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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
STELLA BAGLEY B-I 7/27/1902 W-John Peter Johnson D-8/28/1973 Lewis
FLORA BAIN B-11/14/1885 D-4/1982
ELLEN “ELLA” BRINSMEAD BAKER W-Dr. L. L. Baker D-1957 Columbia, MO age 84...lived in Shenandoah
until 1939 when she moved to Missouri to be with her son Ralph
FLOYD BAKER B-11/15/1891 Springfield, MO 1917-farm laborer for Henry Leonard...short, medium build, gray
eyes, light brown hair
DR. LEWIS LELAND BAKER B-Canton, IL 6/5/1854 Robert Nevel & Pruella Rose Baker W-1897 Ellen (Ella) M.
Brinsmead D-S 3/26/1926 sudden 15 minute illness...1867-family moved to the Shenandoah area-farming at
Tarkio...1892-graduated from Northwestern Medical School in Chicago as an MD...practiced in Imogene, Silver City
and Shenandoah...son Ralph born at Imogene on 4/5/1907...lived on Imogene's Main Street in 1910 where he ran a
family the 1915 Iowa census, the family had relocated to Silver City...Ella D-S12/18/1957. Both buried
ANNA BALLAIN B-3/19/1887 Fremont County, IA D-2/15/1968 Malvern F-2/18/1968 Hackett Funeral Home in
Shenandoah. Burial Emerson Cemetery
CATHERINE HUGHES BALLAIN B-1862 w-1892 Nicholas Ballain D-1944 MCC
CECIL RALEIGH BALLAIN B-I 3/14/1931 Cecil & Marguerite Fritz Ballain W-Areta Taylor-1955 D-5/5/1990
CHARLES ORVILLE BALLAIN B-I 5/14/1932 W-1/24/1976 Atchison, MO D-3/31/1996 Plattsmouth, NE
ODILE NICHOLAS BALLAIN B-1/1856 France W-1892 Kate Hughes D-1938 MCC...came to U.S.-1882...1899owned 160 acres
ROBERT LEE BALLAIN B-I 8/13/1934 Cecil & Marguerite Fritz Ballain D-1/5/1940 Red Oak
ANTHONY STANLEY BARAN B-4/12/1929 George & Mary (Lefko) Baran Springboro, PA W-Patricia Doyle D1/30/2013 rural Randolph F-2/4/2013 Rev. Tom Kunnel school grades 1-8...graduated Springboro
High School...farmed with brother Ted for one year...US Navy Japan, Korea and New Zealand...BS in Electrical
Engineering Pennsylvania State University-1958...Pratt & Whitney aircraft Research, RCA, Thomson CH-Dr.
Thomas Baran & Dr. Mary Lally, Christopher Baran, Kimberly Steinnagel B/S-Margaret Nogee, Helen Finnucan,
Theodore Barron, Elizabeth Johnson, Genevieve Thomas, William Barron
WILLIAM HARRISON BARGER- W-Ferraby Frost 6/15/1837 in Fairfield. He was one of the young men who
enlisted in the Mormon Battalion and marched from Council Bluffs to San Diego, CA. Following his discharge on
7/16/1847, he traveled to Sutter's Mill in Northern California. William was at the mill the day gold was discovered
and it has been reported that he was the first man shown the precious metal by the finder. In 1848, he migrated to
Fremont County to live with his family. On 7/23/1858 he was returning from the funeral of his friend and school
teacher neighbor Vince Pease (who had been hit by lightning) when he accidentally fell off the foot-log bridge
spanning Walnut Creek. Although the water was only 3-4 rods wide, his wet clothes and the swift current kept him
from keeping his head above water and he died. At the time he had eight children; the ninth-his daughter Charlotte
was born the following December. He was buried in Chambers Cemetery.
JOHN BARKER On July 4, 1886 he tried to help August Werner get his helicopter off the ground
IRENE L. PRINTY BARRETT B-7/7/1894 Michael & Jane (Carey) Printy...graduate Iowa State Teacher’s
College...taught Council Bluffs public schools...W-4/15/1918 Council Bluffs Patrick Barrett...1936-appointed
Postmaster Greely, NE retiring-1964...known for her boundless energy and tolerance for human frailties...buried
Sacred Heart Cemetery, Greely, NE
PATRICK J. BARRETT W-4/15/1918 Council Bluffs Irene L. Printy
FRANCIS DALE BARRITT, SR. B-I 6/26/1916 William & Alma Waters Barritt W-6/7/1945 Noxapater,
Mississippi D-6/13/2001 Tremont, Mississippi
IRENE BARTLES B-2/4/1890 D-6/1975
DORTHA BARTLETT B-5/7/1823 D-12/27/1904
LEO NELSON BARTLETT B-11/4/1891 1917-farming at Imogene
ORRIN O. “BUZZ” BARLETT B-I 5/23/1885 W-Rose Deppe daughter of Charles Deppe 3/16/1912 noon
Imogene, IA...arrived in Ekalaka Mont, from the state of Iowa in the spring of 1913. They homesteaded in the Chalk
Buttes area, south of Elmore's. They later purchased the Ott place, north of Elmore's adjoining the Forest Reserve.
CH- Rose Orine, known as Sally B- 12/12/1913, Paul Duane B-4/ 5 /1915 and Charles Maurice B-5/30/1917 The
family separated before 1930, and Rose Bartlett took the children to Seattle Washington. Rose became a beauty
operator, and owned her own shop for a number of years. Because of ill health she and her daughter Rose Ritter
moved to Bakersfield California. Rose died there in 1967. Buzz stayed on the ranch in the Chalk Buttes until 1940. He

married again to Avis Asher. Buzz and his wife ran a dairy farm for several years. Buzz died in 1956 Ekalaka, MT and
Avis in 1976.
PAUL BARTLETT B-11/19/1898 1918-farming for Charles Bartlett of Imogene
ROSE BARTLETT Imogene phone operator
GEORGE LEWIS BASCOM (BAUCOM) B-6/26/1877 1918-6’1” farmer at Imogene
NETTIE BATCHELDOR B-I-William Hayes D-8/22/1918 Riverton
CECIL RALEIGH BATEMAN B-I 3/14/1931 Cecil & W-Areta Taylor 1955 D-5/5/1990 Shenandoah
CLARENCE H. BATEMAN B-S 11/13/1896 1918-farming with John Bateman near hair, blue eyes
JESSE RAY BATEMAN B-I 7/6/1897 Charles & Weltha Johnson Bateman W-8/20/1921 Hazel Munsinger D1/12/1975 Glenwood
LESLIE EARL BATEMAN B-1/13/1900 1918-farming with Clarence & John Bateman...gray eyes, dark brown hair
LYLE A.BATEMAN B-4/12/1929 Fremont County D-10/7/1982 Fremont County F-10/10/1982 United Methodist
Church-Shenandoah Rev. Donald R. Arthur RHC
THOMAS BATEMAN B-11/11/1830 D-1/10/1900 from complications of several diseases he had suffered for a
number of years...he and many prominent citizens of Imogene emigrated from the same community in Ohio many
years ago...lived 4 miles south of Imogene
LOU BEESON Imogene blacksmith
PAUL EVERETT BENEDICT B-I 7/30/1910 Fenton Eber & Martha Hurst Benedict D-2/1986
CLARK BERGREN W-7/15/1947 Omaha, NE Rose “Monica” Regan D-8/21/1987
ROSE “MONICA” REGAN BERGREN B-I 9/21/1926 John & Mary (Garrity) Regan W-7/15/1947 Omaha, NE
Clark Bergren D-RO 8/27/2002 ...1989-retired from Eveready Battery Company after 34 years B/S-Eileen Brown,
Agnes Hensley, Genevieve Doyle
ABRAHAM BERIGAN B-1822 Ireland W-Chicago Bridget Hogan D-11/13/1886 MCC CH-Henry, John, Ellen
Maher, Bridget Skahill, Anna Wilson
ANASTASIA SHUNICK BERIGAN B-5/3/1860 Monmouth, IL John & Catherine (Lee) Shunick W-John Berigan
BRIDGET HOGAN BERIGAN B-4/15/1825 Tipperary County, Ireland W-Abraham Berigan D-CB 1/1921 home of
son HenryMCC
FRANK BERIGAN B-John W-Gladys Armstrong
HENRY BERIGAN B-John & Anastasia (Shunick) Berigan D-7/6/1894 6y6m18d MCC
HENRY P. BERIGAN B-1853 W-6/1903 Scales Mound, IL Manna “Margaret” Carey D-1935 CH-Mary
JOHN BERIGAN B-Zwingle 9/22/1860 Abraham & Bridget (Hogan) Berigan W- Anastasia Shunick
2/9/1886...started in the livestock business-1877...fed and shipped livestock and handled all that came through the
Imogene Stockyards before going to Omaha, NE to start a livestock commission business.
MANNA “MARGARET” CAREY BERIGAN B-1865 W-Henry P. Berigan 6/1903 Scales Mound, IL D-1961
BARNARD BERKERY B-11/11/1830 Ireland D-9/1905 while visiting in Fairbury, NE MCC
CATHERINE BERKERY B-1838 D-3/1913 Fairbury, NE MCC
JOHN BERKERY B-2/21/1832 D-2/21/1882 (1891) MCC
HENRY BIRDSALL-B-4/13/1829 Canada W-4/10/1855 Phoebe Burton from New York...1838-moved to Warren
County, IL...after 39 years, moved to Mills County, Iowa for one year before coming to Imogene...farmer (80
acres) and grain dealer in Imogene... Ch-Elroy, Adaline, Ardell, Edward, William J., Horace and Harriet
HORACE & NELLIE BIRDSALL-Horace-21 of Emerson, Henry & Phoebe (Burton) Birdsall W- 8/29/1889 Nellie
M. Cogeshall-16 of Imogene, John & Emma (Fisher) Cogeshall
GRACE BLACK B-2/13/1901 D-9/13/1921
ISAAC ALBERT BLACK B-I 2/5/1900 Isaac & Emaline Kammerer Black W-Ella 1916 D-9/20/1962 Shenandoah
PATRICIA CLARE BLACKMAN B-9/21/1942 Omaha, NE Lawrence Edward & Clara Helen (Trawicke) Kruntorad
W-St. Thomas More Church-Omaha 6/8/1963 Edward Francis Blackman D-8//8/2012 Malvern F-SPC 8/11/2012
Fr. Tom Kunnel CH-twin sons Daniel & Patrick, Michael-all in infancy, Kenny, Chris ..graduated St. Joseph High
School-1960...worked 1 year Mutual of Omaha, Omaha law firm 1961-1964...1973-moved to a small acreage south of
Malvern...worked in library of Chantry Elementary-Malvern and as kindergarten aide...operated Farley’s Bar & GrillMalvern 1980-1983
AVERY BLANK B-I 4/21/1905 David Henry & Elvira Wax Blank W-7/23/1927 Helen Mae Umphreys on a whim
while she was on vacation in Spirit Lake, IA ZZD-10/25/1981 Red Oak ...worked at the Wilkens Bakery in Red Oak,
IA and also drove their delivery truck. When the bakery closed he drove for the Hamm's Beer Distributors. When
the Carbon & Carbide Co. built their plant in Red Oak, Avery helped in the construction and was then employed in
the plant. He retired at the age of 65 years in 1970 after the plant became known as the Everready plant. Mae was
employed at Westerlands' bar for several years and then as a clerk at Thompson Hardware.
HELEN MAE UMPHREYS BLANK W-Avery Blank on a whim while vacationing in Spirit Lake, IA. They didn't
tell anyone of their marriage for 2 months. Avery had gotten a job in Long Island, N.Y. and they had to reveal what

they had done so that Mae could go with him...employed at Westerlands' bar for several years and then as a clerk at
Thompson Hardware.
HENRY BLANK B-5/10/1837 D-11/26/1912
BELL IRWIN BLEAKELY B-11/10/1856 D-12/20/1907
H. C. BLEAKELY B-10/16/1824 W-Sarah J. D-1/1/1889
HENDERSON C. BLEAKLEY-B-4/28/ 1832 PA Enlisted 8/19/1861, mustered into Company B 37th Illinois
Infantry on 9/18/1861, disability discharge 9/1/1862 D-1/27/1916 in Vermont, Fulton Co, IL. MTC
ELI BOATMAN-Enlisted as a private on 5/2/1864 at the age of 22...mustered into Co B 168th Ohio Infantry on
5/13/1864...mustered out on 9/8/1864 at Camp Harrison, OH. D-9/15/1882 MTC
MARY ROSE LEAHY BOOK B-rural Imogene 11/2/1920 Alton & Rose (Higgins) Leahy W-Harold Book 1946 D-S
5/10/2011...Imogene High School
FRED BORENE had a meat market in Imogene...mayor 1912-1913
MARY BOWEN B-12/25/1802 D-7/15/1890 MCC
WILLIAM BOWEN B-4/15/1805 D-2/7/1881
BARNARD BRADLEY B-10/24/1840 D-5/26/1905 MCC
MARY L. BRADLEY B-1/6/1913 D-7/22/1914 MCC
DOUGLAS E. BREEDLOVE B-RO 2/18/1939 Charles & Helen (Lukehart) Breedlove W- Lila Hughes McGargill
3/21/1976 Waterloo D-I 8/7/1998 F-SPC 8/10/1998 Fr. John Clarke MCC...graduated Red Oak High School-1957...
employed by the Burlington Northern RR for 35 years mainly as a Roadmaster...Ch-Kevin, Jeff, Dianna, Kate
Step/CH-Douglas McGargill, Jerry McGargill, Lisa Olson, Rosanne Peterson, David B/S-Charles (Bud), Steve
FRANCES MARIE FOLEY BRIDGER B-I D-6/30/1999 Riverton, WY age 85
GEORGE BROOKS Imogene pump & windmill man
KISIAH BROWN B-2/5/1798 W-R.S. D-2/5/1886 W-Reuben S.
REUBEN S. BROWN B-8/5/1799 Rockingham, VA W-Kisiah D-I 1/21/1890 ...10/10/1838 left TN in a horsedrawn covered wagon for Knox County, IL and later moved to Biggsville...1879-moved to Imogene to live with
daughter Julia Crossthwait...voted in every presidential election he could casting his first vote in 1828 for General
Jackson...later became a Whig and supported Henry Clay...remarkable memory yet when he died
REVEREND JAMES RAY BRUDER B-4/12/1931 Chicago, IL James F. and Claire (Allen) Bruder of Granite City
W-1955 Salem Church Joyce Spiker William & Ethel (Schmidt) Spiker Quincy, IL D-5/8/1963 Greenmount
Cemetery...attended Sacred Heart Grade School in Granite City ...graduate of Granite City High School...after serving
for four years in the navy during the Korean conflict as a sonar man, he enrolled in Western Illinois University and
graduated with honors...graduated from Eden Theological Seminary-1960...pastor of St. Paul United Church of
Christ in Imogene and Zion United Church of Christ in Hamburg at time of death CH-William B-8/21/1961
ROSS BRYANT B-6/19/1911 D-11/30/2003
WALTER A. BUNDY B-I 5/25/1903 D-7/21/1958 Salt Lake City, UT
FRED CLARENCE BURGIN B-I 8/8/1896 George & Lucy Long Burgin W-Rea Rouse 4/1915D-1/1971 Tacoma,
GEORGE BURGUS B-England D-10/20/1900 35y8m
MS. J. M. BURNS B-Dubuque D-I 2/29/1884 age 62
AARON BUSSARD-B-1842 one of 10 children W-1876 Mary Miller D-6/5/1924 at home of son Jake after a three
day illness...1874-came west locating in Dubuque...came to Imogene in 1875 with the "western exodus" of several
families...there was no town-just virgin prairie when he arrived...bought an 80 acre farm for $16 an acre...later added
80 more of the founders of the Reformed Methodist Church west of Imogene that was later moved into
AGNES M. BUSSARD D-3/18/1888
ANNIE ALLSHOUSE BUSSARD B-3/28/1844 Westmoreland, PA...moved to Jackson, IA age 6 W-Dubuque
11/26/1863 Daniel Bussard D-7/5/1922 home of daughter Mrs. Will Kammerer of high blood pressure and
DANIEL D. BUSSARD W-Dubuque 11/26/1863 Annie AllshouseD-7/24/1883...couple moved to Imogene 1875...
charter members Imogene St. Paul Reformed Church
ESTELE BUSSARD W-Hazel Webb 11/7/1933 D-2000
EVA BUSSARD Imogene telephone operator
HAZEL BUSSARD B-7/11/1915 Clyde, MO Amil & Fannie (Cadell) Webb W-11/7/1933 Estele Bussard D-S
1/6/2004 F-1/9/2004 Selby Funeral Chapel MTC...grew up in Imogene and graduated from the Imogene High
School...employed for many years as a switchboard operator for Central Telephone Company in Imogene and many
years at Earl May Seed & Nursery...moved to Shenandoah in 1991...CH-Anita Jean, Gary David B/C-Naomi “Pat”

MARY MILLER BUSSARD B-2/5/1852 W-Aaron Bussard 1876 D-4/10/1917
MARY KATHERINE BUSSARD B-Jonathan Allshouse D-2/2/1929 age 83
SUSANNAH BUSSARD B-1808 W-Daniel D-3/20/1887
BARNEY ROOSEVELT BUTCHER B-9/28/1899 George Thomas & Julia Eldora Eidson Butcher W-Flossie Addy
FLOSSIE GERTRUDE ADDY BUTCHER B-I 1/31/1895 Rodes & Minnie Deppe Addy W-Barney Butcher D5/6/1969 MTC
JACOB H. BUZZARD B-I Aaron W-age 23 3/20/1895 Essex to Maud E. Cummins-age 20 B-H.C. Cummins
SUSAN BUZZARD B-Daniel Crowl S-12/26/1924 age 78
ELLEN B. BYRNES B-8/15 (18)/1860 W-Patrick Byrnes D-12/8/1938 MCC
PATRICK BYRNES B-9/12/1843 W-Ellen B. D-12/28/1924 MCC