What is a simile and metaphor?

Study the following lines. What is being compared and why? • -‘The rockets rise like sudden fiery flowers that burst upon the night.’ • -‘The Catherine wheels begin to flame like whirling marigolds.’

Good descriptive writing….
• How can we make the sentences below more interesting? Think about: • Extending them? • Changing words for other, more interesting ones? • Adding metaphors or similes? • You hear the crash • You see all the people • You are scared

Varying sentence openings… Can you change the sentence structure?
• 1.The old man woke up, slowly. • (Slowly, the old man woke up…..) • 2. Mac ran as hard as he could to make it to the cave. 3. Sally span round as she was startled by the noise. • 4. The potion was pushed in front of him but he wasn’t thirsty so Mac didn’t drink it. • 5. He stabbed his finger at the button as quick as a knife.
• Challenge!!!! • *How many different ways can this sentence be written? • Sally ran like the wind, across the park, rushing towards the gate, laughing madly.

Now have a go at describing this setting! Remember to write what you actually see and what it makes you think of.

Planning a setting from the music
First of all, write down all the things that the music makes you think of……. EG. Clouds, Moon, Sky EG. Mystery, Horror Find 3 phrases to describe the scene including what you see in your mind’s eye and what you think of EG. The clouds hid the sullen moon




Now you can pick your own setting to describe from any pieces of music you listened to. It could be somewhere you know very well. Maybe it will be your bedroom, or a secret place you like to go sometimes. Remember to describe what you see and how it makes you feel.