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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
H. EARL DAVENPORT B-1881 W-4/30/1923 Marie Mary Dempsey D-1964 MCC
MARIE MARY J. DEMSPEY DAVENPORT B-1882 (1881) W-4/30/1923 H. Earl Davenport D-2/25/1953 MCC
JOHN DAVEY B-10/3/1916 Leonard & Hazel (Campbell) Davey W-I 9/14/1947 Mary Maher ...served in the Army
1939-1945 spending 27 months as a POW
MARY ARLENE MAHER DAVEY B-I 1/25/1920 W-I John Davey 9/14/1947 D-S 7/6/1976
CLARENCE DAVIS B-12/16/1903 D-1/1976
DAVID DAVIS Imogene depot agent
KENNY DAVIS B-9/2/1916 Bennet, NE W- Esther Caroline Bohlen D-12/23/1998 ...farmer...followed the wheat
LETTY M. DAVIS B-10/(8) 20/1908 Wills Point, TX D-S 8/27/1988 F-St. John Episcopal Church-S 8/30/1988
Rev. Scott Rathman, Farragut Cemetery
HANNAH M. DAYTON B-6/11/1859 D-11/13/1896
AGNES DELEHANT B-1/26/1888 Mike & Laura (Palmer) Delehant D-2/23/1904 pneumonia MCC
ANDREW DELEHANT B-10/25/1870 D-3/22/1943 MCC
ANETTA LUCILLE BABCOCK DELEHANT B-1912 W-Paul Delehant 5/25/1933 D-2002 buried Farragut
ANNA MAHER DELEHANT B-1826 (1827) Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland W-John Delehant D-11/18/1893
(1903) MCC ...came to the US at age 7
ANNA G. DELEHANT B-6/1/1871 D-8/2/1946
ANTHONY DELEHANT B-1/21/1903 D-3/3/1903 MCC
FATHER DANIEL L. DELEHANT B-9/26/1924 Council Bluffs Ordained 6/4/1953 D-8/10/1978 heart ailment
and bone disease Funeral-8/14/1978 Abbott O’Meara, OSB of Denver, CO concelebrated with 12 other priests...65
priests in attendance...MCC Pallbearers-L. Donald Hoffman, Marty Laughlin, Patrick T. Maher, Michael Delehant,
Jerry Head, Carl Maher, Maurie O’Neill and George McGargill. Ushers-Joseph Cheney, Ed Lee Laughlin, Harvey
Pelster, Justin Owens, Gary Campin
FRANCES IRENE A. DELEHANT B-I 3/10/1895 D-S 8/15/1970 F-SMC 8/18/1970 Very Rev. Msgr. Paul F.
Marasco MCC
IDA GERTRUDE DELEHANT –B-I 1890 Michael & Laura (Palmer) Delehant D-1956 MCC
JOHN DELEHANT B-1828 (1829, 1830) Ireland W-Anna Maher D-3/21/1914 at the old folks home connected with
Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs where he had resided for several years MCC...ran the Imogene dray service
JOHN J. DELEHANT B-6/1/1873 W-Esther Maude Williamson D-12/12/1956 F-SMC 12/15/1956 Farragut
Cemetery...Imogene dray service
LAURA V. PALMER DELEHANT B-1/15/1863 Linn County W-Michael Delehant D-4/20/1940 F-4/22/1940
SMC Rev. William Coughlin MCC...came to Imogene at age 12...moved to Shenandoah 8 years ago...stricken with a
paralytic stroke last November...suffered a heart attack on April 12th
MARY ANN DELEHANT B-I 2/20/1886 D-RO 4/24/1971 F-SMC 4/27/1971 Msgr. Paul F. Marasco MCC
MARY ELLEN RYAN DELEHANT B-5/16/1904 Detham, MO Michael & Mary Ann (Gaffney) Ryan W-Michael
Delehant 2/3/1932 St. Paul Church-Tarkio, MO D-S 6/25/1995 F-SMC 6/29/1995 Rev. Michael McLaughlin
MCC...raised rural Tarkio, MO...graduated from Tarkio High School - 1920...after graduating from teacher’s college
and business school in Missouri she taught elementary education in rural Atchison County, MO for nine years before
moving to Shenandoah...employed two years at Henry Field Seed & Nursery...made their home on a farm near
Imogene moving to Shenandoah April 1968...CH-Rita Hurst, Patricia Erickson, Michael, Donald, Joan Bruce,
Rosemary Mauer; 10 brothers & sisters
MICHAEL DELEHANT B-8/11/1857 Zwingle, Dubuque County W-Laura V. Palmer D-8/27/1943 MCC
MICHAEL EDMUND DELEHANT B-I 8/20/1898 Michael & Laura (Palmer) Delehant W-2/3/1932 Mary Ellen
Ryan Tarkio, MO D-RO 4/1/1973 F-SMC 4/3/1973 Rev. A. Gerald Deere & Rev. Daniel L. Delehant MCC...educated
at St. Patrick Academy...retired from farming in 1968
PAUL EDWIN DELEHANT B-I 2/14/1904 John Joseph & Maude Esther Williamson Delehant W-5/25/1933
Anetta Lucille Babcock Maryville, MO D-1/1/1981 Shenandoah Burial-Farragut Cemetery Ch-Virgil Dean
ANNA SANER DEMPSEY B-10/23/1880 Mike & Johanna (Sweeney) Saner W-Michael A. Dempsey 6/19/1906,
James Skahill, D-6/9/1979
ANTHONY DEMPSEY twin son B-6/1911 Michael & Anna (Saner) Dempsey MCC
CATHERINE DRISCOLL DEMPSEY B-9/20/1844 (3/28/1838) Skibereen, Ireland John & Mary (Shanahan)
Driscoll W-9/20/1865 (1866) Michael Dempsey, Sr. Mendota, IL D-11:45am 9/11/1920...had been bedfast since an
accident five years earlier...grew weak in the last two weeks of her life MCC...1860-came to the U.S. with five
siblings...1879-moved near Sidney for a few years and then to Imogene

GERTRUDE “GAYE” BARTLETT DEMPSEY B-1884 Charles Bartlett W-10/25/1905 Peter Dempsey D-1983
JOHN J. DEMPSEYB-4/9/1873 Lombardsville, Stark County, IL Michael & Catherine (Driscoll) Dempsey D3/8/1947 Honey Creek MMC...rural mail carrier
JOSEPH DEMPSEY twin son born 6/1911 Michael & Anna (Saner) Dempsey MCC
MARY JOHANNA MARGARET DEMPSEY B-I 9/12/1907 Michael & Anna (Saner) Dempsey D-I 4/13/1988 FSPC 4/16/1988 Rev. John Clarke MCC...Sgt. US Army WWII
MICHAEL DEMPSEY, SR.-Michael B-10/5/1841 Strokestown, County Roscommon, Ireland Peter and Ann
(McCormick) Dempsey W-Catherine Driscoll 9/20/1865 (1866) Mendota, IL D-12/23 (24)/ his later years,
Michael was the Imogene lamplighter...At dusk, he would take his long pole to lift the lamp chimneys as he lit the
lamps along the town streets...Twice a day he also carried mail to the Wabash Depot...Mailbags were hoisted to the
top of a pole where the trainman hooked them onto the train without slowing down.
MICHAEL J. DEMPSEY B-7/16/1912 Michael A. & Anna (Saner) Dempsey D-11/20/1964 MCC Iowa Tech 5808
Engineer Avn BN WWII
MICHAEL ANDREW DEMPSEY B-10/30/1877 near Lombardsville, Bureau County, IL Michael & Catherine
(Driscoll) Dempsey W-6/19/1906 Anna Saner D- Omaha, NE 8/15/1914 about age two, moved with his
parents to Sidney living there until age 12...then moved to Imogene...carried the mail a week before his death...
appendicitis...left three children 6 and under; daughter Fannie born a week after his death
PETER DEMPSEY B-12/26/1873 Lombardsville, Stark County, IL Michael & Catherine (Driscoll) Demspey WGertrude “Gaye” Bartlett 10/25/1905 D-10/19/1968 MCC...Imogene beer parlor owner
CHARLES DEPPE W-Sidney 3/1906 Mary Dick had a harness shop in Imogene...mayor 1893-1894
FRED DEPPE B-8/6/1883 D-I 6/21/1910 of TB buried Silver City
MARY DEPPE B-Lead, SD W- Sidney 3/1906 Charles Deppe
ANTHON DICKERSBACH B-2/1/1837 Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany W-Caroline Frederica Charlotte Boelling in
Illinois. D-8/12/1910 Shenandoah, IA Buried MTC ...orphaned at the age of four, he came to America at age 19 and
settled in Livingston County, IL. Civil War-Co. K 60th IL Infantry...came to Iowa in 1874...settled on a farm north of
Imogene 38 years before his death...moved to Shenandoah a year before his death leaving his children in charge of
his farms...suffered from a chronic illness contracted in the Army; although in a weakened state he refused a doctor
but consented to take some medicine his wife had for him. When it gave out, he asked she get him some more. She
changed her dress and found him dead when she returned. By hard work and good management he left her with an
estate worth $85,000 – mostly in 560 acres in several farms. 4 children preceded him in death including a son who
was killed by an accidental gunshot. Surviving children-Caroline (Frank) Priest, John, Fred and Anna (Charles)
Ballain. Funeral at the Reformed Church in Imogene. Pallbearers were former neighbors Charles Schick,
EdgarFoust, J. J. Haley, W. H. wax, Mike Kammerer and C. B. Nelson. Anton’s parents were Catholic but he never
acknowledge allegiance to any church.
CAROLINE BOELING DICKERSBACH B-Eidinghausen, Germany 3/8/1846 W-Anton Dickersbach 9/19/1868
Chatsworth, IL D-I 8/18/1934
CLYDE MELVIN DICKERSBACH B-I 4/11/1913 Frederick & Ida Blanche Burton W-1/1/1951 Opal Boyer at
Glenwood D-10/16/1989
FREDERICK DICKERSBACHB-I 3/28/1883 Anton & Caroline Boeling Dickersbach W-Ida Burtom 2/18/1909
Emerson D-1/4/1957 Malvern
H. WILLIAM DICKERSBACH B-4/29/1872 IL D-3/18/1899 Deer Creek Township 26y10m7d
GENEVIEVE ESTELLA SLATER DIGNAN B-1884 W-SPC John Dignan 1/30/1924 D-1/2/1968 (1967) 7:30am
wedding officiated by Father Hayes...attendants were Catherine Dignan and Raymond Varner of
dance at the AOH Hall
JOHN MARTIN DIGNAN B-1891...lived near Percival W-Genevieve Slater SPC 1/30/1924 D-1977 MCC
MARY THERESA DINOVO B-I 9/28/1932 Leo & Stella (Laughlin) Maher W-1950 Edward Dinovo D-10/18/2009
Council Bluffs F-10/22/2009 Queen of Apostles-CB Father Dan Kirby St. Joseph Cemetery-Council Bluffs...1950
graduate St. Francis High School...Worked 37 years as a Nurse’s Aide-Jennie Edmundson Hospital retired-1994.
CH-Edward, Jr., Kathy Hingley, Theresa McBride B/S-Helen Carney, Paul, Tony, Jim, Kenny, Marcella Lucas, Carl
AGATHA “AGGIE” M. DINVILLE B-1/13/1888 Mills County James Dinville D-RO 4/21/1982 F-SPC 4/24/1982
Rev. John Clarke MCC...the 7:30am wedding was smaller than planned because the tom Slater family was
quarantined with smallpox...Jennie (wearing lavender) and Thomas Slater were the attendants...dinner served at the
Home of Mrs. Costello-sister of the bride
GEORGE ROBERT DINVILLE B-8/19/1915 Fremont County James & Agatha (Slater) Dinville W-SPC 5/8/1951
Irma McDermott D-10/19/2002 Hamburg F-SPC 1/23/2002 Rev. James Kleffman MCC... Attended schools in
Fremont/ Mills counties graduating Strahan High School-1933...served in the Army Air Force during WWII
(10/27/1942-2/17/1946) becoming a Staff Sargeant...CH-Steve, Vivian Howell, Tom, Julia, Lisa, Diane Andrew B/SJulius, Tony, Joe, Leo, Rose Stoneking

IRMA MAXINE DINVILLE B-1/31/1924 farm southwest of Farragut Ralph Henry & Edith Gertrude (Johnston)
McDermott W-SPC 5/8/1951 George Robert Dinville D 1/4/2012 Hamburg F-1/10/2012 SPC Rev. Vern Smith
MCC...grew up in rural Farragut, Imogene and Shenandoah...2 yrs. high school –Shenandoah...graduated Farragut
High School-1941...attended business school in Omaha, Ne...worked there as part of the war effort during
WWII...secretary at Mt. Arbor Nursey-Shenandoah...raised family southeast of Randolph...CH-Steve, Vivian Howell,
Tom, Julia, Lisa, Diane, Andrew B/S-Ernest, J.R., Lucille King, Madalene Perkins, Carol Catus
JAMES J. DINVILLE B-1884 Marseilles, France W-4/1913 Agatha B. Slater D-11/28/1961 (1964) MCC...came to
the US at age 17
LEO H. DINVILLE B-9/1/1923 James & Agatha (Slater)Dinville W-2/4/1948 SMC Lucille Kimsey D-2003...lived
most of his life as a farmer SE of Randolph
LUCILLE CHRISTINA KIMSEY DINVILLE B-7/22/1923 Thurman William & Erma (Forney) Kimsey W2/4/1948 SMC Leo Dinville D-S 4/23/1996 F-SMC 4/26/1996 MCC...grew up Dutch Hollow area near
Thurman...graduated from the high school there...moved to Shenandoah, worked at Dekalb, the Famous Hatchery
and Tidy House Products during the 1940’s...farmed southwest of Randolph...movied back to Shenandoah-1987...
CH-Rodger, Pamela, Michael, Karen McClintick, James, Joseph, Tony, Teresa, Kris B/S-Violet, Rhea Clark
THOMAS A. (TONY) DINVILLE B-7/24/1917 Strahan James Emile & Agnes Agatha (Slater) Dinville W-7/1966
Elaine Martin D-S 5/26/2007 F-SMC 5/31/2007 Fr. Vern Smith RHC ...At the age of two weeks, Tony went to live
with his aunt and uncle Julius & Alice (Slater) Christailles...following the death of his aunt, moved to a farm in Mills
County...graduated Strahan High School-1935...inducted into the army-1942, served in the northwest Pacific during
WWII 1943-1945...worked in a Shenandoah filling station and for B. F. Goodrich in Red Oak...was assistant County
Engineer in Fremont County for many years, then for Mills County until he took a job as a mail carrier for the
Shenandoah Post Office for 16 years before retirement. B/S-Julius, George, Leo, Rose Stoneking, Joe
JOHN WAYNE DITMARS B-2/24/1961 Hank & Mary (Hughes) Ditmars D-4/8/1961 MCC
MARY HUGHES DITMARS B-9/7/1930 Leo & Lucille (Regan) Hughes W-William “Hank” Ditmars 11/13/1951
D-8/19/1995 MCC
WALTER MELL DIXON B-I 9/14/1884 W-Ella Smoot D-1/3/1969 Healdsburg, CA
EDWARD DORSEY prisoner of war in Stalag B-returned 7/1945
FRANK DORSEY B-1874 W-Pauline Wiman 6/1917 D-1954 MCC... farmed for a while in Texas
JOHN “JACK” CHARLES DORSEY taken prisoner in the Battle of Field Pass and was marched 600 miles
through Germany...liberated from Stakag III B prison camp...returned 6/1945
JOSEPH EUGENE DORSEY B-I 12/24/1928 F. E. Dorsey W- RO 12/27/1950 D-9/28/1999 Temple City,
PAULINE A WIMAN DORSEY B-Elmwood, Ne 1894 W-Frank Dorsey 6/1917 D-1957 MCC... Imogene telephone
BLANCHE BERTHA BARTLETT DOVE B-I 10/5/1882 Frank Lester & Hattie Luella (Banks) Bartlett W2/25/1903 Elmer Frank Dove from Raymond, NE
AMBROSE JAMES DOYLE B-9/15/1925 Joseph Patrick & Anna Marie (Laughlin) Doyle D-9/20/2012 Aurora,
CO F-9/26/2012 SPC Rev. Thomas Kunnel MCC ...raised Mills County...attended Glen Country School...served in
Army during WWII and restarted in 1951 serving in south Korea...farmed, sold Pioneer seed corn, etc...1970’s-ran for
several political offices CH-Patty Niedermyer, Kenneth, Charlene Boehm, Joanne Faul B/S-Maurice, Edward, Mary,
Kenneth, John, Donald, Shirley Ruckdashel
ANNA MARIE LAUGHLIN DOYLE B-I 4/16/1893 W-SPC Joseph Doyle 6/19/1919 D-1/26/1971 F-SPC
1/29/1971 Rev. James Stessman assisted by the Very Rev. Msgr. Paul F. Marasco. MCC...7:30am wedding followed
by a wedding dinner at the home of the bride’s parents
ANNA QUINN DOYLE B-1837 W-Kilkenny, Ireland 1860 Mike Doyle, Sr. D-1913
BRIDGET O’KEEFE DOYLE B-1869 Ireland Jesse & Ella (Mushle) O’Keefe W-5/19/1893 Michael Doyle D12/26/1919 west of Imogene MCC...came to America early in life...funeral conducted by Father Hayes...casket
covered with Mass cards
DOROTHY MILDRED BARNES DOYLE B-7/31/1920 near Sidney Wallace Dale & Ethel Leona (Cartmill)
Barnes W-Thomas James Doyle 4/3/1943 Leavenworth, KS D-8/26/2011 MCC...Attended country schools near
Sidney and Tabor...graduated at age 16 from Tabor High School...completed Normal Training Course-1938 and
taught at Harvard School in rural in farm operation, 4-H, various clubs, Fremont County Historical
Society CH-Dr. Michael Doyle, Patricia Baran, Judith Wischik, Catherine Fahey, John, James B/S-Robert, Ethel
EDMOND T. DOYLE B-5/2/1902 D-10/22/1925 MCC
EDWARD DOYLE B-8/14/1906 Michael & Bridget (O’Keefe) Doyle D-8/20/1906 MCC
EDWARD MICHAEL DOYLE B-I 7/19/1922 Joseph P. & Anna (Laughlin) Doyle W-4/19/1950 Genevieve Regan
D-8/9/1965 MCC

FATHER FRANCIS W. DOYLE B-9/23/1893 Ordained 5/14/1921 Celebrated 35 years in Imogene and the 4oth
anniversary of his ordination on 4/30/1961 D-9/30/1966 F-SPC 10/4/1966 at 11am Most Reverend George Biskup,
Bishop of Des Moines, officiated. Deacons of Honor were Right Reverend Monsignor Peter Bissen and Very Rev.
Monsignor James Mackin. Master of Ceremonies was Very Rev. Monsignor E. B. Pfeffer. Deacon of the Mass was
Rev. Father John Hart and Sub-Deacon was Very. Rev. Monsignor Albert Davidsaver. The sermon was preached by
Very Rev. Monsignor John Higgins. Right Rev. Monsignor Thomas J. Costin was Dean of the West Deanery. Casket
Bearers were Donald Doyle, Gerald Head, Joseph Hughes, Robert Jardon, Patrick J. Maher and Roger Meyer. Music
was provided by the church choir...68 priests and 26 Sisters attended the funeral...MCC
GEORGIANNA L. TRENHOLM DOYLE W-Leo Doyle-1938 D-10/3/1992 age 77 MCC
JERRY DOYLE B-5/1872 D-4/1935 MCC
JOHN “JACK” F. DOYLE B-1/12/1898 D-1/15/1960 MCC...entered Army WWII 8/29/1942 Pvt 1962 SFC Comd
JOHNIE A. DOYLE B-5/6/1927 Joseph & Anna (Laughlin) Doyle D-12/29/1928 MCC
JOSEPH PATRICK DOYLE B-I 12/19/1893 Mike & Bridget (O’Keefe) Doyle W-SPC Anna Laughlin 6/19/19
D-2/18/1979 F-SPC 2/21/1979 Rev. Gordon Gittens MCC...lived on the family farm near Solomon
KENNETH FRANCIS DOYLE B-12/19/1929 Joe & Anna (Laughlin) Doyle D-1/7/1954 car accident MCC Korea
Us veteran Iowa Cpl 2 Bn 160 Inf 40 Div
LEO D. DOYLE B-I 6/3/1901 W-Georgianna Trenholm 1938 D-CB 9/16/1987 F-SPC 9/19/1987 Rev. John Clarke
MARY A. FAHEY DOYLE B-8/15/1879 Thomas & Julia (McClain) Fahey W-age 19 Peter Doyle SPC 4/17/1901 D7/15/1957 MCC
MAURICE J. DOYLE B-I 4/15/1921 Joe & Anna (Laughlin) Doyle W-Dee D-4/17/2003 Omaha, NE F-4/21/2003
St. Robert Bellarmine-Omaha, NE MCC
MICHAEL DOYLE B-1864 Ireland Patrick & Mary (Ryan) Doyle W-age 26 Bridget O’Keefe-age 24 5/19/1893
D-CB 12/31/(1952)1953 MCC
MIKE DOYLE, SR. B-(1836) 1838 County Kilkenny, Ireland W-Kilkenny 1860 Anna Quinn D-10/24/1920
MCC...1861-moved to Dubuque, 1877-to Fremont County, 1894-from the farm into Imogene
PETER D. DOYLE B-10/24/1869(1870) Dennis & Mary (Molen) Doyle W age 30-Mary Fahey-SPC 4/17/1901 D4/12/1936 MCC
THOMAS JAMES DOYLE B-1896 Michael & Bridget (O’Keefe) Doyle W-4/3/1943 Leavenworth, KS Dorothy
Mildred Barnes D-S 10/15/1969 MCC
WALTER M. DOYLE B-I 6/8 (3)/1900 Michael & Bridget (O’Keefe) Doyle D-S 8/16/1979 F-SPC-8/21/1979 Rev.
Jim McIlhon MCC
WILLIE DOYLE B-6/25/1907 Peter & Mary (Fahey) Doyle D-3/18/1908 pneumonia MCC
J.W. DRAGOO Imogene mayor 1887-1888
JOHN DRISCOLL B-3/4/1836 County Cork, Ireland W-Margaret Nagle IL 8/29/1862 D-5/17/1908 south of
HERMAN DRONE B-9/5/1831 D-1/17/1903 Civil War veteran
ALICE BOYLE DUFF B-7/3/1848 Armstrong County, PA W-Frank Duff-CB D-I 12/26/1913 MCC
ALICE REBECCA DUFF B-11/22/1917 Frankie Duff D-3/28/1918
DENNIS DUFF B-10/2/1828 Armstrong County, PA Francis “Frank” & Margaret (Mclaughlin) Duff W-Rebecca
Boyle 6/11/1872 St. Patrick Church-Sugar Creek, Armstrong County, PA D-12/12/12 family home two miles north of
Anderson MCC...2 ½ hours after he died, his granddaughter Winifred Rebecca (daughter of Francis) died...funeral
held together at the family home with Fathers Quinn of Red Oak and Tober of Shenandoah officiating MCC...18551867 worked as a farmhand in Peoria, the beginning of the Civil war enlisted in the 77th IL Volunteer Infantry
at Peoria...served three years...came to the Imogene area 2/12/1867
FRANCIS “FRANK” DUFF B-2/14/1833 South Buffalo Township, Armstrong County PA W-Alice Boyle-CB
D-I 6/15/1893 MCC
FRANCIS C. DUFF B-11/1/1880 Fremont County Frank & Alice (Boyle) Duff W-11/24/1903 Hattie Blanche Hardy
D-5/27/1904 Riverside Township of heart failure MCC...his wife carried him over one mile to the nearest farmhouse
in an attempt to save his life
GERTRUDE LAVERNE DUFF B-7/24/1905 D-1/16/1908 buried next to Winifred MCC
HATTIE BLANCHE HARDY DUFF B-8/1889 W-11/24/1903 Francis Duff with Homer Hardy & Lizzie Duff as
attendants D-9/18/1920...buried in the Sidney Cemetery
KATHLEEN ALGONA DUFF B-2/29 (28)/1915 D-2/4/1916
MARGARET FRANCES DUFF B-10/5/1912 F. Duff D-5/16/1914 F-Father Quinn of RO officiated at the Catholic
Church in Randolph MCC
MARY AGNES DUFF B-4/8/1880 Anderson Dennis Duff D-11/23/1962...professional nurse

REBECCA JANE BOYLE DUFF B-12/25/(1843) 1844 Armstrong County, PA Manassa & Frances (Haggerty)
Boyle W-Dennis Duff 6/11/1872 D-9/7/1913 F-conducted by Fathers Quinn & Maher MCC...had 9 children-7 died in
infancy...Francis Jerome & Mary were the only ones to survive of the 9...two-John Lawrence & Margaret “Maggie’
Ellen died of diphtheria and were buried in the northwest corner of the family’s orchard at midnight...many vicitmds
of contagious disease were buried near their homes immediately after they died in the hopes that this would prevent
spreading the infection
WINIFRED REBECCA DUFF B-4/5/1912 D-12/12/1912 buried next to Gertrude MCC...died 1 ½ hours after her
grandfather Dennis... she had suffered from bronchial trouble that ended in bronchial pneumonia...MCC
JERALD WILLIAM DUNCAN B-4/19/1896 W.A. & Agnes (Snow) Duncan
LOUIS J, “M.J.” DUNCAN B-1872 D-1937 MCC
MARGARET DUNCAN B-Lew Duncan D-4/1/1924
MARGRET COLLINS DUNCAN B-12/19/1837 W-William Duncan D-4/8/1897 pneumonia MCC...lived between
Tabor and Randolph...wealthy widow lady
WILLIAM DUNCAN B-1870 W-Margret Collins D-1927 MCC
A. F. DUNNING B-11/3/1850 Van Buren County W-2/28/1878 Eliza Cook...moved to Des Moines at age 18 and
learned the tinner's trade...after traveling for several years, he came to Fremont County-1878...moved to Imogene
2/1880 and was a merchant there
EUGENE JOSEPH DURBIN B-3/4/1923 Conception, MO Julius & Odilia (Walter) DurbinW-3/4/1923 Freda
Monnett D-11/30/1976 Clarinda Funeral-SPC 12/4/1976 Rev. Daniel Delehant & Rev. Joel Derks MCC
FREDERICA ANNA MONNETT DURBIN B-4/26/1918 Ravenwood, MO W-Eugene Durbin 6/27/1946 Clyde,
MO D-7/12/2008 Omaha, NE F-SPC 7/15/2008 Fr. Ken Gross MCC...taught for five years in rural schools around
Parnell, MO...lived at Ravenwood until moving to rural Imogene in 1952...served as CCD Director at St. Patrick
Church for 25 yeara
KYLE JAMES DURBIN B-3/10/2007 D-5/3/2007 F-MCC graveside 5/7/2007 Father Ken Gross