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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
CATHERINE (CATHRINE) LENNY CAHILL B-Co Clare, Ireland W-Michael Cahill 1848 D-8/6/1899 MCC...13
sons including Francis, M.J., Edward, Emmett, Michael Joseph, William, Dan, Leo
CHARLES B. CAHILL B-1885 W-Margaret D-1968 MCC
CLAIRE CAHILL B-1887 Charles & Margaret Cahill D-1888 MCC
DONALD WILLIAM CAHILL B-12/13/1925 D-3/28/1944
EDWARD CAHILL B-11/2/1889 Edward & Katie (Smith) Cahill
FRANCES ROSE CAHILL B-8/20/1922 Randolph D-S 3/29/1972 F- SMC 4/1/1972 Rt. Rev Msgr. Francis L.
Sampson RHC
JOHN CAHILL D-9/1897 at the home of his son in Denver, CO...age 97...had been postmaster at Solomon up to a
few months before he moved to Denver to seek relief from cancer of the tongue
LUCY CAHILL D-1/26/1893 18 months
MARGARET A. CAHILL B-1883 W-Charles B D-1959 MCC
MARIA JANE REIDMAN ROGERS CAHILL B-6/7/1861 (1862) Jones County Joseph & Catharine Rogers WMichael Joseph Cahill 2/22/1884 Temple Hill D-3/4/1935 3:30pm MCC...her death was a shock...she was doing her
housework when stricken...her husband came in from choring about 3pm and found her suffering with a severe pain
in her chest...a physician and family were notified...rallied about midnight...passed away Monday afternoon...last of a
family of eight – generous and good with children
MARY ISABELL CAHILL B-M.J. & Maria Cahill D-8/8/1887 age 2y14d MCC
MATIE CAHILL B-6/4/1890 D-9/30/1933 MCC
MICHAEL CAHILL B-1821 County Clare, Ireland...emigrated to PA...farmer and homesteader in the Imogene area
W-Catherine (Cathrine) Lenny 1848 D-4/17/1893
MICHAEL JOSEPH CAHILL B-1856 W-Maria Jane Reidman Rogers 2/22/1884 Temple Hill D-S 1944 MCC
WILLIAM P. CAHILLB-6/1862 Lomax, IL D-9/10/1937 CB MCC
ELIZABETH CAIN D-2/25/1927 age 73 years
SYLVIN CAIN W-11/20/1911 Miss Ennis-Conception, MO
WILBER (WILBUR) RAY “BILL” CAMPBELL B-2/7/1928(29) W-Myrna D-7/4/1994
LAWRENCE X. CANTWELL B-1833 D-7/14/(1903) 1904 MCC...served in Civil War...made his will on 7/3/1903
while a patient at Mercy Hospital-CB...left his estate to executor of the will John McGinnis with James Laughlin as
BESSIE CARR D-6/29/1889 7y3m
CELESTINE CARR B-3/12/1902 D-5/11/1982
EDWARD JOSEPH CARR B-6/10/1914 D-11/22/1959
HELEN AGNES CARR B-9/25/1909 D-4/23/1961
JAMES CARR Imogene rural mail carrier
ANNA MARIE “PET” MAHER CASHIN B-I 11/6/1889 Jeremiah H. & Ellen Berigan Maher W-SPC 2/3/1913
D-5/13/1945 Chicago, IL taught school before she married
BYRON ARTHUR CASHIN B-I 8/7/1917 David & Anna Marie Maher Cashin D-5/23/1977 Wheaton, IL
DAVID WILLIAM CASHIN B-Peoria, IL David William & Mary Ann Doyle Cashin W-2/3/1913 Anna Marie “Pet”
Maher...witnesses L. R. & Nellie Soderburg License #6644 issued 1/26/1913...farmed for a few years before moving to
CLARA CASSELL September 1916-became Sister Victoria with vows in the Chapel of St. Francis Hospital at
Maryville, MO
CONRAD “COONIE” CASSLE (CASSEL) B-10/9/(1872)1873 New York City W-5/26/1897 Maryville, MO Ida
Bell Logan D-I 4/15/1933 MCC...laborer Wabash Railroad...5’2” gray eyes light hair
IDA BELL LOGAN CASSLE B-11/17/1875 Maryville, MO W-5/26/1897 Maryville, MO Conrad Castle
D-5/16 (17)/1956 MCC Nebraska City, NE
BERNARD CASSIDY B-1895 Roscommon, Ireland D-5/1965 MCC
BART I. CAVENDER-B-10/15/1860 IN W- Florence Stotler...first drug store owner/clerk in Imogene and served
as the Monroe Township Justice of the Peace for 4 years...later became a druggist in Randolph and served there as
mayor for two terms...moved to Sidney-1896 after being elected County Recorder...served in that capacity for two
CLYDE CHANCEY B-3/11/1900 D-12/1976
ESTELLA “STELLA” C. CAHILL CHANDLER B-3/5/1891 Michael & Mary (Rogers) Cahill W-John Chandler
6/(11) 19/1924 Witnesses-Regina Rogers & Edward McGargill D-8/5/1957
JOHN CHANDLER W-6/(11) 19/1924 Imogene parsonage Estella “Stella” C. Cahill...farmed near Red Oak

IRMA K. NUSSER CHENEY B-7/20/1909 Treynor W-Leo Cheney SPC 10/25/1933 D-12/19/1975 Malvern auto
accident on an ice-covered road F-SPC 12/23/1975 Rev. Daniel Delehant MCC
LEO HENRY CHENEY B-4/30/1901 Neola W-Irma Katherine Nusser SPC 10/25/1933 D-10/30/1970 Glenwood
F-11/2/1970 Reverend James Stessman MCC
ROY E. CHENEY B-1905 D-1961 MCC
ALICE CHRISTAILLES B-1881 (1891) Tom Slater W-1/1907 Julius Christailles D-6/20/1926 instantly in a car
accident 4 miles west and 1 mile south of Imogene MCC...found under her overturned car
JULIUS J. CHRISTAILLES B-1875 Leavenworth, KS W-1/1907 Alice Slater D-10/1966 MCC
ALICE GERTRUDE CHRISTOPHER B-Tom Slater D-I 6/11/1926 age 44
BENJAMIN CLARE B-12/29/1836 Dublin, Ireland W-7/11/1888 Anna Rayourd D-S 9/24/1905 rupture...editor
Shenandoah Post
BENJAMIN T. CLARE B-12/19/1862 John & Jane (Holmes) Clare D-12/7/1890
JANE HOLMES CLARE B-7/8/1827 near Belfast, Ireland W-John Clare 1859 D-10/2/1908 south of Imogene
JOHN CLARE B-11/29/1829 Dublin, Ireland W-Jane Holmes 1859 Aleado, Mercer County, IL D-9/7/1910 near
Imogene of Shaky Palsy
ROBERT CLARE B-4/1/1834 D-11/6/1896
ANDREW JOSEPH CLARK B-9/22/1879 W-Ellen “Nellie” C. Horrigan 10/2 (9)/1912 D-1952 MCC...farmed south
of Imogene
ANDREW JOSEPH “A. J.” CLARK B-3/4/1918 Andrew & Nellie (Horrigan) Clark W-5/26/1942 Margaret
Malloy...moved to California fall of 1980
CATHERINE CLARK B-12/12/1883 D-9/24/1884 MCC
ELLEN “NELLIE” C. HORRIGAN CLARK B-9/8/1882 W-10/2 (9)/1912 Andrew Joseph ClarkD10/29/1957...Agnes Clark, sister of the groom, and Ed Horrigan, brother of the bride, were wedding
attendants...bridal gown had a skirt with tiny pale pink roses...bridesmaids wore lavender...reception Hibernian hall
on a rainy night
GERTRUDE ROSE SANER CLARK B-I 4/18/1888 Mike saner & Johanna (Sweeney) Saner D-12/24/1960
Springfield, IL
JAMES M. CLARK B-10/7/1850 D-7/17/1902 from injuries he received in a runaway...he was returning from a
neighbor’s where he had been helping put up hay...was driving a mule team to a light top buggy when the team
became frightened at a bicycle and ran away...the buggy tongue came down and ran in the ground throwing Clark out
on the hard ground, face downward, injuring him internally...Dr. Allen was called immediately and did all that could
be done for him...had to be left where he fell for three hours before he could be moved to his home...died the next day
at 5pm.
JOHN A.CLARK B-6/14/1864 D-4/15/1889 Council Bluffs Bright’s Disease
JOHN H. CLARK B-1886 W-Nellie Lynch-1910 D-1956
MARGARET ELIZABETH MALLOY CLARK B-2/11/1922 William Joseph & Leah (Wood) Malloy W-A. J.Clark
MARTHA A. CLARK B-6/27/1880 Owen & Rose (Lawless) Clark D-11/15/1891
MARY CATHERINE “MAE” CLARK B-12/26/1878 John Laughlin & Mary Jane Printy W-Thomas Clark
1/(6) 22/1901 SPC D-10/27/1967 Kent, reception at the bride’s room designated the “gift
room” included a washing machine, sewing machine, bedroom and parlor suites
MARY CLARK B-1/4/1874 Owen & Rose (Lawless) Clark D-6/25/1896 malaria fever
MARY EDALINE CLARK B-11/26/1913 Andrew & Nellie (Horrigan) Clark D-2/26/1918 after three month illness
with congestion of the brain MCC
MARY LOUISE CLARK B-5/22/1911 Tom & Anna (Lynche) Clark
MAURICE G. “RED” CLARK B-10/16/1891 Sublett, MO W-6/1916 Gertrude Rose Saner D-S 12/8/1975 F-SMC
12/11/1975 Rev. Gerald A. Deere MCC...Imogene depot agent...later wed Marie Maher (see Nick Sloan)
NELLIE ELLEN LYNCH CLARK B-12/16/1888 W-1910-John Clark D-5/3/1978 F-Bassett, NE 5/6/1978 MCC
...1915-lived Woodlake, NE
OWEN CLARK B-8/4/1843 Ireland W-Rose Lawless 1872 D-11/20/1901 MCC...1878-located on his Imogene
farm...1899-owned 560 acres of land and was building a new house...liberal contributor to the building of the 1892
St. Patrick Church
ROSE LAWLESS CLARK B-11/26/1848 W-Owen Clark 1872 D-4/15/1906 MCC...ten children
THOMAS CLARK B-Owen & Rose Lawless Clark W-SPC 1/ (6) 22/1901...couple escorted to the altar by Andrew
Clark and Maggie Laughlin...bride wore blue silk and carried white roses

WILLIAM M.CLARK B-2/12/1915 John Clark D-3/8 (18)/1915 Orient, IA at the home of Mrs. Clark’s mother
MCC...sick only a short time...Mrs. Clark and three children had gone to visit her mother two weeks previous before
moving to Nebraska...Mr. Clark was in Nebraska when he received word of his son’s death
FATHER JOHN CLARKE-Father Clarke was a familiar face in Imogene for 19 years. B-2/25/1921 Davenport
Thomas M. & Mary Charlotte (Coen) Clarke D-10/23/2009 Atlantic F-10/28/2009 Sts. Peter & Paul Church-Atlantic
Bishop Richard Pates...graduated from Dowling High School in Des Moines and St. Paul Seminary in St. Paul, MN...
ordained to the priesthood 11/11/1945 St. Augustin Church in Des Moines...prior to coming to Imogene, he served at
Holy Trinity and St. Anthony parishes in Des Moines, Sacred Heart in Woodbine, St. Anne in Logan, St. Boniface in
Waukee and St. John in Adel...came to Imogene in June-1981; served here until 7/12/2000 when he retired to
Atlantic...he was quite the handyman; he thought nothing of climbing up on steep roof of St. Patrick Church or
climbing up the bell tower to make repairs...known for his strong views on the topics of the day and for his lengthy
correspondence filled with puns, cartoons and jokes...died at Heritage House-Atlantic where he had lived for 4 years
B/S-Edward-killed in WWII, Father Dan
DALLAS CLAYTON B-I 6/1/1925 Virgil & Florence Anderson Clayton W-12/8/1943 D-8/17/2001 Boone, IA
MIKIE CLEARY B-J. & E. Cleary D-12/22/1887 2y2m21d MCC
MARY E. WEST CLEMMER B-Smithfield, PA D-1/9/1929 age 85
CHRISTINA CLITES B-6/22/1848 Cumberland County, PA Isaac & Sarah (Mensch) Burger W-Solomon Slites
10/7/1869 Lee County, IL D-4/24/1925 Clarinda
ORANGE LEROY CLITES B-I 6/9/1892 Martin & Millie Honn Clites W-1912 Lucille McFann D-11/20/1936 Iola,
SOLOMON CLITES-B-6/18/1846 in Bedford County, PA Jacob & Lydia (Sturtz) Clites W-Christina Berger
10/7/1869 Lee County, IL D-12/15/1915 Fremont County...age of 8 moved with his family to Blair County, PA...after
12 years there, enlisted in Company F, 77th Pennsylvania volunteer infantry...served 10 months until the end of the
Civil War...farmed 90 acres in Deer Creek Township-Mills County...moved there in 1874 and to Fremont County1902...CH-Sarah, Isaac, Anna, Cora and Florence
EARL LLOYD CLYMER W-3/12/1936 Caleria Irene Fleming Shelby, IA
ED COLLINS Imogene postmaster
KATIE COLLINS B-7/7/1895 D-8/15/1976
NED COLLINS operated a drug store in Imogene
MARION EUGENE COLWELL B-S 10/18/1928 Frank & Blanche (Ingram) Colwell W-Dorothy Kirk 7/20/1968
D-I 9/(13) 30/2010 cancer...educated in Shenandoah schools...Army 10/31/1953-7/11/1955...painted for Bud
Turnbull...worked at Lake Nursery until retirement...worked for Ed & Mark Laughlin...moved from Shenandoah to
Imogene in 1973
HARRY COMSTOCK Imogene rural mail carrier
EMMA McGARGILL CONLIN B-Cascade Ed & Ester (Ferris) McGargill W-age 24 Patrick Conlin SPC
PATRICK CONLIN B-J. & Emma J. (Stainum) Conlin Dubuque W age 28-Emma McGargill SPC
JOHN J. CONNELL B-S 11/24/1920 W-S 6/26/1946 Virginia A.Maher D-s-1/30/1992...plumber
JOSEPH J. CONNELL W-Kathryn G. Gleason 2/3/1920 D-12/3/1954
KATHRYN G. GLEASON CONNELL B-S 1/20/1897 Martin & Martha (Haefer) Gleason W-Joseph Connell
2/3/1920 D-S 9/16/1991
VIRGINIA ALICE CONNELL B-I 12/20/1924 Joseph & Alice (McCardle) Maher W-John Connell SMC 6/26/1946
D-S 7/11/1996 F-SMC 7/13/1996 Rev. Donald Bruck RHC...grew up on a farm near Imogene...graduated Strahan
High School...secretary for her husband’s plumbing business...CH-Dr. Gary, Gregg, John, Lisa Johnson B/S-Vincent,
Ellen Marie, Elaine Marie, Robert, Geraldine Leahy
ANNA M. CAIN CONNERS B-11/27/1881 W-Thomas M. Conners 2/17/1903 D-3/16/1971 F- 3/19/1971 MCC
EDWARD A. CONNERS B-I 3/12/1904 D-10/22/1972 Moberly, MO F- SPC 10/25/1972 Father Gordon Gittens
JERRY L. CONNERS B-12/16/1885 D-10/23/1953 MCC
JOHN (C) J. CONNERS B-I 11/13/1916 W-Monica A. Doyle D-9/1/2001 Omaha, NE F-SPC 9/5/2001 Rev. Daniel
Kirby MCC
MARIE A. CONNERS B-2/16/1908 D-6/20/2004 age 96 MCC
MARY “GRAN” CONNERS B-4/1/1859 D-11/(3)13/1949 Bishop Drumm Care Center-DM MCC...her husband
died when there were still several young children to raise...son Tom was twelve and went to work for farmers...Gran
went door to door selling things such as cosmetics...her daughter Maggie needed a blood transfusion after the birth of
her seventh child...she was given the wrong type of blood and died...Gran moved into her daughter’s home and raise
the children until they were grown...later she moved next door to the Anna Skahill family in Imogene
MONICA A. DOYLE CONNERS B-1/8/1917 W-John J. Conners D-2/8/1981

NORMA JEANNE CONNERS B-Percival 12/5/1921 Estyna “Tiny” & Alva “Rex’ Darst W-Vincent “Pete” Conners
D-Dallas, TX 3/11/2005 F-SPC 3/19/2005 Fr. Ken Gross MCC...Sidney High School-1939...CH-Jerry, Marie, Tom
B/S-Rosemary Waterworth
SARAH ALICE “SALLY” CONNERS B-5/10/1922 Maryville, MO Elmer Glade & Rose Mary (Wilmus) Riley WThomas Michael Conners, Jr. D-S 8/22/2012 F-SPC 8/25/2012 Rev. Thomas Kunnell MCC...St. Patrick Academy,
senior year Shenandoah High School...lived in Imogene & Shenandoah ...employed telephone office-Imogene, Henry
Fields, KMA, owned Conner’s Café in Farragut, Imogene Post Office CH-Pat, Becky Hughes, Karen Lemkau B/SMaxine Toay, Betty Hodges
THOMAS M. CONNERS B-5/16/1889 Worthington, IL W-Anna Cain 2/17/1903D-12/12/1969 Omaha, NE F12/15/1969 Rev. John Cunningham MCC
THOMAS M. CONNERS, JR. B-I 8/1/1915 Thomas & Anna Cain Conners W-Sally Riley D-12/20/1986 Hamburg
F-SPC 12/23/1986 Rev. John Clarke MCC...Imogene postmaster
VINCENT PAUL “PETE” CONNERS B-12/23/1920 Tom & Anna Cain Conners
ROSA B. COON D-6/10/1889 3y9m
MARY SWEENEY CORNWALL B-near Zwingle W-Corcoran Cornwall D-3/20/1920 pneumonia MCC
SISTER MARY ALOYSIA CORNWALL-daughter of Mary Cornwall, spent 30 years in the convent...passed away
at age 49 and is buried in Independence.
EDWARD “LYNN” COSTELLO B-S 12/17 (27)/1923 William Rudolph “W.R.” & Olie Ethel (Gee) Costello WLuella Sothman, Lyman 8/28/1954. She passed away 12/28/1986. W-Marcella Ridlen 1/13/1990 D-1/2/2007 (08)
RO... graduated Strahan High School-1941...farmed in Imogene area all of his life.
MARCELLA COSTELLO B-11/27/1924 D-3/24/2011
WILLIAM COSTELLO B-2/13/1887 D-12/1968
WILLIAM RALPH”RUDY” COSTELLO B-10/9/1913 I William Rudolph & Olie Ethel (Gee) Costello W6/27/1943 Elaine Longinaker at her parent’s home in Randolph. D-11/2/1996 Omaha, NE F-Randolph Presbyterian
Church 11/5/1996 Rev. Dan Lozer...graduated Strahan High School- 1929... a basketball player in high
school...attended Simpson College...lived in Denver, CO while Ralph was employed in Navy construction...returned
to Iowa-December 1943...farmed and fed livestock...CH-Richard, Sara McKinney, Susan B/S-Darrel, Charles, Lynn
PHILOMENA ADCOCK COY B-10/28/1901 D-5/24/1992 MCC
ROY D. COY B-1884 Keytsville W-Philomena Adcock D-CB 10/11/1953 MCC
WALDO EUGENE CRAWFORD B-I 5/13/1927 Roy Frances & Iva Mae (Dixon) Crawford-youngest of 10 children
D-1/23/2011...moved to Hastings. IA at a very young age...held many jobs throughout his life. He worked very hard
and to the best of his ability. His passion was mowing lawns and every lawn mower he had, he named "Nelly Belle."
He enjoyed helping people and running errands. Every morning, Waldo was at the Hastings Post Office to pick up
mail for several people in town. You could always depend on him to bring it the same time every day. In March of
2006, Waldo moved from his home in Hastings to the Nishna Productions Group Home in Malvern, Iowa. He
resided there until June of 2010 when due to declining health, he moved to the Red Oak Rehab and Care Center
where he lived until his death. Waldo was preceded in death by his parents; brothers, Wendell, Wayne, Warren, and
William; sisters, Nedra Edmonds, Thelma Stogdill, Evelyn Resh, Reta Mosier, and Lillian Payne. Interment in
Hastings Cemetery.
HARRIETTE SHUNICK CRILLY B-John Shunick & Catherine Lee W-Matt Crilly D-9/30/1952
J. J. CRILLY 1881-came to the Imogene area...1899-lived on the same farm for 10 years-quite an accomplishment
for that time since he was renting 160 acres...raised hogs
MATT CRILLY B-4/12/1862 County Lenth, Ireland Peter & Bridget Crilly-one of 17 children W-1/1907 Harriette
Shunick D-1/2/1939 1884-came to the area and worked by the month...1891-purchased the 80-acre Mahoney farm
2 ¾ miles SW of Imogene...1907-1909 Beresford, SD
HERVEY A. CROSSWAIT (CROSTHWAIT) W-Julia Brown 3rd family to settle in Imogene...1899-owned lots
1-6 in block 10 and lots 1-4 in block 11 in the town of Imogene
JULIA ANN BROWN CROSSWAIT (CROSTHWAIT) B-7/30/1828 W-Hervey A. Crosswait D-8/3/1922
MILTON CROSSWAIT B-7/18/1850 Hervey & Julia Brown Crosswait D-10/18/1924
HENRY CROSTHWAITE B-1828 d-5/11/1891 Civil War-138th Illinois Infantry
DALE EDWIN CUFAUDE B-I 4/8/1926 Frederick & Gertrude Bateman Cufaude D-4/2/2001 Dixon, CA
VIRGIL GENE CUFAUDEB-I 7/31/1928 Frederick & Gertrude Bateman Cufaude D-11/15/1995 Napa, CA
KENNETH DONALD CUFAUDE B-I 6/23/1923 Frederick & Gertrude Bateman Cufaude W-12/19/1945 Anna
Harris D-3/15/2000 Madera, CA
CHARLES EDSON CUMMINS B-9/9/1873 near Monica, IL; D-I 5/18/1898

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