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Natasha Saunders
Home Address:
10 Berrybank
Date of Birth: 12/1/99
Frogmore Community College
Potley Hill Road
GU46 6BS
Telephone: 01252 408444
From: September 3rd 2010 up to present date
GCSEs to be completed June 2015: Mathematics Applications, Mathematics Methods
English Literature & Language, Core Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics , Design and
Technology (Resistant Materials) German, Geography, Further Maths, ICT.
Work Experience:
- Mums Office, Here I did predominantly admin work which included filing paperwork,
writing financial reports for clients, addressed letters e.c.t In my opinion it was rather
tedious work and has shown me Im not suited to working in an office at a computer. I
have applied for several jobs in the past however have been turned down
continuously due to the fact Im under 16.

I am also a St Johns Ambulance Cadets which has provided me with working with
the public and skills related to the profession I am considering joining.

Community Involvement:

Blackwater St Barnabas Fete 2010-13

I was involved in running the raffle and the barbeque as well as other various craft
stalls over the years as a part of guiding. This also involved me running my own
personal stalls to raise several hundreds of pounds for my Baden Powell Challenge.
This shows I have had experience in working and speaking with the public handling
of money and customer services even if its on a small scale.

20km Walk for Macmillan & Giant Litter Pick 2012

This was again through guiding and involved a lot of independent organising. In total
I raised around 600 for Macmillan which shows my commitment and organisational
skills when its something worthwhile.

Skills and Personal Qualities:

I am a very adaptable, self-sufficient person that can speak confidently in front of people and
are very committed to achieving the highest grades possible. I am also punctual and rarely
absent from school as well being very organised in my work and can work well individually or
in a team. From my years in guiding I have taught myself to play the piano too and will have
more experience with charity work due to my completion of my DofE Bronze.
My interests are predominantly related to the arts as I love music, film, acting e.c.t and have
previously performed productions at Camberley Theatre because of this.
Educational References:
Name of your Director of Progress: Mr Birch
Frogmore Community College
Potley Hill Road
GU47 7AG

Name of your Tutor: Mr Waterman

Frogmore Community College
Potley Hill Road
GU47 7AG