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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
GLEN EVERETT LABER B-I 10/17/1906 Ira Almer & Mary Malinda Kammerer Laber D-11/23/1993 Council
ALEX LABOR Imogene well digger and brick layer
IRA LABOR Imogene pump & windmill man...Imogene mayor 1906-1907
MARY LANGSTON buried 1/5/1982 MCC
MARGARET ANGELA LARSON B-I 10/13/1917 Joseph & Margaret (Laughlin) Saner W-9/4/1948 Carroll Larson
D-S 6/27/2002 F-SMC 7/1/2002 Rev. Donald Bruck RHC...St. Patrick High School-1934...attended Boyle’s Business
College in Omaha, NE graduating in 1936...worked at Mount Arbor Nurseries full-time and part-time 1936-1975.
CH-Bob, Susan Etscheidt, Jim B/S-Ambrose, Lou, John, Evalyn Saner, Esther Butler
MELVIN LARSON owned a grocery store in Imogene
AGNES RAPHAEL AGATHA LAUGHLIN B-I 8/26/1898 James & Mary Catherine (McGinnis) Laughlin D-S
9/14/1990 F-SPC 9/(14) 17/1990 Rev. John Clarke MCC
BLANCHE ANN LAUGHLIN B-CB 2/11/1942 Matt & Helen (Roscoe) Laughlin D-Omaha, NE 4/4/1975 F-SPC
4/8/1975 Father Daniel Delehant MCC
CHARLOTTE LAUGHLIN B-J. & M. Laughlin D-7/2/1905 2m4d MCC
DOUGLAS LEE LAUGHLIN B-1/7/1969 Omaha, Ne Edward L & Mary (Feld) Laughlin W-SPC 9/14/2002 Jessica
Stafford D-12/27/2010 Des Moines F-12/31/20o10 SPC Rev. Kenneth Gross MCC...grew up on the family farm at
Emerson...played trumpet at the 1987 Cotton Bowl Parade...graduated Nishna Valley High School-1987...Went to
Iowa Western and received his Associate Arts Degree in Electronies-1990...Attended Southwest Community College
and received a second Associate of Arts degree -1994. Moved to Des Moines in summer of 1996 and took a job for
Nike World. He also worked for Per Mar Security Systems and at Electrical Power Plant. 2004-moved to Pella with
his aunt and uncle Leo & Carol Laughlin...2007-moved to Ankeny...2009-returned to Des Moines CH-Damian
William B/S-Matt, Ryan
EDWARD FRANCIS LAUGHLIN B-I 1/13/1889 James & Mary (McGinnis) Laughlin W-10/20/1917 Lizzie Maher
D-RO 9/6/1973 F- SPC 9/10/1973 Fr. Daniel Delehant MCC
EDWARD LEE LAUGHLIN B-S 3/30/1939 Matt & Helen (Roscoe) Laughlin W-11/28/1964 Mary Feld at St.
Francis of Assisi Church in Rockwell City D-8/4/1999 Omaha, NE Funeral-SPC 8/7/1999 Rev. John Clarke MCC...
attended country school until the 8th grade...graduated from St. Patrick High School and then attended Iowa State
from 1957-1959...farmed, was manager of the Emerald Isle, a bus driver for Nishna Valley Schools, and worked at
Pella at the time of his death...was on the Board of Directors for Imogene Grain and the Emerald Isle and was sexton
of Mount Calvary Cemetery CH-Douglas, Matthew, Ryan B/S-Blanche, John, Joan, Mark, David, Leo
EDWARD PATRICK LAUGHLIN B-5/10/1881 John & Mary Jane (Printy) Laughlin W-4/20/1909 Theresa
O'Brien Matthew & Bridget (Quinn) O'Brien D-1/9/1962, MCC ...Agnes O’Brien (wearing pale green silk) and
William Laughlin were the wedding attendants...all rode the train to Imogene for two receptions and a dance...raised
Polled Shorthorns for 46 years...was elected to represent Fremont County in the Iowa House of Representatives and
served in the 42nd, 42nd Extra, 44th, 45th, 45th Extra, 46th and 46th Extra sessions of the General Assembly.
FRANCIS M “RED” LAUGHLIN B-I 3/16/1929 W-Marie Francis 9/1956 D-3/11/1983 Hollister, MO F-SMC
3/15/1983 Rev. Bernard Gottner RHC
FRANK M. LAUGHLIN B-I 3/26/1898 D-10/2/1962 F- SPC 10/5/1962 Rev. Francis Doyle MCC
GERALDINE MARY LAUGHLIN B-I 6/22/1926 Edward Francis & Mary Elizabeth (Maher) Laughlin D-RO
9/8/2014 ...grew up on farm northeast of Imogene...Union Country School...St. Patrick High
from Peru State College...started teaching 1944...taught at keystone, Morning Star, Goff Country Schools...taught at
the Imogene Public School and at Henderson...employed by Mt. Arbor Nurseries and Jay Drug B/S-Vincent, Louise,
Geraldine Viner, Helen Lewis, Edward
HELEN FRANCES LAUGHLIN B-6/12/1915 near Farragut Lee & Blanche (Shunick) Roscoe W-SMC 6/2/1938
Matt Laughlin D-2/4/2011 F-SPC 2/8/2011 Fr. Kenneth Gross MCC... attended country schools in Iowa and
Missouri before graduating Shenandoah High A Century of Memories for the St. Patrick
Church centennial and compiled family history books for the Laughlin and Roscoe families...moved to Lincoln in
2005 to live with her daughter CH-Eddie Lee, John, Blanche, Joan, Mark, Leo and David B/S-Jack, Mary Kaye York,
Mildred Greedy, Harriette Latimer
IRENE ELLEN LAUGHLIN B-I 2/1/1900 Joe & Mary (Walsh) Gutschenritter W-6/16/1924 James Bernard
Laughlin D-1/16/1981 Omaha, NE F-SPC 1/20/1981 Rev, Bernard Gottner MCC
J. HUGHIE LAUGHLIN B-I 4/26/1915 Joseph & Lucy (Hughes) Laughlin D-S 11/5/1998 F-11/7/1998 SPC Rev.
John Clarke MCC...received his education at St. Patrick Academy...was in the US Army in WWII...owned his own

trucking company for many years...many Imogene gatherings were held in his truck shed dubbed “Hughie’s
Hophouse” B/S-Joseph, Francis (Red), Lucy Agnes Higgins, Daniel
JAMES BERNARD LAUGHLIN B-6/25/1902 Imogene Mike & Mary Jane (Head) Laughlin W-6/16/1924 Irene
Ellen Gutschenritter D-S 9/21/1985 MCC ...graduated Conception 1921...met Irene through his cousin Jim Laughlin
who was dating her sister Mable...Mable (in pale pink) & Jim were their wedding attendants...over 200 for wedding
dinner at the bride’s home and an evening dance at the AOH Hall...settled on a farm on the NE corner of town...after
128-bought a farm south of town...1947-built a new house...retired from farming in 1960 and moved to a house on
Hwy 59
JAMES “GARY”LAUGHLIN B-2/24/1939 James & Marie Carr Laughlin Omaha, NE W-11/24/1962 Mary Eileen
“Mem” Minette Columbus, Ne D-12/19/2007 Omaha, NE F-12/23/2007 SMC Fr. Vern Smith MCC...attended St.
Patrick Academy...graduated Shenandoah High School-1957...Creighton University degree in pharmacy-1962...lived
in Omaha, Ne until moving to Shenandoah-1964...worked at Jay’s fountain while in high school, Jay’s pharmacy
while in college and later McDonald Drug in Omaha, NE...after graduation worked for Cogley Clinic-CB...1964returned to Jay Drug, became manager-1970...purchased the store-1984
JAMES LEWIS LAUGHLIN B-I 9/21/1904 James & Mary (McGinnis) Laughlin W-11/26 (28) 1934 Marie Carr,
W-2/22/1969 Stella Kellison D-1/23/1985 Omaha, NE Funeral-SPC 1/16/1985 MCC
JAMES PATRICK LAUGHLIN B-3/3/1854 Otter Creek Township, Zwingle, Jackson County Patrick & Mary
(Quinn) Laughlin W-10/10/1882 Mary Catherine McGinnis D-9/7/1943 MCC...1878-came to Imogene with capital of
$1,000...1899-0wned 140 acres 1 ½ miles NW of town...successful breeder and feeder of livestock
JAMES VINCENT LAUGHLIN B-2/14/1919 Mills County Edward F. & Elizabeth (Maher) Laughlin W-Olive
Kincaide D-7/3/1989 Fremont County F-SPC 7/7/1989 Rev. John Clarke MCC
JEROME B. LAUGHLIN B-I 10/1/1930 w-Jean D-10/5/2002 Omaha, NE F-10/7/2002 Omaha Rev. Lee Griess
Springfield Cemetery
JOHN LAUGHLIN B&D 8/30/1952 Matt & Helen (Roscoe) Laughlin MCC
JOHN EUGENE LAUGHLIN B-S 5/23/1964 Edward P. & Darlene (Howard) Laughlin W-Lanna Sue Palmer SPC
9/14/1985 D-12/23/1996 Fremont County with his nephew Johnny Shough after a car accident north of Farragut.
F-SPC 12/30/1996 Fr. John Clarke MCC...Shenandoah High School graduate-1982 ...farmer CH-Stephanie & Jordan
B/S-Janet Shough, Jim, Jeff
JOHN LEO LAUGHLIN B-I 12/22/1940 Joseph & Mary (Head) Laughlin W-Omaha, NE 6/24/1961 Jackie White
D-4/13/2014...attended St. Patrick Academy before moving with parents to Omaha, Ne...graduated Creighton Prep1959...guitarist and singer for local band Rhythm testers...worked in banking until retirement
JOHN T. LAUGHLIN B-5/20/1885 John Thomas & Mary Jane (Printy)Laughlin D-I 7/1886 MCC
JOHN THOMAS LAUGHLIN B-5/(2)9/1852 (5/2/1853) Watertown, NY Patrick & Mary (Quinn) Laughlin WMary Printy 1/28/1878 D-I 6/(1)14/1895
JOSEPH JOHN LAUGHLIN B-I 7/23/1913 Joe & Lucy Agnes (Hughes) Laughlin W-5/15/1935 Mary Head DOmaha, NE 1/17/1988 F-SPC 1/20/1988 Father John Clarke MCC
JOSEPH PATRICK LAUGHLIN B-I 1/15/1887 James & Mary (McGinnis) Laughlin W-Lucy Hughes-11/29/1913
surprising friends with their 7:30am wedding SPC D-S 12/10/1962 hospitalized 3 months F-SMC 12/13/1962 Very
Rev. Msgr. Paul F. Marasco MCC...attended rural schools...farmed 3 miles north of Imogene until 1939 then moving
to a farm by Shenandoah ...farmed until 1955 moving to 409 Harrison in Shenandoah
LANNA SUE PALMER LAUGHLIN B-7/13/1966 Clarinda Larrie & Lynette (Wellhausen) Palmer W-9/14/1985
John Laughlin SPC D-7/1/1995 Omaha, NE F-SPC 7/4/1995 MCC...graduated Shenandoah High School-1984. CHStephanie & Jordan B-Lyle
LARRY EDWARD LAUGHLIN B-RO 9/8/1954 Bud & Margaret (Knott) Laughlin D-3/17/1974 Council Bluffs FSPC 3/20/1974 Rev. Daniel Delehant & Msgr. James Mackin MCC
LEO LAUGHLIN B-2/22/1890 Mike & Mary Jane (Head) Laughlin W-2/14/1917 Marie Maher D-4/28/1932
2:30am CB Mercy Hospital MCC...fell into a fire of cobs he was burning at his home NW of Imogene on 4/19...his
hired man of 4 years, Tom Craig, found him...his body was brought back to his new home the afternoon of his death
LEO F.LAUGHLIN D-12/2/ 1949
LOUIS EDWARD LAUGHLIN B-10/12/1918 Percival Ed & Therese Laughlin W-Mary K. McDonald 6/28/1950
D-I 11/4/1981 Imogene F-SPC 11/7/1981 Rev. John Clarke MCC
LOUISE F. LAUGHLIN B-4/16/1922 E. F. & E.M. Laughlin D-8/31/1925 MCC
LUCY AGNES HUGHES LAUGHLIN B-near Imogene 7/19/1891 John & Mary (Gilmore) Hughes W-Joseph P.
Laughlin-11/29/1913 D-8/21/1966 after a lengthy illness F-SMC 8/24/1966 Rev. S. J.Hoppe; Msgr. Paul Marasco
delivered the sermon MCC ...lived on a farm near Imogene until 1938 then moving to a farm in the Shenandoah
community...moved into Shenandoah-1955

LUCY LILLIAN LAUGHLIN B-I 2/26/1903 D-S 10/5/1997 F-SPC 10/7/1997 Rev. John Clarke MCC Her mother
and a sister passed away after childbirth two days before Lucy’s first birthday. Lucy stayed with the Cain family until
she was three years old. Theresa Saner then moved into the family home to care for the nine children. She left when
Lucy was six years old. Lucy married Merlyn Lister in 1927 and Moved to Hannibal, MO until his untimely death only
four months later. She wed Frank Laughlin 6/1/1932 SPC. They lived on a farm one half mile west of Imogene. She
moved to Shenandoah in July of 1968. CH-Marty, Ann Owens
M. WILLIAM (BILL) LAUGHLIN B-I 7/5/1891 D-RO 7/20/1971 F-SPC 7/23/1971 Very Rev. Msgr. Paul F.
Marasco MCC
MAMIE M. LAUGHLIN B-I 3/21/1885 D-10/10/ 1949 Omaha, NE F –SPC 10/12/1949 Father Francis Doyle MCC
MARGARET LOUISE LAUGHLIN B-12/15/1930 Omaha, NE Francis Joseph & Grace Louis (Ingold) Knott WMichael “Bud” Laughlin 10/8/1949 St. Cecilia Cathedral-Omaha, NE D-RO 7/19/2003 F-SPC 7/22/2003 Rev.
Kenneth Gross, Rev. Donald Bruck, Rev. John Clarke MCC...raised in Omaha...graduated from South High School
CH-Larry, William, Margine Henry, Tom, Duane, Paul
MARIE MAHER LAUGHIN B-11/21/1897 Richard & Anna (Culleton) Maher W-Leo Laughlin 2/14/1917; later
wed Maurice Clark, Nick Sloan
MARIE V. CARR LAUGHLIN B-7/18/1900 Beaconsfield Patrick & Katie (Ward) Carr W-11/26(28) 1934 James
LaughlinD-8/2/1965 F-SPC 8/5/1965 Rev. F.W. Doyle MCC
MARTIN “MARTY” FRANCIS LAUGHLIN B-1/29/1935 Council Bluffs Frank & Lucy (Martin) Laughlin W7/13/1968 Margaret Stastny St.Wenceslaus Church-Omaha, Ne D-5/8/2013 Lincoln, NE F-5/13/2013 SPC Father
Tom Kunnel, Father James Kleffman, Father Ken Gross MCC...graduated St. Patrick High School – 1953...farmed the
home place half mile west of Imogene, life time member Knights of Columbus...enjoyed life to the fullest CH-Patty,
Colleen, Kathleen, Peggy Brand, Frank, Eileen Heller, Jerry, Rita, Pauline, Marie Knapp B/S-Ann Owens
MARTIN FRANCIS “RED” LAUGHLIN B-3/16/1929 Joe & Lucy Agnes (Hughes) Laughlin D-3/11/1983
MARTIN WILLIAM “BILL” “WILL” LAUGHLIN B-I 7/5/1891 Mike & Mary Jane (Head) Laughlin W-Gert
McGarry 4/1915 D-RO 7/20/1971
MARY CATHERINE McGINNIS LAUGHLIN B-7/8/(1858, 1860) 1862 County Kilkenny, Ireland Edward &
Mary (Garman, Gormley) McGinnis W-10/10/1882 James P. Laughlin D-8/8/1934 Zwingle (8/3/1834 CB)
MCC..came to US 4/21/1879 with brother Thomas on steamer Germanic...worked in NY until 1881...came to
Imogene with her brother John McGinnis and his new wife Catherine Bergan...married John’s best friend James
MARY ELIZABETH “LIZZIE” MAHER LAUGHLIN B-I 12/23/1893 W-10/30/1917 Ed F. Laughlin D-S
11/13/1968 F-11/16/1968 SPC Father John Cunningham MCC
MARY ELLEN LAUGHLIN-Sister Mary Loretta, RSM B-4/8/1894 Mike & Mary Jane (Head) Laughlin, D2/28/1958...1st SPA graduation class-1911...professed 6/15/1913...silver jubilee 2/2/1941
MARY FRANCES HEAD LAUGHLIN B-I 7/11 (12)/1915 Dan & (Mary) Carrie (Saner) Head D-Omaha,NE
2/7/2005 F-SPC 2/12/2005 Rev. Ken Gross MCC
MARY F. FELD LAUGHLIN B-10/14/1940 Ernest & Mary Alice (Collison) Feld Rockwell City W-11/28/1964 Ed
Lee Laughlin at Rockwell City D-1/2/2009 DM. F-1/7/2009 SPC Fr. Ken Gross MCC...her mother passed away when
Mary was less than a month old...Margaret Taylor later married Mary’s father and 10 more children were added to
the family...Rockwell City High school-1959...studied at Mankato Commercial College...comptometer at Standard
Oil-DM and Kansas City 1960-1964...moved to Imogene 1964 and worked as a receptionist for Dr. J. P. Emge in
Shenandoah until 1969
MARY GERTRUDE LAUGHLIN B-CB 6/13/1892 William James & Mary (Nansel) McGarry W-4/1915 Bill
Laughlin D-S 10/6/1981 F-SPC 10/9/1981 Rev. John Clarke MCC...member of 1st SPA graduating class-1911
MARY JANE HEAD LAUGHLIN B-1/9/1867 W-Michael Joseph Laughlin 5/22/1889 D-12/11/1956 F-SPC
12/14/1956 Father Francis W. Doyle MCC
MARY JANE PRINTY LAUGHLIN B-1/17/1856 OH Ed & Catherine (Welch, Welsh, Walsh) Printy W-1/28/1878
John T. Laughlin D-1/7/1923 MCC...attended mass on Sunday morning remarking about the beauty of the
church...lived with daughter & son-in-law-the Sweeney’s...Tuesday evening visited with her brother Mike Printy
until11pm, became ill about 1:30am...Ladies Auxiliary of the AOH attended the funeral in a body and preceded the
hearse to the cemetery
MARY LOIS LAUGHLIN B-9/28/1911 Edward P. & Theresa (O’Brien) Laughlin D-4:30pm 9/11/1923 Mercy
Hospital-CB MCC...threatened with appendicitis in late June she recovered until a second attack required an
operation from which she did not recover...Rose Head, Mildred McGinnis, Martha Doyle, Catherine Maher, Helen
Maher and Helen Sweeney carried flowers for the funeral and the children of the Academy formed an honor guard
down the church aisle as the white casket entered and left the church
MARY LUCILLE LAUGHLIN B-6/17/1921 Jens & Kathryn (Andersen) Sorensen-AudobonW-1/26/1944 William
Louis Laughlin D-S 11/22/2012 F-1/26/2012 SMC Fr. Vern Smith MCC...graduated Atlantic High School...nurses

training-Mercy School of Nursing in Council Bluffs...nursed at Red Oak Hospital...Elm heights-Shenandoah CHThomas, Michael, Elizabeth Engelmeyer, Rick, Steven B/S-Lorene Sorenson, Ronald Sorenson
MATTHEW JOHN LAUGHLIN B-3/28/1914 Percival Ed P. & Theresa (O’Brien) Laughlin W-SMC Helen Roscoe
6/2/1938 D-7/26/1971 Emerson F-SPC-7/29/1971 Father Michael Hess MCC
MICHAEL JOSEPH LAUGHLIN B-3/19/1855 Otter Creek Township, Zwingle, Jackson County W-Mary Jane
Head 5/22/1889 by Father Hayes D-9/20/1921 7:30pm after a year’s illness with neuritis and stomach problems
OLIVE ANN KINCAIDE LAUGHLIN B-3/7/1917 Wayne County, IA Charles & Bertha Kincade W-3/7/1936 Carl
Mullin at the Christian Parsonage in Corydon W-Vincent Laughlin D-5/9/2004 Oak Ridge, TN F-MCC 5/19/2004
Rev. Karen Bash...graduated from Sewal Consolidated School in 1935...lived in Iowa until 1946 at which time the
family moved to Nebraska...October 1958 she returned to a farm in Iowa to be a caregiver and homemaker for the
three young children of J. Vincent Laughlin...moved to Oak Ridge, TN in March 1990 after the death of her husband.
CH-Ramona Halburnt, Shirley White, Kenneth Step/CH-Vincent, Vicki Kelly, Mary Vannoy B/S-Joy McKee, Bonnie
Bettis, two half-brothers and two half-sisters
PAUL JOSEPH LAUGHLIN B-4/16/1936 Joseph & Mary (Head) Laughlin D-6/4/2000
RALPH MARTIN LAUGHLIN B-I 2/12/1917 Bill & Gert (McGarry) Laughlin D-3/30/1988 F-SPC 4/4/1988 Rev.
John Clarke MCC
STELLA MAY LAUGHLIN B-5/14/1907 Hamburg William B & Gertie (Khuns) Kellison W-Norman Whisler
12/1927, James Laughlin 2/1969 D-S 1/4/2001...attended rural schools in Fremont County. CH-Billy, Elaine Leiting,
Step/CH Gary & Pat Laughlin B/S-Francis , Leona Hildebrand, Vera Smith, preceded by three brothers and three
TERESA MARY LAUGHLIN B-I 12/31/1900 James & Mary (McGinnis) Laughlin D-S 3/13/1995 F-SPC
3/16/1995 Rev. John Clarke MCC...attended St. Patrick Academy...graduated from St. Francis School in Council
Bluffs-1919...after graduation she lived in Omaha, NE where she was employed for many years as a civilian employee
at Strategic Air Command in Bellevue, NE.
THERESA (C) H. LAUGHLIN B-2/24/1884 D-11/6/1954 MCC
THOMAS WILLIAM LAUGHLIN B-5/11/1948 Billy Lou & Lucille (Sorenson) Laughlin W-Jean Lynn D5/5/2004 Hillsboro, OH from injuries sustained in a car wreck on 2/3/2004
VINCENT GERAARD PATRICK LAUGHLIN B-RO 1/1/1957 D-1/14/2003 Cook, Ne F-1/18/2003 St. Paulinus
Church-Syracuse, NE Father Michael Stec MCC
WILLIAM LOUIS LAUGHLIN-B-I 7/20 (21)/1920 Bill & Gertrude (McGarry) Laughlin D-I 10/2/ 1978 F-SPC
10/5/1978 Fr. Albert Wilwerding MCC
WILLIAM MARK LAUGHLIN B-S 2/3/1958 Bud & Margaret (Knott) Laughlin D-8/11/1974 Council Bluffs F-SPC
8/14/1974 Rev. Daniel Delehant & Msgr. James Mackin MCC
MARY LAWLESS B-11/3/1859 Patrick & Alice (McHugh) Lawless D-9/28/1879 19y10m25d originally buried in
the Monroe Township Cemetery until Mount Calvary Cemetery was opened
THOMAS JOHN LAWLESS B-Greeley, NE D-9pm 1/14/1899 6y6m14d MTC diphtheria...buried the next day at
GEORGE LAWRENCE Imogene depot agent
AUGUSTUS LEABO enlisted in the Civil war 7/4/1861...wounded in the arm at Pea ridge 3/1862
E.A. LEABO-He was a merchant in Imogene. B-Fremont County 11/19/1859 W-6/5/1880 Elizabeth Russell of
MO...spent his youth on a farm...age of 18 he taught one term of school...settled in Imogene-December 1879
EILEEN (ILEENE) MORGAN LEACH B-Indiana John Morgan D-12/14/1928 age 38
HORACE “SHORTY” EDWIN LEACH B-I 3/16/1925 Fay & Ileene Morgan Leach W-Evelyn Van Eman
5/28/1947 Parkersburg, IA D-6/21/1994 Omaha, Ne
GLENN FLETCHER LEACOX B-I 1/16/1895 W-1/2/1917 Coon Rapids Juanita Brammer D-9/20/1957
AGNES “HOLLY” JOHANNA SANER LEAHY B-Mike & Johanna (Sweeney) Saner W-Art Leahy 10/11/1915 St.
Patrick Academy Chapel D-5/29/1980
ALICE CATHERINE McGINNIS LEAHY B-I 1/26/1907 Edward & Mary (Lynch) McGinnis W-1/3/1940 Edward
Leahy St. Mary Church RO D-4/26/1996 Omaha, NE F-SPC 4/30/1996 Rev. William Leahy, SJ MCC...graduated St.
Patrick High School-1926...continued her education at normal college in Red Oak and Creston...taught in Imogene
rural schools and the Imogene Public School from 1926-1940...They farmed near Imogene. CH-Mary, Thomas,
Frank, Ann Maher, Rev. William, S.J., Robert, Ellen B/S-Arthur, Edward, Louis, Millie Hughes, Faustina McGinnis,
Marcella Ryan, John
ALTON D. LEAHY B-I 1/10/1895 D-S 10/13/1978 F-10/16/1978 Rev. William Leahy, Rev. Albert Wilwerding MCC
ANNA MULLEN LEAHY B-7/11/1909 New York, NY W-George Leahy 2/14/1957 at Holy Cross Church Omaha,
NE D-5/10/1995 Omaha F-SPC 5/13/1995 MCC...orphaned as a young child in New York...came to central Nebraska

on an orphan train where she was raised by John and Sarah Mullen...graduated St. Mary High School-Grand
Island...later moved to Omaha, NE...employed as a secretary in several different civil service agencies...made their
home on a farm outside of Imogene...after George’s death, moved to Omaha, NE-1983. Ch-Jane Waterworth
ARTHUR FRANCIS LEAHY B-7/30/1893 William & Margaret (Dempsey) Leahy W-Agnes “Holly” Saner
10/11/1915 St. Patrick Academy Chapel
BERNADINE JOSEPHINE LEAHY B-1/13/1909 Paxton, MN Herbert & Margaret (Neubauer) Kline W-SMC
5/27/1944 John Leahy after several years of dating D-8/9/2002 Omaha, Ne F-SMC 8/13/2002 Rev. Donald Bruck
RHC... graduated high school-Pine River, MN...worked Henry Field’s-Shenandoah...later provided home health care
in Minneapolis...returned to work as a secretary at Henry Field’s...met her future husband at a church dance...when
children were grown, she returned to work at Henry Field’s CH-David, Herbert, Richard B/S-Florence. Lida,
Madeline Williams, Franklin
CATHERINE CRONIN LEAHY W-Jeremiah Leahy Killarney, Ireland...came to the US during the potato famine
DAVID F. LEAHY B-I 6/7/1898 David & Mary Loretta Hughes Leahy W-11/8/1927 Myrtle Wilmson Sioux Falls,
SD, D-9/1965 Sioux Falls, SD
EDWARD WILLIAM LEAHY B-I 11/4/1900 William & Margaret (Dempsey) Leahy W-SMC-RO 1/3/1940 Alice
McGinnis D-9/27/1976 Omaha, NE F-SPC 9/30/1976 Rev. Daniel Delehant MCC
EUGENE ANTHONY LEAHY-B-near I 5/8/1929 Art & Holly (Saner) Leahy D- 1/18/2000 F-1/22/1000 St. Ceilia
Cathedral-Omaha Burial-forest Lawn Cemetery-Omaha...attended St. Patrick Academy 1935-1943...
lawyer and municipal judge in Nebraska 1964-1968...Mayor of Omaha, NE 1969-1973...1969-annual Imogene 4th of
July celebration replaced by Gene Leahy Day...Gene Leahy Mall is a 10-acre urban playground connecting a
revitalized downtown Omaha with riverfront development. Since the concept for the area came about during Leahy's
term as mayor, it was named the Gene Leahy Mall.
GEORGE LEO JOSEPH LEAHY B-I 4/17/1902 William & Margaret (Dempsey) Leahy W-I 1/8/1949 Mabel
McCowan W-Holy Cross Church-Omaha 2/14/1957 Anna Mullen D-4/6/1982 Omaha, NE F-SPC 4/9/1982 Rev.
John Clarke MCC
JAMES A. LEAHY, SR B-4/7/1927 D 5/29/1986
JEREMIAH LEAHY W-Catherine Cronin Killarney, Ireland...came to the US during the potato famine CHJeremiah, Ellen, Mary, Michael, Daniel, Margaret, Patrick & David
JEREMIAH “JERRY” H. LEAHY B-8/31/1831 Killarney, Ireland W-MA 7/5/1858 Margaret Sullivan D5/29/1889 58y9m27d after being kicked in the chest by a horse...moved to Cascade then to a farm 2 miles west of
Imogene in 1880 MCC
JOHN LEAHY B-9/7/1855 Jeremiah & Margaret Sullivan Leahy D-11/8/1886 accidental gunshot wound
JOHN ALTON DAVID LEAHY B-I 1/10/1895 William & Margaret (Dempsey) Leahy W-4/17/1917 Zwingle Rose
Higgins with Ellen Leahy & William Higgins as attendants D-S 10/13/1978...originally made their home on the M.W.
Head farm 3 miles SW of Imogene
JOHN H. LEAHY D-11/8/1886 age 31y2m1d MCC
JOHN HENRY LEAHY B-I 3/12/1899 William & Margaret (Dempsey) Leahy W-SMC 5/27/1944 Bernadine Kline
D-S 4/14/1981 F-SMC 4/17/1981 Rev. Bernard Gottner MCC...met Bernadine at a church dance...St. Patrick
Academy...1973-retired from farming
JOSEPH LESTER LEAHY B-I 8/17/1911 William & Margaret (Dempsey) Leahy W-Claire Graham D-Omaha, NE
LOUIS MICHAEL LEAHY B-I 6/21/1905 William & Margaret (Dempsey) Leahy D-9/9/1935 polio MCC
MABEL A. McCOWAN LEAHY B-1915 W-I George Leahy 1/8/1949 D-1950 MCC
MARGARET SULLIVAN LEAHY W-MA 7/5/1858 Jeremiah Leahy D-5/11/1892 after a two year illness MCC
MARY ALICE LEAHY B-Omaha 10/27/1940 Edward & Alice (McGinnis) Leahy D-Glenwood 3/14/2014 Funeral
SPC 3/19/2-14 Fr/ William Leahy, SJ, Fr. Tom Kunnel, Fr. Vern Smith MCC B/S-Bob, Tom, Frank, Ann Maher, Fr.
William Leahy, Ellen
MAY MARGARET “MAGGIE” MARIE DEMPSEY LEAHY B-Brsadford, IL 7/18/1867 Mike & Catherine
(Driscoll) Dempsey D-9/6/1956 F-9/8/1956 Fr. Doyle MCC
PAUL JEREMIAH LEAHY B-I 4/8/1908 William A. & Margaret (Dempsey) Leahy W-2/27/1975 Ruth Bright
Wallin SPC D-8/13/1995 Omaha, NE F-SPC 8/17/1995 Rev. John Clarke MCC...graduated from St. Patrick
Academy-1926...served in the Army from 2/14/42-11/25/45 receiving the Bronze Star...farmed until the mid 60’s
when he began working for Central Surveys until his retirement in 1984. B/S-Arthur, Alton, Irene Saner, Ellen
Sweeney, John, Edward, George, Louis, Evelyn Lockwood, Mary Zens, Joseph
ROSE C. HIGGINS LEAHY-B-1888 Zwingle Mr. & Mrs. Gene Higgins W-4/17/1917 John Alton Leahy ...met him
while she was in Imogene as the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Ed Sweeney D-Mercy Hospital-CB 3/27/ 1922 F-3/29/1922
MCC...Died after a ten month illness with TB caused by measles affecting her lungs...her husband, his father Will
Leahy and his brother Art Leahy had been at her bedside during the morning...they left at noon to eat and were

greatly surprised she had passed away at 12:30pm before they returned. CH-Leo, Donald and Mary Rose who was
only 17 months old when her mother died time B/S-Will Higgins of Zwingle
RUTH ANNA BRYTE WALLIN LEAHY B-S 11/17/1909 W-I 2/27/1975 Paul Leahy D-S 7/30/1989 F-SPC
8/2/1989 Rev. John Clarke MCC
WILLIAM A. LEAHY B-Temple Hill 6/1/1870 Jeremiah H. & Margaret Sullivan Leahy W-SPC 9/20/1892 May
Margaret “Maggie” Marie Dempsey with Anna Dempsey & David Leahy as the attendants D-9/9/1945 MCC
WILLIAM MICHAEL LEAHY B-I 7/7/1922 d-7/31/1979 Omaha, NE
FATHER WILLIAM P. LEAHY, S. J. B-Omaha, NE 7/16/1948 Edward & Alice (McGinnis) Leahy, entered the
Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus in 1967...from 1973-1975 he taught at Campion High School...ordained on
June 9, 1978 at St. John Church in Omaha, NE...June 11, 1978, Father Leahy celebrated the Eucharist of
Thanksgiving on the occasion of his ordination at St. Patrick Church in Imogene...1985-joined the history
department of Marquette University becoming a tenured professor six years later...July of 1991, he became Executive
Vice-President of Marquette University...on 7/31/1996, he became the 25th President of Boston College
BRIDGET DEVINE LEE B-Ireland 3/7/1844 W-Monmouth, IL John Lee D-11/9/1918 stomach trouble MCC
ELIZABETH LEE B-1835 D-12/25/1924
JOHN LEE B-5/10/1830 W-Monmouth, IL Bridget Devine D-3/10/1902 of the earliest settlers of
Monroe Township...prominent citizen of Imogene died at his home finding relief from intense suffering from
rheumatism with which he was afflicted for a number of years-bedridden the last 10 years
D. P. LEFEVER-B- 1/5/1839 Gettysburg, Adams County, PA. W- Elizabeth Boggs 6/25/1857...served in Company
G, 149th Pennsylvania Infantry from August 1863 to November 1864...participated in the battles of Wilderness and
Spottsylvania....lost an arm before being discharged...went to Dickinson College and then entered the Reform
Theological Seminary in Lancaster, PA graduating 5/13/1874...after residing in Linn County, IA for one year, he was
elected principal of the Blairstown Academy...left there for Fremont County -1876...minister at the Imogene
Reformed Church in 1881
ELIZABETH BOGGS LEFEVER B-Cumberland County, PA 9/17/1841 W-D. P. Lefever 6/25/1857
ARTHUR DUANE LEIGHTY B-I 1/17/1872 Christian & Anna Marie Smilie Leighty W-1895 Mabel Kirk Malvern,
IA D-10/27/1949 Newkirk, OK
ALICE BERGEN LEONARD B-6/16/1878 W-Henry Leonard D-3/8/1950 MCC...niece of Mrs. Ed McGinnis
HENRY LEONARD B-1/27/1869 W-Alice Bergen D-5/7/1941 MCC...ran the Imogene elevator
JAMES L. LEONARD B-8/24/1902 D-12/5/1934
JOSEPH H. LEONARD B-7/11/1911 Henry & Alice (Bergen) Leonard D-7/13/1935 MCC
MARGARET MARY OWENS LETAK B-I 9/27/ 1922 W-Gene Letak D-5/10/1969 Omaha, NE F- SPC 5/13/1969
Father John E Cunningham officiating MCC
EDWARD DALE LEWIS B-S 5/18/1928 D-6/24/1987
MAGGIE LEWIS had a hotel in Imogene
BECKY GRAY LINFOR B-2/3/1955 Denzil & Jean (McGargill) Gray W-William Linfor D-omaha, NE 10/17/2004
WILLIAM LINFOR B-8/4/1947 W-Becky Gray D-10/24/1995 when a car he was working under slipped off a jack
VERN LEROY LIGHTFOOT B-4/5/1923 Locust Grove Township Lee & Hattie (Livingston) Lightfoot W-SPC
2/2/1948 Mary Laughlin D-11/21/2010 Bellevue, NE F-SMC 11/24/2010 Rev. Vern Smith MCC ...graduated Farragut
high School-1941...raised his family on a farm in Walnut Township...served on the Farragut school board-1972-1981
(President 1976-1978)...8/2010 he and his wife inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame at the Iowa State Fair...traveled to
43 of the 50 states...CH-Rita Frank, Janet Hare, Robert, Theresa Rowan, infant son B/S-Elmer, Sherman “Hap”,
Mabel Rea, Lois Anderzohn, Ruth Rima, Margie Anderson
ALFRED LISTON B-1/2/1846 D-8/29/1901 Civil War veteran
SIMON B. LISTON B-1/1/1865 W-Belle Schick D-5/24/1896
WILLIAM LIVINGSTON B-I 6/10/1883 W-Edna Critchfield 1908 Tekamah, NE D-1/20/1961 Grand Island, NE
ADAM LONG Imogene barber
MARTHA LORETTA LAUGHLIN LONGSTREET B-9/8/1909 Mike & Mary Jane (Head) Laughlin W-I
12/21/1938 Rex Longstreet D-s 12/20/2006 F-12/28/2006 Fr. Vern Smith, Rev. Stepehe Rallis...1926-St. Francis
Academy-CB, 1927-Boyles Business School graduate...May Seed manager Famous Poultry &
Hatchery...1942-secretary to President of henry Field’s...manager Longstreet insurance and real estate
REX THOMAS LONGSTREET B-Creston 2/12/1911 Charles & Bertha (Root) Longstreet W-12/21/1938 Loretta
Laughlin D-S-11/18/2000...moved to Red Oak at age 7...Coe College-2 years...Marine Corps captain 1/1943-6/1946
Finance officer Acceptance Corporation...Ben Brower Insurance & Real Estate...1949-purchased the agency...1990sold the agency...continued in real estate until 1998...inheritance tax appraiser for Page County-20 years
CHARLES WAYNE LORIMOR B-I 8/26/1915 James “Jessie” & Catherine Bateman Lorimor W-2/8/1948 Doris
Parrish-Shenandoah D-9/16/1999 Shenandoah

GEORGE LEWIS LORIMOR B-I 10/23/1912 James “Jesse” & Catherine Bateman Lorimor D-1/11/1934 Farragut
LLOYD WILLIAM LORIMOR B-I 11/4/1918 James “Jesse” & Catherine Bateman Lorimor D-6/21/2001 Farragut
RICHARD LAYTON LORIMOR B-I 9/11/1937 Willis & Gladys Bryant Lorimor D-11/10/1958 Guatemala City,
Central America
WILLIS LAYTON LORIMOR B-8/18/1909 Fremont County Monroe Township J. A. & Catherine (Bateman)
Lorimor W-8/29/1936 Gladys Bryant Wesley House-S. D-8/13/1991 Omaha, NE Funeral-United Methodist ChurchS 8/17/1991 Rev. Bob D. Davis RHC CH-Richard, Jim and Kathryn Ackerberg B/S-George, John, Joe, Harold,
Wayne, Lloyd, Elizabeth Matthews and Edith Howard.
JAMES P. LYNCH B-1880 D-1956 MCC
LIZZIE LYONS Imogene restaurant
MAME LYONS Imogene restaurant
STEVE LYTEL Imogene rural mail carrier