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Permanent Address

7083 White Pine Lane
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Tyler Shannon
Cell: (804) 239 0124

School Address:
1373 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

James Madison University
Bachelor of Science, Major: Engineering GPA: 3.4
Focus: Sustainable Design
AutoCAD & Autodesk Inventor Certified, Spring 2010
 Displayed skill and interest in engineering drawings
 Exhibited ability to virtually construct complex
objects and structures
SolidWorks, Fall 2012 – Present
 Utilize program on a regular basis for engineering design class
Technical Writing
 Editor for all documents relating to capstone project team
 Well-versed and capable in regards to formal writing

Harrisonburg, VA
Anticipated May 2016

Madison Engineering (MadE) Program, Fall 2014
 Facilitated a connection between the Department
of Engineering and surrounding communities
 Mentor and Spokesperson for the Department
through various activities, while mastering the art
technical leadership
Sigma Nu Fraternity
Iota Delta Chapter, Fall 2012 - Present
 Organized philanthropic efforts and contributed to
increased money raised for fraternity charity

Electrokinetic Remediation of E-waste

Working alongside a team of engineers to develop an inexpensive and versatile technology to
remediate soil contaminated by electronic waste in various geographical settings

Fall 2014 – Spring 2016

Sustainable Engineering Design
Fall 2013 – Spring 2016
Analyze and incorporate sustainable design practices with numerous, progressive engineering design
projects throughout six-semester sequence
Engineering Project Management
Developed an understanding and appreciation for the importance of project management within engineering;
as well as learned to utilize Microsoft Project to effectively plan projects

Fall 2014

Study Abroad – Electrification of Public Transportation in Malta
Carried out study with aim to analyze and offer suggestions for future reformations of the Maltese public
transportation system with diverse group of JMU students

Summer 2014

Sustainable Societies
Worked in Malta to analyze and discover cultural and individual practices that define, encourage and
diminish sustainability

Summer 2014

Engineering Design – JMU Engineering Design Bike Project
Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
Incorporated sustainable engineering practices for designing a personalized bike for a disabled client; solicited information
about client needs and limitations; interacted with team members to develop effective solutions for design; maintained budget
Commonwealth Cargo, Warehouse Technician
 Organize inflow/outflow of freight from numerous international shipping ports
Summer 2013 – Present
 Responsible for timely distribution and delivery of freight
Mid-Atlantic Source One of Virginia, Assistant Technician
Summer 2012 – Summer 2013
 Analyzed and interpreted complex blueprints within an integrated team framework
 Installed wireless access points and network cables throughout various buildings
Fall 2013 & Fall 2014 Dean’s List at James Madison University
Member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars