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Joey Ferguson

Gapminder Assignment

6 February 2015

1) Position on Graph
a. United States has the highest income, then UK, then Uruguay, then Botswana, and
b. UK has the highest life expectancy, then US, then Uruguay, then Botswana, then
c. United States has highest population, then UK, then Afghanistan, then Botswana,
then Uruguay.
2) Background Research
a. The United States has a high income level because our economy is well-established
and therefore creates a variety of quality jobs. Since the US is well-established and
has a high income level, citizens have much better access to healthcare, making the
life expectancy pretty high.
b. The United Kingdom has a developed economy, but has fewer technological jobs
than other countries, which is currently a good way to get a higher national income.
They eat very healthy most of the time, so it is possible that that is a reason behind
their high life expectancy.
c. Uruguay, being in the center of South America, has about average life expectancy
and an average income per person. There isnt really anything significant about
Uruguays economy or life expectancy, so they likely have some parts of the
country that have access to healthcare and some that dont.
d. Botswana has a surprisingly high income per person from being in southern Africa.
Their economy is possibly impacted by South Africa, which has a reputation for
being a pretty decent country as far as economy goes. Their life expectancy is
pretty low, and this might be because of diseases running through Africa.
e. Afghanistan has a low income and a low life expectancy, which is likely due to the
war. The war might have impacted their economy enough to make a difference in
their income. Also, the war has affected their access to healthcare.

a. United
has the highest income per person because the economy of the United States is

Joey Ferguson
Gapminder Assignment
6 February 2015
much more developed with its economy. Much of the United States also has great
access to healthcare, which makes them able to get necessary vaccinations and
treatments for diseases, which several other countries dont have.
b. United Kingdom has a fairly high income due to their economy being vital to the
rest of the world. They also have the highest life expectancy of the five countries
mainly because of nutrition and medicine.
c. Due to the amount of imports Uruguay has compared to exports, their economy is
gradually getting worse and worse over time. It is largely affected by the superior
economies of Brazil and Argentina. The life expectancy is dependent on the
accessibility of healthcare, and being in the middle of South America, the
availability of treatments can vary greatly.
d. Botswana has a pretty solid economy because it is built on diamond mining and a
cautious fiscal policy. It is likely the least corrupt country in Africa. The life
expectancy of Botswana was around 64 in 1990, only to drop to around 42 now. A
major reason behind this is because of the HIV/AIDS outbreak that has recently hit
that country and impacted a huge amount of their population.
e. Afghanistan, being in the Middle East, has suffered from a war, which has impacted
the economy greatly. In the past 10 years, there has been a lot of conflict in that
area, in which it is difficult to hold a stable economy. The fighting has also caused
there to be a reduced access to healthcare in recent years, plus some of their
younger population has died from the war.

Countries that have good access to healthcare, such as the United States, get healthier
much quicker than developing countries without that capability.
As technology and economies grow, lifespan increases and income per person
gradually grows, but it varies by every country the rate at which they grow.
Even though most people think of the world today as almost completely developed,
there are still a lot of countries that live in poverty with short lifespans.