Scarlet Red - Strong willpower, over-inflated ego, pompous, survival oriented, r

Dark Red - Anger, pain, psychological impairment
Deep Red - Short-tempered, stress, restlessness
Vermilion (Clear Red) - Creative, powerful, energetic, competitive, passionate
Light Pink - Sensitive, compassionate, affectionate, true love, openness
Salmon Pink - Immature, dishonest
Orange-Red - Confident, healing energy
Orange - Strong motivation, healthy, adventurous, courageous, outgoing
Peach - Caring communicator, ability to comfort
Amber - Strong and courageous
Orange-Yellow - Optimistic, scientific, intelligent, perfectionist
Pale Yellow - Shyness, optimistic, hopeful
Lemon Yellow - Strength of direction, fearful of loss
Yellow - Caution, warning
Buttercup - Focused on a course of action (determined), inspired
Mustard - Manipulative, overly analytical, making up for lost time
Gold- Higher level of consciousness, wise, protective, enlightened, tolerance, f
ree-flowing energy
Apple Green - Friendly, communicative
Yellow-Green - Liar, cheater, dishonesty
Olive Green - Miserly, Scrooge-like
Emerald Green - Healer, teacher, love-centered person, fertility
Forest Green - Jealous, low self-esteem, overly sensitive
Turquoise - Therapist, communicative, sensitive, amusement, neutrality
Sky Blue (Light) - Strong instinct, intuitive, peaceful, truthful, tranquility
Pilot Light Blue - Shielding, protective
Cobalt Blue - Intuitive in a higher dimension
Royal Blue - Knows their chosen path, generous, highly spiritual
Navy Blue - Shyness, slow yet safe and sure, fearful of truth or being one's sel
f, survival instinct
Indigo - Strong psychic ability, intuitive, deep-feeling
Lavender - Daydreamer, visionary, spiritual peacefulness
Violet - Sensitive, wise, intuitive, idealistic, seeking spirituality
Grape - Laziness
Dark Purple - Stored information
Mauve - Humble
White - Pure, transcendent, often a new un-designated energy, high frequency, pr
otective, shielding
Silver - Linked to spiritual realm, spiritual and physical abundance, nurturing,
telekinetic energy
Gray - Feeling trapped
Payne's Gray - Depressed, fearful
Black- Tortured, abused, unreleased grief
Raw Sienna - Poor thinking processes, insecure, stressed
Chocolate Brown - Environmentalist, common sense, connected to the earth