Framework for analysing music magazines

Content Analysis 1) Starting on page 1, make a list of every different type of page, including adverts, and add tally marks to indicate the number of each type of page. Aim to group pages together under general headings, e.g. Adverts Contents Profiles of artists Reviews News Etc!

2) Looking at the type of adverts and the overall composition of the magazine, what can you tell about the target audience? Analysing the Front Cover/Contents pages 1) Stick the front cover onto a large sheet of paper and annotate to show all the various elements that make up the front cover – denotation! 2) For each element, explore the connotations: what it suggests about the magazine itself and its target readership. 3) Repeat with the contents page! (See example from a media pack – but be advised this is A level standard! GCSE can be a little less sophisticated!) Analysing the Language 1) Select and read either the editorial or a sample paragraph from one of the pages 2) Make notes about the style of writing (vocabulary, any linguistic/poetic features, sentences etc.)
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3) What sort of tone is it using when addressing the reader? How does it position the reader in relation to the magazine (i.e. like a close friend? Part of an “in” crowd? As an informed, intelligent fan?) Analysing the letters page Read through the letters page of the magazine and answer the following questions: 1) What does the content of the letters and the language used suggest about the magazine’s readership? 2) What comments can you make about the layout of the page? 3) What prizes are offered for the star letter? (if any!) 4) What does the letters page reveal about the relationship the readers have with the magazine?

Resource produced by Dawn Stow

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