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Accredited Private Schools

What is an Accredited Private School?
Accredited Private Schools are one of the two types of private schools
in Alberta.
Accredited Private Schools are accredited by the Minister under section
28(2) of the School Act. These private schools seek additional
recognition beyond basic registration to receive accredited status. All
accredited non-funded private schools must enroll seven or more
students from two or more families. There are three categories of
accredited private schools.

Registered private schools in Alberta
Do not receive funding from Alberta
Do not have to employ certificated
Do not have to teach the Alberta
program of studies, and
Cannot grant high school credits.

Must be run by a non-profit agency;
Receive 60 per cent of the per-student
instructional grant given to public and
separate schools;
May charge tuition fees and operate for
a profit;
Must offer programs approved by the
Minister of Education;
Must ensure that their students write
provincial achievement and diploma
examinations; and
Must employ certificated teachers;
however, teachers in accredited private
schools are not eligible for active
membership in the ATA, and are not subject
to the teaching profession’s Code of
Professional Conduct.

Types of Accredited Private Schools
1. Accredited non-funded are mostly language and culture
schools but some focus on adult education.
2. Accredited funded are entitled to partial provincial funding for
meeting educational standards. Students write the provincial
tests and are taught the Alberta Programs of Study by Alberta
certificated teachers.
3. Designated Special Education Private Schools (DSEPS)
serve only students with special needs and which meet the
criteria outlined in the Funding Manual. These schools provide
education services to students who are entitled to special
education programs, receive special education funding at rates
equal to those provided to the public system and meet the same
accountability requirements for this special education funding as
public jurisdictions.

Accredited Private Schools
Private schools Quick facts
 70% of private school students attend private religious schools
 The other 30% are enrolled in programs that address specific
learning perspectives such as academic or alternative
 In 2001, There where 176 active accredited schools and 16
active registered schools.
 Private schools are attended by approximately 4%, of Alberta's
students. (As of June 2001)