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Zen Dragon

Zen Dragon

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Published by: emmetkeogh on Jan 21, 2010
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Tansao held my claws in hers, “Close your eyes.”

I did.

“Let go of everything,” she said in a soothing voice. “Just let it all

go….the fears, the regrets, the injustices that don’t matter anymore, the

things you can’t control, the responsibilities, and desires……don’t let

anything hold you back. Let go of this world……let go of me.”

I felt the wind blow through me again. The feeling of letting go was

wonderful. Emptiness itself was a special kind of peace. It was freedom

from worries. It was bliss. A tingling deep inside distracted me from my

own mind and finally the wind blew away the last of my emotions and


I heard a low, soft voice….coming from inside of me, “Come to me.”

The swirling orange colors of my eyelids under the sun fled away into

the emptiness and a light appeared a long way above me. In my mind I

looked up and focused on the light. I let go of Tansao with a parting thought

to her, I’m almost there.

Bryon Severns

Zen Dragon


I heard her thoughts as I floated upwards towards the light. She said,

I’ll remember you and teach the lessons you’ve learned.

I replied in thought, We’ll be waiting for you in heaven.

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