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NSSN Financial Appeal 2015

Stop the union-busters!

Affiliate to the NSSN - 50 per union branch/trades council
Come to the 9th annual NSSN conference on July 4th in London - 6 per

The very right of trade unions to exist and organise effectively is under
threat. PCS is currently facing the single biggest attack of any union
since Thatcher targeted the NUM in 1984. But they arent alone. Union
reps are facing victimisation and cuts to facility-time, all for the same
reason - to weaken unions in order to leave workers defenceless in the
face of the austerity offensive. We have no choice but to resist.
The National Shop Stewards Network appeals to trade unions at every
level, and also to individual trade unionists, to make the biggest
possible donations to help the NSSN assist in this fight.
What is NSSN?
The NSSN was initiated by the RMT and their former general secretary the late
Bob Crow in 2006. Eight national unions RMT, PCS, CWU, NUM, POA, NUJ,
BFAWU & NAPO officially support our campaigning work, as well as many union
branches, shop stewards committees and trades councils.
What does NSSN do?
NSSN has played a role with others in TUC delegates decision to endorse
coordinated action, and we have worked to keep this strategy in profile. After
even more Coalition cuts its not only practical but necessary. Our last lobby of
TUC Conference in Liverpool was a huge success. Our other campaigning work
involves supporting workers in struggle, and those victimised for the crime of
defending their members from the employers brutal cuts.
Our Conferences are lively discussions about strategies to beat the bosses, and
they play a distinctive supporting role for trade unionists and community
campaigners. We also attract young people wanting to fight back against zerohour contracts and poverty pay, but who have, as yet, no experience of trade
unions. This years conference is on Saturday July 4 th in Conway Hall 25
Red Lion Sq, London WC1R 4RL. Confirmed speakers include Mark
Serwotka PCS General Secretary.
How much can you donate?
Affiliation to the NSSN is 50 lots more if possible! One conference alone costs
thousands to organise. Can your union stump up a big donation? Individuals and
branches can also take out regular standing orders of a few pounds every month.
(See forms attached.)
Find out more?

We have a website, Facebook group, twitter account, and a regular weekly ebulletin. All are available to trade unionists and their organisations to publicise
their disputes, events etc. Please feel free to use these platforms. Invitations to
speak at your union meetings are also welcome.
Looking forward to your positive response and, in solidarity
Linda Taaffe (NSSN National Secretary) and Rob Williams (NSSN National Chair)