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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
ADAM JESSE ABBOTT-B-I 9am 11/10/1895 first child of (Erastus) Rustus Ralph (28) & Fannie Shoemaker (23)
Abbott W-Teresa Cooper D-1/7/1946 coronary occlusion...1917-farm laborer for Matt Maher...short, slender, gray
eyes, brown hair... Adam married Bonnie Cecil Margarette Jones on 12/30/1927 at Rockport, MO. Adam and Bonnie

had twelve children-Douglas, Jerry, Kenneth, Donetta, John, Bonnie, Dixie, Sharon, Joe, Carman, Marjorie, and Dan.
When the youngest was four months old, Adam died of a stoke on a farm near Pacific Junction, Iowa. He had gone to
the home of his son in the morning to scoop corn. He had just scooped a load of 45 bushels from a wagon when he
died suddenly of a heart attack. Mr. Abbott was known to be an exceptionally hard working man. He reared the
unusual large number of children and provided well for them. Twelve of the children were living at home at the time
of his death. Seven were born by a former marriage. Bonnie and children moved to Red Oak, Iowa, where she had
family to help out. They had established their first home near Percival, Iowa and have lived in the vicinity of
Glenwood for the past eight years. Burial was made in the Glenwood Cemetery.
CHARLIE ABBOTT 1897-Imogene postmaster
DILLY PEARL ABBOTT B-I 1900 D-1900 Erastus & Fannie Schumacher Abbott
JESSE ADAIR ABBOTT B-I 2/28/1918 Adam & Teresa (Cooper) Abbott W-Catherine Lou McElhiney 7/1945
PETER ALVIN ABBOTT B-I 4/15/1902 Erastus & Fannie Schumacher Abbott W-9/1/1923 Ethel Rains
D-1/5/1963 Nebraska City, NE
PHINEAS ADAMS D-Tabor...wife & children lived at Imogene
ALBERT EARL ADDY B-10/3/1885 Imogene Rodes & Susannah Margaret (Kammerer) Addy W-I 9/5/1909
Minnie Matilda Deppe...1918-clerk manager for Rodes...5’10” medium build, blue eyes, brown hair...D-4/22/1979
Shenandoah MTC
BERTIE ELMER ADDY B-I 8/6/1880 Rodes & Susannah Kammerer Addy D-I 3/14/1884 MTC
BLANCHE E. MITCHELL ADDY B-3/22/1895 Hebron, NE G. W. & Nellie Bryte Mitchell D-S 6/15/1988 F6/17/1988 Hackett Funeral Home Rev. Bill Anderson MTC
CHARLES RUSSELL ADDY B-I 3/26/1912 Albert & Minnie Deppe Addy D-1/29/1983 San Diego, CA
CLYDE DARWIN ADDY B-I 12/4/1916 Albert Earl & Minnie Matilda (Deppe) Addy W-6/28/38 Maxine Louise
Niday Presbyterian Church RO D-9/13/2001 Malvern F-9/17/2001 Hackett/Livingston Funeral Home MTC Rev.
Claude Westerfield ...graduated Imogene Public School...during WWII he served as a clerk in Italy...Clyde worked at
a bomber plant in Omaha, NE and worked on building the "Enola Gay”...owned his own trucking business and then
worked at Eaton’s until his retirement at age 65. CH-Barbara Bettis, Carol Jones, Glenda Johnson, Cindy Shull,
Robert B/S Maurice Johnson, Eileen Graff, Russell
CLYDE JENNIGS ADDY B-I 8/23/1898 Rodes & Susannah Kammerer Addy W- 8/27/1918 Blanch Mitchell 1918general store worker...medium height & build, blue eyes, brown hair...D-Hamburg 1/25/1970 MTC
GEORGE W. ADDY W- age 26 3/13/1890 Mary Davis at the home of the groom’s parents in Deer Creek Township,
Mills County with George Birdsall-witness
ISAAC ADDY B-3/7/1825 (7/1823) Guernsey, OH W-Mary Ann Toops 11/25/1851 (1848) Ross County, OH D12/8/1895 Mills Deer Creek Township-1869...lived 6 miles NE of Randolph...sick for one year before his death
MAGGIE KAMMERER ADDY W-3/13/1879 Rhodes Addy
MARCUS ADDY – owned a meat shop in Imogene
MARY DAVIS ADDY W- age 20 3/13/1890 George W. Addy
MARY ANN TOOPS ADDY B-4/5/1830 Rose County, OH W-Isaac Addy 11/25/1851 (1848) Ross County, OH D11/11/1911 3 miles NW of Imogene at the home of her son George...she rose as usual and assisted in getting breakfast,
sat down to eat with the family and was suddenly seized with an attack of asthma of the heart and expired almost
immediately...F-Imogene Reformed Church CH-Clark, Rhodes, George, William, Marcus, Mrs. L. H. McFarland, Mrs.
John Black
MAXINE LOUISE NIDAY ADDY B-7/15/1918 Strahan Glen Arthur & Pearl Viola (Clites) Niday Merchant W-RO
6/28/1938 Clyde Darwin Addy D-6/22/2010...father died when she was 13...lived at Imogene after
marriage...telephone operator there...seasonal worker Henry Fields, Asgro Seed...Carbon Plant-RO
MINNIE MATILDA DEPPE ADDY B-I 11/1/1888 Charles Christopher & Herzelia (Roberding) Deppe W-I
9/5/1909 Albert Earl Addy D-S 1/10/1970 MTC
PEARL MAY ADDY B-11/25/1887 D-10/11/1893 5 years old
RODES ADDY B-1/29/1857 Ross County, Ohio W-8/31/1879 Imogene Susannah Maggie Kammerer D-1:15
Thursday 9/22/1922 bronchial pneumonia...MTC...funeral at 2:30pm on Sunday one of the largest ever held in the

community...Reformed Church was packed and a throng of people stood outside the church to show their respect and
esteem to the prominent business furnished by quartet of Leatha Minnick, Mrs. Jake Bussard, Rev. O. F.
Howard and Frank Sporks...Grace Allen accompanied on the piano...honorary pallbearers-Howard walker, James
Laughlin, Dr. S. A. Allen, Mike Printy, C. C. Deffe and D. Martin; active pallbearers-James Powers, Charles Abbott,
Mike Delehant, Tom Maher, J. R. Minnick and Charles Prange...came to Iowa with his parents as a small boy...1907Imogene acting mayor...general merchandiser in Imogene for 33 years-longer than any other businessman at the
time in Imogene...suffered from bronchial illness for ten years...traveled to old Mexico and western states several
times hoping a change of climate would help CH-2 died in infancy-Bertie Elmer & Pearl May, Mrs. John (Amanda
Emaline) Oatis, Albert, Flossie, Clyde, Sr. B/S-Mrs. R. A. Black, Will, Clark, George, Marcus
SUSANNAH MARGARET KAMMERER ADDY B-3/9/1860 Zwingle John & Salome (Bussard) Kammerer WR(h)odes Addy I 8/31/1879 ...D-I 12/20/1943 MTC
MARGARET AGNEW B-3/1/1922 D-9/1983
J.W. ALDEN Imogene mayor 1884-1885
EDNA FERN ALLELY B-Ray Allely D-4/1913 near Imogene...scarlet fever
MRS. M. S. ALLELY D-NW of Imogene 12/31/1917 heart disease
R. B. ALLEN W-Ella Crosswaite – first marriage in the village of Imogene...he was the first Imogene depot agent
DAVID H. ALLEY B-William T. & Martha A. Alley W-age 23 2/8/1889 Mary Ness
MARY ALLEY B-Robert C. & Hattie (Hecker) Ness age 22 W-David Alley 2/8/1889
ANNA M. ALLSHOUSE B-1/28/1825 D-2/2/1910
EMMA MAE ALLSHOUSE D-6/11/1899 3y 7m
FLORA ALLSHOUSE B-F. M. & Malinda (Thornburg) Moore W-age 18-John Allshouse 5/27/1888
JOE ALLSHOUSE-Imogene handyman
JOHN ALLSHOUSE – B-Jonathan & A. M. (Rockman) Allshouse W-age 21-5/27/1888 Flora Moore...Imogene
JOHNATHAN ALLSHOUSE B-7/6/1817 D-5/9/1894 1875-came to Imogene with the western exodus
ALICE M. “ALLIE” ANDERSON B-2/17/1880 Jerry & Ellen (Berigan) Maher W-Martin Anderson D-1959 MCC
AXTEL ALFRED ANDERSON B-4/2/1875 W-Hattie 1918-farmer...tall, slender, blue eyes, light brown hair
BERTHA AGNES ANDERSON B-8/6/1921 Martin Anderson D-11/1921 pneumonia MCC
CASHA D. ANDERSON B-10/28/1937 D-4/3/2002
MABEL M. MARTIN ANDERSON B-4/28/1900 Malvern Ed & Hannah (Foley) Martin D-RO10/4/1980 MCC
CH-Frances, Edward, Raymond, Agnes
MARTIN ANDERSON B-1887 D-1961 W-Allie Maher 1/5/1916 CH-Mary Ellen Slater, Dorothy, Martin J., John
MARTIN JOSEPH ANDERSON B-I 5/10/1919 Martin & Allie (Maher) Anderson W-Mary Edaline Maher
5/3/1948 D-S 12/2/1979 F-SPC 12/4/1979 Rev. Bernard W. Gottner MCC...WWII-Company E CH-Robin, Roxanne,
Renee, Ronda
MARY EDALINE MAHER ANDERSON B-I 10/16/1926 Thomas & Catherine (Sweeney) Maher W-Martin
Joseph Anderson 5/3/1948 D-5/1/1975 Omaha, NE F-SMC 5/5/1975 Rev. Gerald Deere MCC CH-Robin, Roxanne,
Renee, Ronda
OSCAR E. ANDERSON B-5/11/1892 Sweden W-5/20/1925 Mabel Martin D-S 5/9/1979 F-SMC 5/12/1979 Fr.
Albert Wilwerding MCC CH-Frances, Edward, Raymond Agnes
MARTIN ANDREWS B-4/21/1887 Hauer, Norway...1917-Imogene blacksmith & auto mechanic...tall, blue eyes,
blonde hair
COON ANDROY Imogene beer parlor owner
IDA IREAN ANDROY (ANDREY) B-11/15/1896 D-2/23/1902 5y5m
ORAN CONRAD ANDROY B-I 7/31/1909 Conrad & Susannah Blank Androy W-9/16/1933 Sylvia Sander at CB,
D-1974 Ames
ALONZO ANTRIM B-IL Robert & Mary J. Antrim Imogene farmer W-age 36 Randolph 2/14/1894 Mary Haas
JOHN LEROY ANTRIM B-7/8/1880 1918-laborer medium height & build, blue eyes, black hair
WILLIAM ANTRIM B-2/21/1891 Randolph 1917-teamster ...tall, slender, blue eyes, brown hair
ELSIE B. ARCHER B-1889 W-Leo Sumach Archer D-1968 MCC
FREDRICK H. ARCHER B-6/30/1857 John Quincy & Sara (Hendricks) Archer W-9/28/1887 Julia Shunick D8/2/1941
GENEVIEVE ARCHER B-9/1896 Fredrick & Julia (Shunick) Archer
JAMES M. ARCHER age 28 W-Arabell Barnes age 24...lived Deer Creek Township-Mills County
JOHN ARCHER W-2/1911 Bertha Keenan

JOSEPH R. (BOB) ARCHER B-S 9/29/1895(’96) D-6/1/1976 1917-farm laborer for Con Ryan...medium height,
stout, gray eyes, brown hair
JULIA SHUNICK ARCHER B-4/21/1862 John & Catherine (Lee) Shunick W-9/28/1887 Fredrick Archer
LEO SUMACH ARCHER B-12/31/1892 Walnut Township W-Elsie B. D-1976 MCC...1917-farmer, medium height,
stout, blue eyes, red hair
MARY CECILIA ARCHER B-11/17/1901 Westphalia D-4/15/1983 Portland, OR F-SMC 4/21/1983 Rev. Bernard
Gottner RHC
THOMAS FRANKLIN ARCHER B-3/10/1884 W-Rachel 1918-farmhand for Robert Hood...medium height and
build, blue eyes, light hair
WILLIAM E. ARCHER B-1928 D-11/9/1984 MCC
ANNIE POWERS ARTERBURN (ARTERBERN) B-Mills County 9/1/1868 Dan & Nancy (Walsh) Powers W age
21-Scott Arterburn 1/22/1890 (2/22/1889) D-1944 MCC
SCOTT ARTERBURN (ARTERBERN) B-1861 KY Eli & M.(Ford) Arterburn W- age 28 1/22/1890 (2/22/1889)Annie Powers D-1947 MCC