How to be Amazing at Speaking and Listening!

(and get a good mark!)

1. Talk Confidently!
• Act as if this is the easiest thing for you to do.

2. Listen when others are speaking!

3. Speak slower than you would normally. Pause briefly after each sentence.

4. Do not play about with things in your hands/ on your desk.

5. Stand up straight!

6. Add expression and emphasis to make your point. Vary your tone!

7. Use a wide range of vocabulary

8. Vary the speed and volume of your speech!

9. Ask interesting questions after people’s talks.

10. If you are reading from a book, only glance at it. Look up and give your audience eye-contact.

Be encouraging to others!!!

5 minute Debate
1. Recommend suitable holidays in your country to a teenager without much money. 2. What qualities do you look forward to in an ideal boyfriend/ girlfriend? 3. Has there been an increase in violent crime? 4. What advice would you give to a non-English person visiting your country for the first time? 5. What will your life be like in 20 years time?