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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
JOHN JACOBS Imogene beer parlor owner
MARJORIE (MARGARET) REGAN JAMES B-2/5/1912 Tom & Bertha (Saner) Regan W-George James
THOMAS CLIFFORD JAMES B-I 10/20/1893 W-8/12/1917 Martha Norman Anderson County, KS D-11/1970
LAURA LOUISE JARDON B-9/8/1942 Cape Girardeau, MO oldest of 7 children Wilbert Raymond & Manetta
Cecilia (Klump) Bohnert. W-6/18/1966 Francis R. Jardon St. Flannen’s Church-Harmon, IL D-12/2/2012 Sidney FSPC 12/7/2012 Father Tom Kunnel MCC...lived in Perryville, MO, Hillsdale and Harmon, IL...graduated Newman
Central High School-Sterling, IL, graduate of Marycrest College-Davenport in 1964 degree in elementary
education...taught one year in Levelland, TX with the Catholic Extension Lay Volunteers...taught in public schools in
Englewood, OH & Plattsmouth, at St. Patrick parish and DCCW, 4-H, served 9 years on the Farragut
School Board-one term as President CH-Melinda Thach, Teresa Furmanick, Cecilia McGregor, Amy B/S-Warren,
Marvin, Lowell, Jane Thomas, Jerrylynn Hochstatter, Wilberta Genung
LUCILLE KATHRYN JARDON B-11/20/1916 Percival Edward P & Theresa (O’Brien) Laughlin on the same farm
as her mother W-Robert Jardon Baldwin, KS at SPC on 9/23/1943 D-S 6/14/1997 F-SPC 6/18/1997 Rev. John Clarke
MCC...moved to Imogene with her family in 1922...attended Centennial Rural School...graduated from St. Patrick
Academy-1933...attended Boyle’s Business College in Omaha, NE for one year...graduated from Benedictine College
in Atchison, KS-1939...served as her father’s clerk in the Iowa legislature...taught high school in Ashton, NE from
1938-1939, Howells, NE from 1940-41, Randolph from 1942-1943 and was a substitute teacher for the Farragut
School District...farmed near Baldwin...moved to Randolph-1947...established a registered Holstein dairy farm. CHFrank, Edward, Joseph, John, Marie Redig, Kathryn Palmcook, Louise Untiedt, Julia Gee, Norma Troxel, Phillip
Jardon, Carl Jardon B/S-Mary, Matthew, John, Louis
CHARLES R. JARVIS B-1883 W-Loretta Keenan 11/26/1913 D-1936 MCC
LORETTA M. KEENAN JARVIS B-I 7/4/1891 W-Charles Jarvis 11/26/1913 D-S 10/1918 Spanish Flu and
pneumonia age 27 MCC
GUY JENKS B-E. A. Jenks D-12/10/1896 2y10m14d
E. A. JOBE Imogene blacksmith
BARBARA RUTH BENEDICT JOHNSON B-12/5/1937 Keokuk John A and Georgia (Hall) Benedict W-Armon
Johnson 11/13/1967 and lived in Imogene. D-4/9/1994 Omaha, NE F-Hackett Funeral Home 4/12/1994 Rev. Randy
Handly MTC...educated in Keokuk...moved to Shenandoah in the early 1960’s being employed at Olsen’s Rexall Drug
for many years. CH-Rose Murphy, Rodney Wilcoxson, Ronda Shane, Emmit Johnson, Mary Fielder, step-children
Evelyn Sue Kinney, Pauletta Doppelhammer, Eddie Johnson, Erma Lee Guill, and Kay McEnaney She had nine
brothers and sisters.
CARL LUTHER JOHNSON B-I 1886 W-3/18/1910 Etna Parker Omaha, NE
CURTIS JAMES JOHNSON B-1887 IL...W-1913 Mary Marguerite Bartle, ran a grain elevator, 1943-Cherokee,
Iowa...CH-Curtis James, Jr., B- I 9/23/1913... Forrest Bartle B-I 3/9/1915 March 9, 1915
CURTIS JAMES JOHNSON B-I 9/21/1913 W-Edna Fessler D-8/7/2003 Iowa
GEORGE ARMON JOHNSON B-10/21/1922 Thornfield, MO Emmett & Josephine (Humbryd) Johnson D8/26/2004 Omaha, NE F-8/30/2004 Hackett Livingston Funeral Home Pastor Fred Pearrow MTC In the fall of
1938, Armon met Okie Juanits Brown at the Missouri Baptist Association near Theodosia, MO. W-Longrun, MO
8/3/1940. CH-Sue Kinney, Pauletta Doppelhammer, Eddie, Erma Guill, Kay McEnany He was a farmer and
ordained Baptist minister-1950. He preached at Hammon, Pondhill and Bethel Baptist Churches. 6/18/1953-he and
his family moved to Imogene to be near Okie’s parents. Okie passed away in 1965; he wed Barbara (Benedict)
Wilcoxson on 11/13/1967. Her children were Rosie Murphy & Rodney Wilcoxson. Armon & Barb had Ronda Shane,
Emmitt, MaryMcAllister Barb passed away in 1994. In September 1996, Armon wed Marjorie Howes Taylor in
Shenandoah. She had four children-Wayne, Yvonne, Wanda & Russell Armon worked at Townsend’s Warehouse,
Henry Field’s Nursery, cattle feeding and fertilizing for Charles Hansell, and for the Glenwood State School dairy
parlor. B/S-Hershel, Sherman, Gene, Mary, Velma, Alma Haskins, Edith Kastning Silvey, Bernice Piland, Ethel
KEITH ROBERT JOHNSON B-4/24/1922 D-9/23/1961
M. E. JOHNSON W-6/5/1911 Mary Hambsch
RAY JOHNSON B-I 6/9/1914 Logan & Cora Mae Kerns Johnson D-1/29/1983... WWII Veteran of World
War...joined the Shenandoah Police Force-1949. ..served as Sheriff 1961-1975.
BRIAN JONES B-12/21/1968 D-11/4/1995
LULA MAE (MAY) JONES B-RO 3/7/1920 W-Selah W. Jones 5/11/1943 D-S 3/9/1970 F-SPC 3/10/1970 Father
John Cunningham MCC

SELAH WILLIAM “BILL” JONES B-3/4/1919 Wright County, MO Dewey & Nancy (Mings) Jones W-5/11/1943
Lula May AllshouseD-3/22/1974 Sidney F-SPC 3/26/1974 Father Daniel Delehant MCC...Imogene Postmaster

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