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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
JOHN EASTMAN Imogene mayor 1891-1892
ELMER R. EGBERT of Imogene W-1/17/1907 Des Lacs, ND Mary Allen
GEORGE F. EGGERS B-10/17/1915 W-Gert Regan D-5/14/1995 MCC
GERT EGGERS B-1913 Tom & Bertha (Saner) Regan W-10/17/1915 George Eggers D-1988
BILL ELY Imogene Elevator operator
PATRICIA JEAN ERICKSON B-I 4/15/1942 Michael & Mary (Ryan) Delehant D-11/28/2011 Clinton MCC
...graduated St. Patrick Academy-1960...attended Barnes Beauty School in Council Bluffs, received her cosmetology
license...worked at Beauty by Betty, owned and operated The Styling Station, worked at Broderson’s Beauty Shop and
then Family Afhair in Clinton...CH-Rhoni Hartstock B/S-Rosemary Mauer, Mike, Don, Rita Hurst, Joan Bruce
HARVEY FAULKNER B-I 2/2/1892 Albert & Elizabeth Allen Faulkner D-4/17/1928 Hillsboro, IL
EDGAR FAUST B- 3/22/1841 W-Mary Elizabeth Kammerer (B-7/4/ 1845) in Westmoreland Co, PA. On 12/1/1874
the couple purchased the future site of Imogene from John Miller for $1,120. They moved from Zwingle, IA to the
still virgin prairie land in 1875. Faust sold half of his land to the Western Improvement Company of Iowa on
10/15/1879 for the Imogene townsite. The cost was $4,000. When Edgar and Mary celebrated their 50th wedding
anniversary, they were living at 128 E Grant Street in Shenandoah. Mary D-2/29/1916 & Edgar D- 1/11/1929 Both
are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Shenandoah.
MARGARET “MAGGIE” FOLEY FEELEY B-1871 W-Patrick Feeley at Carson 2/16/1899 D-I afternoon 5/1916
(1917) MCC
PATRICK FEELY W-Maggie Foley 2/16/1899 at Carson D-1/16/1938
ED FERRITOR Imogene depot agent
JIM C. FERRITOR-B-1874 Schuyler County, MO...graduated from St. Louis University where he studied practical
telegraphy...secured a position with the Omaha and St. Louis Railroad...employed for three years in Shenandoah and
in 1900 had been the telegrapher in Imogene for three years. He was a Democrat and cast his first vote for William
Jennings Bryan. In 1900, he was nominated for County Recorder.
ALLEN EDGAR FICHTER B-3/10/1926 Randolph Elmer & Ruth (Smith) Fichter W-CB Marjorie Bergman D-S
9/29/2005 F-10/3/2005 Selby Chapel internment Randolph Cemetery...attended Harvard country
school...graduated Randolph high School-1943...farmed at Randolph, Farragut, Strand and for 30 years at
Imogene...1991-retired to Farragut...raised crops and livestock and custom harvested
MICHAEL “MICK” FICHTER B-1/25/1942 D-9/18/1991
IDE FINDLEY Imogene oil station operator
PATRICK FINN B-1827 W-Margaret D-3/18/1909 (1909) MCC
B-1901 Michael & Laura (Palmer) Delehant D-1965 MCC
BAYARD FLICK Imogene rural mail carrier
IRENE M. FLORES B-2/26/1936 Art Leahy D-1/20/2003
ARTHUR FLYNN came from County Cavan, Ireland-1870...lived in section 36 Monroe Township...farmer and
B-4/12/1840 Woolengrange County Kilkenny, Ireland James & Eleanor (Conway) raftis W-Morris Foley-Dubuque DI 11/8/1910
DANIEL FOLEY W (4) 5/1917 Anna Clark... surprised friends with a quiet wedding in Omaha, NE...bride’s brother
Andy and wife and Mrs. Kate Rogers attended from Imogene
MORRIS FOLEY B-4/9/1837 Kilkenny, Ireland W-Anastasia Raftis D-3/15/1907 Oakland
WILLIAM FOSKETT ran the first Imogene lumber yard
ELIZABETH FOSTERD-5/10/1893 age 38
PAUL FOURNIER W-Lizzie Chestile 1/8/1896 Father Hayes-celebrant
JOHN FOUST B-11/8/1866 D-3/13/1884
ALICE J. DORSEY FOUTCH B-10/15/1878 John Dorsey W-William Foutch D-8/27/1961 MCC
Thomas Skahill W-William Foutch 3/6/1889 D-near Imogene 4/24/1898-13 month illness...71 teams joined the
funeral procession to MCC
EDWARD FOUTCH B-1911 F. E. & E. M. Foutch D-1921 MCC
FRANK FOUTCH B-3/5/1890 William & Bridie Skahill Foutch W-Ethel Thompson...son Eddie age 10 died in 1921
of infantile paralysis...Imogene barber, beer parlor owner

JAMES W. FOUTCH B-12/31/1917 William & Alice (Dorsey) Foutch W-Maxine Webster D-2/5/1996
MARY M. FOUTCH B-1920 D-1950 MCC
MILDRED M. FOUTCH B-Will Foutch D-2/21/1907 whooping cough-age 3 months MCC
MAXINE WEBSTER FOUTCH B-6/4/1923 W-James Foutch D-7/23/2000
THOMAS V. “TED” FOUTCH B-I 5/23/1904 William & Alice (Dorsey) Foutch W-Julia Cummings D-9/29/1974
Galveston, TX Funeral SMC 10/2/1974 St. Rev. A. Gerald Deere RHC...barber
WILLIAM E. FOUTCH B-6/4/1862 Eldorado, CA W-age 23 Bridget Skahill-age 21 3/6/1889 St. Mary Church,
Malvern ...witness-Thomas Keenan...W-Alice Dorsey D-11/3/1950 MCC
JOHN FOX Nebraska City W-12/29/1897 Mattie McGargill
CHARLES DANLEY FRAKES B-12/18/1925 Fremont County D-3/15/1995 Randolph F-Rash Funeral Home
3/18/1995 Hamburg Cemetery
CHARLES HENRY FRAKES B-12/1/1902 Payne D-4/17/1982 Omaha, NE F-4/20/1982 Rash Funeral Home
Hamburg Rev. William Harding Hamburg Cemetery
ARLENE MARIE FRANKS B-RO 6/9/1955 Hank & Mary (Hughes) Ditmars W-1/27/1990 Larry Franks Omaha,
NE D-7/7/2013 des Moines F-SPC 7/12/2013 Fr. Tom Kunnel Iowa Veterans Cemetery-Van Meter...St. Patrick
Academy...Farragut High School-1973...member 1971 Farragut State Championship Basketball team...attended
IWCC-Clarinda...worked for Iowa Workforce Development-Shenandoah...moved to Omaha, NE-1982...retired from
Iowa Workforce Development-2009 CH-Angel Kreie, Ray, Maryanna, Noah B/S-Ann Marie, John Wayne, Connie
Durfey, William, Joyce Jones, Stanley, Therese, Virginia Ulrich, Deanna, Dale, Carl, Jean
ANNIE RETELSDORF FREDRICKS B-Heinrich & Fredrica (Baggenstein) Retelsdorf W-I 7/5/1883 Christian
CHRISTIAN H. FREDRICKS B-Christian & Sophia (Sivens) Fredricks W-I Annie Retelsdorf 7/5/1883 (both age
WALTER JOSEPH FRIEDERICHS B-I 6/30/1887 D-11/7/1974 Gowrie, IA
CHARLIE “CHARLEY” DELOS FRITZ B-I 7/16/1892 Simon & Myrta Nims Fritz W-11/25/14 Clara Hayes
D-5/23/1983 Cheyenne, WY
RODNEY HARMON FRITZ B-I 3/2/1899 Simon & Myrta Nims Fritz W-Esther Selch 5/10/1940 Fort Collins, CO
W-Frances Wingerson-Benson 9/25/1977 Cheyenne, WY D-12/15/1996 Loveland, CO
VERNON CORNULIS FRITZ B-I 10/4/1895 Simon & Myrta Nims Fritz W-Jenice Canfield 10/2/1930 Littleton,
CO D-10/7/1984 Fort Collins. CO

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