew away. Then we all closed our eyes and listened. A while

Bryon Severns

Zen Dragon


later a blue dragon told us her job was to help restore the wetlands of the

Mississippi river. She didn’t have wings, but she quickly slithered away

through the air as if she were swimming rather than flying. There were two

of us left and we offered her “good luck” as she left. After another session

of meditation my last companion, a green dragon, said he was setting off to

help honey bees find new homes away from the chemicals of crop dusters.

It felt very lonely to stand alone on the rocky hill. I closed my eyes

and waited for the voice that would guide me. Instead I was distracted by

my own worries. Did I fulfill my mission well enough? Would I need to do

more tasks before I was ready to ascend?

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