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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
ELLA AILEEN MADDOX B-5/11/1896 Clarence, MO D-1/21/1973 Omaha, NE F-SMC 1/15/1973 Rev. A. Gerald
Deere RHC
BRIAN JOSEPH MADISON B-9/19/1983 Duane & Karen (Gress) Madison D-3/2/1991 age 7 MCC
AGNES E. MAHER B-I 11/15/1881 Jeremiah & Ellen Berigan Maher D-2/21/1913 yellow jaundice & pneumonia
ALBERT “AL” MAHER B-9/19/1903 Fremont County D-S 5/12/1986 S F-SPC 5/15/1986 Rev. John Clarke MCC
ALICE McCARDLE MAHER B-Mike & Mary (O’Keefe) McCardle W-SPC 2/10/1915 Joseph McCardle 8am-2nd St.
Patrick Church on fire by noon
ANNA E. MAHER B-10/5/1914 Little Rock, IA John Ralph & Kate (Arends) Harms W-7/30/1948 Richard “Tony”
Maher D-S 1/22/2003 F-SPC 1/25/2003 Rev. James Kleffman MCC At a young age her family moved to
Shenandoah...worked at various nursery companies in Shenandoah and at Union Carbide in Red Oak. B/S-Helen
Lang, infant sister Lucille, Ralph, Fred, Okko, Clarence, Elmer and infant brothers Donald and Lawrence, Doris
Odem, Linora Brown
ANNA V. MAHER B-7/12/1896 (1895) D-2/25/1964 MC
BRENT MAHER (Sgt.) B-12/3/1979 Hamburg Matt the Cheryl (McGraw) Maher D-4/11/2011 Paktya Provence,
Afganistan F-4/21/2011 Thomas Jefferson High School-Council Bluffs Rev. Yvonne Marshall, Rev. Kat Montira
Garner Township Cemetery
BRIDGET DOLLIE O’CONNOR MAHER B-11/1878 Patrick & Johanna (O’Keefe) O’Connor W-2/22/1905
Thomas F. Maher D-6/25/1945 MCC
CARL JOSEPH MAHER B-3/1/1931 rural Imogene Leo Thomas & Stella Elizabeth (Laughlin) Maher W-SPC
3/30/1959 June Roenfeld D-S 5/10/2013 F-SPC 5/14/2013 Fr. Tom Kunnel & Fr. Vern Smith MCC...attended St.
Patrick Academy...US Navy-Korean War...farmed his entire life...owned & operated Standard Oil Service-Imogene
CH-Brian, Blaine B/S-Tony, Paul, Kenny, Jim, Helen Carney, Mary Dinovo, Marcella Lucas
CATHERINE CECELIA LAUGHLIN MAHER B-4/7/1858 Otter Creek Township, Jackson County W-2/1879
Patrick Maher D-11/6/1947 MCC
CATHERINE MELITTA SWEENEY MAHER B-11/5/1898 Zwingle W-Thomas Maher 2/7/1923 Assumption
Church, Sylvia, in Zwingle D-S 11/22/1994 F-SMC 11/26/1994 Rev. Michael McLaughlin MCC She was one of twelve
children born to Edward & Margaret (Laughlin) Sweeney in a log home in Washington Township Dubuque County
near Bernard...came to the Imogene area to work for her aunt Catherine Laughlin Maher-1921...lived on a farm north
of Imogene for 35 years and in Shenandoah with her daughter Evelyn for 37 years. CH-Patricia Veronica, Mary
Anderson, Evelyn, Myrtle Woosley, Thomas, Patricia, Patrick
CLARE GUTSCHENRITTER MAHER B-Lew & Mary Ann (Higgins) Gutschenritter W-10/2/1919 Ed Maher
CLARICE SLOAN MAHER B-11/30/1919 in a snowstorm in rural Imogene Nick & Ellen Sloan W-S Robert Maher
6/26/1940 D-S 4/5/2013 ...Rice country school, Shenandoah High School-1938...Earl May Seed, aide at Hand
Hospital, special nursing in the community
DONALD JOSEPH MAHER B-I 5/11/1911 Thomas & Bridget “Dolly” O’Connor Maher D-1/24/1993
DONALD W. MAHER B-I 11/13/1917 D-6/22/2003Utica, NE F-6/26/2003 St. Rose of Lima Church-Hooper, NE
MCC Fr. Jim Kleffman
DOROTHY ANNA MAHER B-12/8/1914 farmstead seven miles north of Malvern Herbert & Minnie (Leu) Howard
W-SPC 6/30/1942 Gerald Maher D-3/7/2006 RO F-3/11/2006 SPC Father Kenneth Gross MCC ...attended country
grade school...graduated from Malvern High School-1933...received her Normal Teacher Training Certificate... taught
Silver City and north of Imogene CH-Gary, Genene, Step/Ch-Geraldine Viner B/S-Vera Jabker
ED MAHER B-Tom & Dolly (O’Connor) Maher W-10/2/1929 Clare Gutschenritter
EDNA J. “PET” SKAHILL MAHER B-1898 W-SPC 11/14/1917 (10/1917) Edward C. Maher D-9/1/1984 MCC
EDNA M. HARMAN MAHER B-1/7/1884 Louis & Fredericka (Retelsdorf) Harman W-2/26/1906 Martin “Matt’
Maher D-11/24/1955 of two teenage girls who walked through the fields and streets of town collecting
money for a bell for the 2nd St. Patrick Church...the bell is the only thing saved from the church when it burned and
now hangs in the current St. Patrick Church
EDWARD CLEMENT MAHER B-5/16/1895 Jeremiah & Ellen (Berigan) Maher W-SPC 11/14/1917 (10/1917)
Edna J “Pet” Skahill 7am with Nellie Hughes & Lewis Maher-attendants D-Sidney 12/10/1968 MCC...St. Patrick
Academy graduate-1913...Fremont County sheriff
EDWARD JEREMIAH MAHER B-I 3/4/1907 Thomas & Bridget “Dolly” O’Connor Maher D-1977
ELLEN BERIGAN MAHER B-5/23/1856 Abraham & Bridget (Hogan) Berigan W-CB 2/7/1877 Jeremiah H.
Maher D-3/15/1935 MCC

ELLEN “NELLIE” E. McGARRY MAHER B-7/12/1887 William & Mary (Nansel) McGarry W-8/28/1912
Jeremiah Maher D-6/29/1938 MCC
ELLEN MARIE MAHER B-I 1/3/1918 Joseph & Alice (McCardle) Maher D-S 1/17/1995 F-SMC 1/19/1995 Rev.
Michael McLaughlin RHC...graduated St. Patrick Academy...worked for Earl May Seed & Nursery in the office until
1942 when she took a job in Chicago, IL as a reservationist for the Burlington RR...retired-1977 and moved to
Shenandoah B/S Vincent “Benny”, Elaine, Geraldine Leahy, Virginia Connell, Robert
EMMETT LEO MAHER B-I 7/6/1902 Pat & Mary (Culleton) Maher D-8/7/1975 Omaha, NE F-SPC 8/11/1975 Rev.
Daniel Delehant MCC
EVELYN BERNICE MAHER B-I 1/25/1928 Thomas Patrick & Catherine (Sweeney) Maher D-S-5/1/2012 FKirsch Funeral Chapel 5/12/2012 MCC ...graduated St. Patrick High School-1946...attended college-1 year...certified
CAN, CMA and pharmacy tech...worked in purchasing at a hospital over 35 years...Montgomery Wards...B/S-Patricia
Veonica, Mary Anderson, Myrtle Woosley, Thomas, Patrick
FRANCIS “FRANK” L. MAHER B-I 10/15/1915 Jerry & Nellie (McGarry) Maher W-Wilma Coy D-1/14/1976
Hamburg F-SPC 1/17/1976 Rev. Daniel Delehant MCC...Imogene grocery store
GERALD J. MAHER B-12/20/1910 Pat & Mary (Culleton) Maher W-Minnie Ryan, W-Dorothy Howard
D-9/29/1975 MCC
GRACE J. MAHER B-1909 D-1909 MCC
HELEN HORTON MAHER B-2/15/1929 W-Donald Maher D-3/31/1994
IDA L.CAHILL MAHER B-8/25/1896 Michael & Maria (Rogers) Cahill W-William Lewis Maher D-1976 MCC
JAMES “JIM” G. MAHER B-9/14/1928 Leo & Stella (Laughlin) Maher D-10/5/2001
JAMES LOWELL MAHER B-8/7/1945 Huntington Park, CA Joseph Edward & Norma Irene (Holmes) Maher WSPC 11/16/1968 Ann Leahy D-4/9/2011 Essex MCC...early age moved from California to the family farm NW of
Essex...started school at Pierce Center Country School...8th grade started in the Essex Community School systemgraduated high school – 1963...enlisted in the US Navy 7/1963; honorably discharged 1966...part-time farming with
his father-1969...worked various carpentry jobs until starting at Eaton Corporation-1972...retired from Eaton’s
2/2009 after 37 years of employment CH-Kathleen Sgourakis, Pat, Shannon Dorton, Sarah
Cpl. JARROD LEE MAHER B-RO 10/31/1983 Kevin Lee & Jacque Deanna (Wiesen) Maher D-11/12/2004 Abu
Ghraib, Iraq F-11/20/2004 Shenandoah High School Rev. Ken Gross MCC...lived on a farm near
Imogene...graduated from Shenandoah High School-2002...while in high school, he worked for Dave Spangler at the
Shenandoah Cemetery Department...headed to Camp Pendleton, CA for boot camp in June 2002. B/S-Tyler, Nick,
JEREMIAH MAHER B-Matt & Edna (Harmon) Maher W-9/7/1927 Mabel Gutschenritter
JEREMIAH “JERRY” F. MAHER B-12/7/1879 Patrick & Catherine (Laughlin) Maher W-8/28/1912 Ellen
“Nellie” E. McGarry D-4/11/1954 MCC
JEREMIAH “JERRY” H. MAHER B-8/15/1846 (48) Baurnafea, County Kilkenny, Ireland Martin & Elizabeth
Brophy Maher W-CB 2/7/1877 Ellen Berigan D-I 2/16/1921 4 (4:30) pm at his country home half mile east of
Imogene after a lingering illness of two years-hardening of the arteries...his last illness came rather suddenly...
MCC... sailed from Liverpool, England...came to this country on 11/20/1871 Port of New York living first in

Dubuque, IA and then in Imogene since 1879...owned 800 acres of good farm land around Imogene, besides town
property. He has been a resident of this vicinity for forty years...twelve children...Ruth died 27 years ago at the age of
3 months. Agnes died 8 years ago at the age of 31 years. Besides the mother, the following are left to mourn the loss
of a loving father, Thomas F. Maher, Mrs. Martin Anderson, Martin H. Maher, Mrs. Thomas J. Horrigan, Bernard
Maher, Lewis Maher and Harold all of Imogene and Mrs. D.W. Cashin of Chicago, Ill., Joseph Maher and Clement
Maher all were present at the funeral. He also left 31 grandchildren.
There were 12 children in his father’s family, five brothers and six sisters all of whom are dead except two sisters,
Alice McCardle and Mrs. Catherine Farrel who still live in Ireland. The funeral was held at St. Patrick Church in
Imogene, Saturday, Feb. 19 at 9 o’clock. Requiem high mass was celebrated by Father Hayes who had been a near
and dear friend to him for 32 years. He picked his own pallbearers before he passed away. They were Mike McCardle,
Patrick Maher, Richard Maher, J.F. Maher, Jerry Doyle and Ed McGinnis. His funeral was one of the largest ever
held in Imogene.
JEREMIAH L. MAHER B-1906 Martin & Edna Maher D-1960 MCC
JOHN LEWIS MAHER B-7/29/1922 Lew Maher D-8/8/1969
JOSEPH MAHER B-12/8/1891 Pat & C. C. Maher D-12/25/1891 MCC
JOSEPH EDWARD MAHER B-6/3/1915 farm Mills County Martin & Edna (Harman) Maher W-7/6/1943 Long
Beach, CA Norma Holmes D-11/7/2003...age 15 moved to a farm north of essex...1937-entered the Navy...Page
County Maintenance Dept. 1954-1970...Eaton’s until 1980

JOSEPH J. MAHER B-I 2/25/1892 Jerry & Ellen (Berigan) Maher W-SPC 8am 2/10/1915 Alice McCardle-last
wedding held in the 1892 church;fire started near noon and church burned to the ground by nightfall D-12/13/1962
JUNE GRETCHEN MAHER B-Pacific Junction 10/1/1928 W-SPC 3/30/1959 Carl Maher D-S 9/9/2014 F-SPC
9/15/2014 Fr. Tom Kunnel, Fr. Vern Smith MCC ...grew up in Mineola...graduated Silver City High of
first persons hired at Union Carbide Factory in Red Oak CH-Brian, Blaine B/S-Mike, Paul, Albert, Milton
KENNETH LEO MAHER B-I 11/16/1934 Leo & Stella (Laughlin) Maher W-Lois Taylor 3/18/1960 Omaha, NE D-S
2/25/1994 F-SPC 2/28/1994 Rev. John Clarke MCC...farmed all of his life in the Imogene area CH-Judy Williams,
Debbie Biggers, Steven, Kevin B/S-Tony, Paul, Carl & Jim Maher, Marcella Lucas, Helen Carney, Mary Dinovo
LEO THOMAS MAHER B-7/10/1900 Richard & Annie (Culleton) Maher W-10/5/1920 Stella Laughlin
D-8/11/1960 MCC
LEWIS MAHER B-6/28/1897 D-3/1972
LOIS ARLENE MAHER B-Hawleyville 11/21/1932 Lloyd Avery & Sylvia Pearl (Hankins) Taylor W-3/18/1960
Kenneth Leo Maher D-S-7/28/2014 MCC...lived in Clarinda, Randolph and Red Oak...lived in Essex until
1961...moved to family farm east of Imogene...moved to Shenandoah-1995 CH-Judy Williams, Debbie Biggers, Kevin,
Steve B/S-Eldon, Ivan, Thelma Walker, Norma Tull
MABEL GUTSCHENRITTER MAHER B-4/21/1906 Joseph & Mary (Walsh) Gutschenritter W-9/7/1927
Jeremiah MaherD-7/16/1983
MABEL ELIZABETH FOUTCH MAHER B-I 6/7/1895 William & Bridie (Skahill) Foutch W-8am SPC 9/3/1913
Father Waldron officiating D-7/16/1983 Creston F-SPC 7/19/1988 Rev. John Clarke MCC
MADGE LOUISE MAHER B-I 7/28/1910 Edward & Hannah Anastasia (Foley) Martin farm east of Imogene WPatrick Maher SPC 4/4/1951 D-RO 2/26/2008 F-SPC 2/29/2008 Father Ken Gross MCC...Goff country
school...Shenandoah High School graduate-1928...graduated Omaha business school-1929...cared for parents and an
uncle until their deaths...moved from the farm 9/2007 CH-Marty B/S-Mabel Anderson, Nellie Gleason, Edna
MARIE “RUTHIE” MAHER B-I 2/2/1908 Martin Henry (Matt) & Edna Marie (Harman) Maher D-S 3/4/2002
F-SMC 3/7/2002 MCC...attended schools in Strahan and St. Patrick Academy...worked as a telephone operator in
Imogene for a short time...was called to work for two weeks at the Earl May Seed and Nursery Company during the
spring busy season and retired from the company after 45 years as head of the mail order department B/S-Jeremiah,
Herbert, Martin, Clement, Helen Head, Joe, Louise Franks, Monica Graves
MARIE T. LEAHY MAHER B-2/5/1926 Art & Holly (Saner) Leahy W-Paul Maher D-6/26/1977 F-6/28/1977 St.
Thomas More-Omaha Burial Holy Sepulchre
MARTHA M. MAHER B-2/12/1914 Randolph Bernard L. & Agnes M (Smith) Slater W-SPC 8/26/1933 Albert
Maher D-S 3/21/2000 F-SPC 3/24/2000 Rev. Donald Bruck MCC...attended St. Patrick High School...graduated Mt.
St. Scholastica in Atchison, KS-class of 1931...L.P. N. employed at Elm Heights Care Center for many years. CHTerry, Joyce Van de Water, Richard, Dean, Carol Ann Gutschenritter, Janice Vrbsky, Nancy Maher B/S Monica Fiala,
Donald, Bernie E.
MARTIN H. “MATT” MAHER B-10/23/1885 (1883) Jerry & Ellen (Berigan) Maher W-2/26/1906 Edna Harman
D-8/15/1954 MCC
MARTIN HENRY MAHER B-11/7/1911 Matt & Edna (Harman) Maher...entered WWII 1/9/1943
MARY MAHER B-1866 D-1943 MCC
MARY AGNES (MAE) MAHER B-rural I 5/2/1906 Patrick & Mary (Culleton) Maher D-3/1/1985 rural I F-SPC3/4/1985 Rev. John Clarke MCC
MARY BRIDGET MAHER B-6/24/1914 Bernard D-9/21/1916 stomach trouble MCC
MATTHEW “MATT” MAHER B-RO 4/16/1958 Francis Louis & Wilma (Coy) Maher W-Cheryl McGraw W-Sue
Paul 1/20/1996 D-10/1/2001 Omaha, NE F-SPC 10/4/2001 Rev. James Kleffman at St. Patrick
Academy and the Farragut School system...farmed for Ed Laughlin...worked for Kenny Bruce Construction and
farmed...started M&M Construction Company and then was employed at Excel Construction in Omaha, NE CHBrent, Greg Step-CH-Kara Paul, Kristin Paul B/S-Roger, Michael, Bob, Bill, Duane, Jerry, Doug, David, Pat
Connelly, Mary Morton, Denise Childers, Sandra Bugg
MICHAEL FRANCIS “MICK” MAHER B-CB 3/28/1942 Francis & Wilma (Coy) Maher W-Mary Jo Hinkle-1965,
Maggie Waters-1987 D-RO 2/19/2010 F-SPC 2/22/2006 Fr.Ken Gross MCC...raised on farm north of
Imogene...attended St. Patrick Academy...farmed...operated heavy equipment for Leonard Nelson, Don Cashatt and
Homer Focht...retired Montgomery County Roads Department CH-Michelle Faxon, Lisa Weak, Tony, Shari
Chleborad B/S-Roger, Matt, Mary Beth Morton, Patricia Connelly, Robert, William, Duane, Denise, Jerry, Doug,
Sandy Bugg, David
MICHAEL PAUL MAHER B-11/23/1921 Leo & Stella (Laughlin) Maher W-Marie Leahy D-4/8/1993
MINNIE C. RYAN MAHER B-1913 W-Gerald Maher D-1939 MCC
NORMA IRENE HOLMES MAHER B-9/12/1913 Fred & Ida (Setterburg) Holmes W-7/6/1943 Joseph Maher
Long Beach, CA D-2/11/1996 MCC...Douglas Aircraft-CA

PATRICIA V. MAHER B-12/1/1923 D-11/30/1934MCC
PATRICK MAHER B-Kilkenny, Ireland 4/8/1855 W-2/1879 Catherine Laughlin D-I 3/27/1914 5:30am...left
Liverpool, England and came to this country at New York on 11/23/1869 at age 14...settled Jackson County...came to
Imogene in spring of 1879...lived on farm 3 ½ miles north of Imogene until 1911 when the family moved into
Imogene...had been in poor health for several years but was in town on Tuesday, took seriously ill that night and
passed away on Friday...was smiling as a June day...He leaves a widow, one son Jerry Maher; three daughters: Mrs.

Michael Martin, Mary and Anna Maher; a brother Thomas Maher and many relatives and friends. Mr. Maher was of a
sunny disposition and the high regard in which he was held was evidenced by the large number who came to the
funeral services. Funeral services were held Sunday morning in St. Patrick's Church, conducted by the Rev. Father
Hayes. MCC
PATRICK MAHER B-12/4/1883 D-8/20/1884 MCC
PATRICK MAHER B-8/20/1886 D-1/20/1887 MCC
PATRICK THOMAS MAHER B-8/22/1914 Mills County Jerry & Nellie (McGarry) Maher W-SPC 4/4/1951 Madge
Martin D-4/3/1989 Page County F-SPC 4/5/1989 Rev. John Clarke MCC...parish trustee
R.(RICHARD) BERNARD MAHER B-I 8/26/1887 Jerry & Ellen (Berigan) Maher W-SPC 8am 9/3/1913 Mabel
Foutch...attendant’s-Lettie Keenan & Joe Maher D-4/22/1978 (1977) Creston MCC...retired farmer and carpenter,
died Saturday, at the age of 90 at the Creston Manor, Creston, Iowa, where he and his wife Mabel had moved a
month ago to be near their son Bernard and family. “Services HELD SMC, Shenandoah, with the Rev. Gerald Deere
officiating...Dennis Sonderman- lector...Bearers -George Edwin Claypool, Michael Claypool, Dennis Gilmore, David
Kuhl, Wayne Kuhl, Jeffrey Maher, Stephen Walsh and Timothey Walsh. Mrs. Joe Hebenstreit and Mrs. Bernard
Slater were in charge of memorial registration and spiritual bouquets. Ushers were John Davey and Joe Maher.
Organist was Mrs. Gage Parker. A rosary was recited Sunday evening at the Jennings Chapel. Surviving in addition
to his wife are one son, Bernard J. Maher, Creston, Iowa; four daughters, Mrs. Dolores
Claypool, Denver, Colorado ; Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh, Des Moines, Iowa; Mrs. Florence Kuhl, Dyersville, Iowa; Mrs.
Margaret Gilmore, Boulder, Colorado, 20 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his
parents, three children, two great grandchildren and eleven brothers and sisters.”
RICHARD ALBERT MAHER B-9/19/1903 Fremont County Richard & Annie (Culleton) Maher W-6/26/1933 SPC
Martha Slater D-S 5/12/1986
RICHARD ANTHONY “TONY” MAHER B-I 5/17/1928 Leo & Stella (Laughlin) Maher W-Sidney 7/30/1948
Anna Harms D-S 12/27/1990 F-SPC 12/31/1990 Rev. John Clarke MCC
RICHARD JEREMIAH MAHER B-3/25/1872 Kilkenny, Ireland W-I 1/8/1895 Annie Culleton D-11/15/1930
ROBERT EUGENE MAHER B-CB 6/28/1947 Frank & Wilma (Coy) Maher W-10/11/1969 Ann Burkhiser W4/11/1992 Jeanne Fitzgerald D-10/15/2014 Laurie, MO Funeral-I 10/20/2014 Fr. Thomas Kunnel MCC...Union
School...farmed with his dad then continued with dairy/farming in the Corning/Bedford area for many years...milk
hauler in Missouri for 0ver 20 years
ROBERT JOSEPH MAHER B-I 5/25/1916 Joseph Jeremiah & Alice (McCardle) Maher W-Clarice Sloan
6/26/1940 SMC D-1/9/1998 Hamburg F-SMC 1/12/1998 Fr. Donald Bruck, Fr. John Clarke RHC...raised on a farm
near Imogene... graduated St. Patrick Academy-1932...postal worker for 35 years-as a window clerk, city and rural
mail carrier CH-Robert, Kathleen Rydberg, Barbara Moers, Mary Knop, Tom, Jacque Nicholas, Paula Brown,
Michael B/S-Ellen Marie, Virginia Connell, Dorothy, Vincent (Benny), Geraldine Leahy
STELLA (ESTELLA) ELIZABETH LAUGHLIN MAHER B-I 5/9/1896 Mike & Mary Jane (Head) Laughlin W10/5/1920 Leo Maher D-CB 10/4/1970 F- SPC 10/7/1970 Reverend James Stessman MCC
TERRENCE “TERRY” LEON MAHER B-S 10/30/1946 Albert & Martha (Slater) Maher D-1/3/1999 Fremont
County F-SPC 1/6/1999 Rev. John Clarke MCC...graduated Shenandoah High School-1964...moved to Norfolk, VA
after graduation ...returned home in 1965 to farm B/S-Richard, Dean, Carol Ann Gutschenritter, Janice Vrbsky,
Joyce Van de Water, Nancy Maher
THOMAS MAHER B-1844 D-4/20/1916 after a lingering illness of many years at the home of Mrs. Pat
Maher...made his home there for several years
THOMAS F. MAHER B-4/ 11 /1878 Jerry & Ellen (Berigan) Maher W-2/22/1905 Bridget “Dollie” O’Connor
D-6/2/1955 MCC
THOMAS PATRICK MAHER B-I 1/6/1900 Patrick & Mary (Culleton) Maher W-2/7/1923 Assumption Church,
Sylvia in Zwingle Catherine Sweeney D-I 1/4/1976 I F-SPC 1/7/1976 Rev. Daniel Delehant & Rev. Gerald Deere
VINCENT L. “BENNY” MAHER B-1/2/1920 Joe Maher D-2/20/1959
WILLIAM LEWIS MAHER B-I 6/28/1897 Jerry & Ellen (Berigan) Maher W-Ida Cahill D-S 3/29/1972 F-SPC
4/1/1972 Father Gordon Gittens MCC

WILMA ROSE MAHER B-11/25/1921 Cherry Creek, NE Roy & Philomena (Adcock) Coy W-SPC Louis “Francis”
Maher 6/3/1941 D-3/21/2010 F-SPC 4/6/2010 Rev. Ken Gross, Rev. James Kleffman moved to
Randolph when she was 7...graduated Randolph High School...received her teacher certification at Peru State
Teacher’s College and taught country school for one year...moved from the farm to Imogene -1966...owned and
operated a general store there for 12 years CH-Roger, Matthew, Michael, Mary Morton, Patricia Connelly, Robert,
William, Duane, Denise Donnelly, Jerry, Doug, Sandy Bugg, David B/S-Leroy, Tom
DENNIS MAHONEY-B-1832 County Cork, Ireland W-Mary Connell 1859...age 19 came to Portland, CT...After 7
years moved to Illinois and remained there until 1869 when he moved to Fremont County, IA...settled section 26 at
Farragut...had 150 acres of land, a house, barn and orchard of 1881 their children were: Mary, Daniel,
Dennis, John, Michael, David, Ella and an unnamed infant that was deceased.
JOHN MAHONEY B-Farragut 1875 D-10/2/1906 catarrhal jaundice F-10/5/1906 Hibernians attended as a body
and escorted john to his final resting place MCC...sick along time but did not complain...two weeks before death took
stock to St. Louis...helped load the hogs onto the train while he was damp, no fire in the caboose and he caught a
heavy cold, by the time he got to St. Louis he was so sick that the doctor told him to return to Imogene as quickly as
possible-he never rallied...lived most of his life with his aunt and uncle at Imogene...worked in the stock business
with Mr. Berigan
MARY CONNELL MAHONEY W-1859 Dennis Mahoney
MARY ANN MAHONEY B-Lowell, MA 1839 W-Michael Mahoney D-5/28/1902 MCC...nephew John lived with
them until his death
MICHAEL MAHONEY B-1830 County Cork, Ireland W-1867 Dubuque County, IA Mary Ann D-10/22/1909
MCC...1855-Portland, CT... 1860-Monmouth, IL...1864-Utica,IL...1869-Imogene, IA...had been in ill health for some
time...enjoyed playing practical jokes Sentinel Post-October 26, 1909 Imogene, Saturday, Oct 23. - Mike Mahoney
died in his bed Friday morning. As the night was opening into day he gently passed away - possibly died
unconsciously. Mrs. Mary Connors, who kept house for him, looked into his room soon after she arose, as was her
custom, and saw him gently sleeping, apparently. A little later she entered again and found him dead, but still warm.
With his arm across his breast he had quit life without a struggle and without pain. His troubles all were over, his
weary feet at rest, his palsied tongue was silent, his heart would beat no more. The evening before he ate a hearty
supper of oysters and retired in his usual health. He did not know it would be his last sleep. Perhaps he did not care,
for he was old and alone, and longer life was little worthwhile to him. His age was 83 and he was so feeble of mind
and body that he had not been down town for a year. So his death was not a surprise except for its suddenness. But
his last days were comfortable and contented -- he had plenty to keep him while he lived. He was one of the earliest
settlers of this community. He was a typical Irishman, in name, in looks, in habits and although he left his native Isle
more than fifty years ago he retained in large measure the characteristics of his race. Uneducated, he could not read
or write, he yet possessed much of that ready, racy Irish wit that has made the world laugh. It was Mike who, when he
heard a physician explain the balancing power of nature, how if one eye is lost the other becomes stronger, said "I
believe it's so, for l have noticed that when a mon has one short leg, the other leg is generally longer!" Mike was a
great humorist in his odd way and always playing practical jokes on his friends, under the most solemn mien. You
never knew where he'd break out next. He and his wife would often engage in fierce quarrels when you'd think
something dreadful would happen, but it was never serious--it was a part of the conjugal felicity. They enjoyed it. It
was child's play. She died some six or seven years ago. They had no children, but his nephew, John Mahoney, lived
with them and was son and heir to them till he died three years ago. So the old man was all alone until his death
summoned two brothers, Pat from Alexis, Ill., and Dennis from Hartwell, Nebraska--both prosperous farmers. They
arrived today and the funeral is fixed for tomorrow at 10 o'clock at St. Patrick's church and there will be many sighs
of regret at the passing of quaint Mike Mahoney. Pat Mahoney of Alexis, ILL, brought with him his daughter, Mrs.
Bright, and Dennis Mahoney was accompanied by his son.
EVA MARIE NORMAN MALLOY B-9/14/1901 Lone Elm, KS W-SPC 10/7/1919 Raymond E. Malloy D12/14/1975 Hamburg F-SMC-12/17/1975 Rev. Gerald Deere MCC...charming Anderson woman...carried an armful of
bridal roses at her breakfast served at the home of the groom’s parents in Red Oak...happy couple
departed on the 2:30pm train for Omaha for a wedding trip to Nebraska to visit relatives
FRANCIS P. MALLOY B-Ray & Eva (Norman) Malloy D-2/27/1929 as an infant MCC
LEAH M. MALLOY B-1/6/1896 Fremont County W-1/1921 William B. Malloy D-12/9/1986 Nebraska City, NE FSPC 12/12/1986 Rev. John Clarke MCC
MYRTLE WILLIAM MALLOY B-1879 W-William F. Malloy-Crawford, County D-S 3/20/1957 MCC
RAYMOND E. MALLOY B-1898 William & Myrtle (William) Malloy W-SPC 10/7/1919 Eva Marie Norman ...
Regina Rogers (in lavender) & Will Malloy – attendants D-Nebraska City, NE 2/8/1961 in the
work of the young people at the church...farmed 2 miles south of Imogene
TOM MALLOY owned a hotel in Imogene just south of where the Emerald Isle is today
WILLIAM BERNARD MALLOY B-11/8/1895 W. F. & Myrtle (William) Malloy W-1/1921 Leah Wood D10/17/1960 MCC...Iowa Pvt. 163 Depot Brigade WWI

WILLIAM F. MALLOY W-Myrtle William in Crawford County D-4/2/1946
JOHN WILSON MALMBERG B-I 5/14/1933 Ivan J. & Ruth (Perkins) Malmberg, Essex High School-1951, US
Army 1951-1953, moved to Nodaway farm with his mother in 1976 shortly after the death of his father, repaired farm
equipment, raised chickens and sold eggs...April 1999 tornado destroyed a barn with 500 chickens...D12/5/2014...Burial-Essex Cemetery
C. F. MALONE Imogene mayor 1886-1887
ALICE CLAIRE MARTIN B-6/2/1921 Underwood Charles & Mary Agnes (Daley) Caster W-Patrick Martin
6/25/1952 D-12/15/2006 Council Bluffs F-SPC 12/19/2006 Father Dan Kirby MCC...graduated from Underwood
High School and Ottumwa Heights College...took classes at Creighton and UNO...taught elementary school in
Corning, Underwood and Crescent prior to her marriage...met her future husband at a dance at St. Patrick Hall in
Neola...they farmed near Imogene CH-Leo, Paul, Mary Fischer, Barbara Lundgren, Katie Daly, Carl, Mark B/SRobert, Mary Ann Finn, Helen Madsen, Charles, John, Sarah, Marci
ANGELA (ANGELIA) MARTIN B-2/24/1904 Dominick & Ann (Hughes) Martin D-2/24/1904 at birth; buried in
the arms of her mother who died in childbirth...twin Margaret survived MCC
ANN HUGHES MARTIN B-1866 Temple Hill, Jones County Thomas & Catherine (Dailey) Hughes W-SPC
2/6/1895 D-2/24/1904 during childbirth MCC...buried with infant Angela in her was quarantined at
the time
ANNA MARTIN B-12/3/1900 Dominick & Ann (Hughes) Martin D-12/30/1921 nervous affliction MCC...twin of
BRIDGET A. DUFF MARTIN B-9/8/1836 Armstrong County, PA W-S 1882 William S. Martin D-10/12/1907
heart trouble MCC
CATHERINE MARTIN (Sister Eunan, OP)-B-2/13/1897 northeast of Imogene Dominick & Ann Hughes D7/1/1978...her mother passed away after childbirth when Catherine was seven leaving seven children - the oldest
being eight years old...entered the Dominicans 4/12/1921...was an elementary school teacher in South Carolina,
Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Wisconsin and Illinois...celebrated her Silver Jubilee in 1946...retired from teaching
because of a degenerative nerve in the eye that caused vision loss...studied Braille at the Commission for the Blind in
Des Moines and her efforts were noted in an article in the Des Moines Register...later taught Braille at the Dominican
Education Center...played violin in a 20-member string ensemble
CATHERINE AGNES “KATY” ‘KATIE” MAHER MARTIN B-I 7/24/1881 Patrick & Catherine (Laughlin)
Maher D-I 5/15/1955 F- SPC 5/17/1955 Father F. W. Doyle MCC
DOMINIC “DEE” L. MARTIN B-CB 8/14/1940 John & Fannie (Dempsey) Martin D-I 8/4/2001 F-SPC 9/9/2001
Father James Kleffman MCC...graduated St. Patrick High School-1958...worked at Central Surveys until he went to
flight school...was a warrant officer in Vietnam 1970-1971...flew Cobra helicopters CH-Tim, Jennifer Degase,
Step/CH-Joel & Jeff Courtier B/S-Gerard, Mary Anne Johnson, Mike, John, Janie Brannen, Tony, Therese
DOMINIC LOUIS MARTIN B-I 12/3/1900 Dominick & Ann (Hughes) Martin D-S 2/24/1975 F-SPC 2/27/1975
Rev. Daniel Delehant MCC...twin Anna...farmed the homeplace
DOMINIC S. MARTIN B-Tony & Terrie (Canova) MartinD-1/19/2010 MCC
DOMINICK MARTIN B-4/1860 Mount Cashel, County Roscommon, Ireland W-SPC 9am 2/6/1895 Ann
Hughes...ceremony followed by a dinner for the old folks at the home of the bride’s brought one of the
worst blizzards Imogene has ever ball for the young folks that evening postponed until February 11th
D-8:20 7/28/1940 blood clots in heart, kidney trouble F-7/31/1940 Fr. W. A. Coughlin of Shenandoah celebrant
MCC...came to Malvern at age 23 and farmed for 7 years...worked at St. Petersburg, NE for 4 years...settled in
Imogene-1894...had to be both mother and father to his 8 children ages 8 and younger when his wife died in 1904
with one twin daughter during childbirth
EDNA (E )F. MARTIN B-1904 Edward & Hannah (Foley) Martin D-1941 MCC
EDWARD MARTIN B-8/29/1867 Roscommon County, Ireland W-7/12/1900 Hannah Foley Catholic ChurchCarson D-11/6/1960 D-11/6/1960 F-SPC 11/9/1960 Rev. F. W. Doyle MCC
EDWARD MARTIN B-Michael Martin W SPC-8/6/1947 Esther Anderson...farmed near Imogene and ran a dairy
farm...1976-moved to Pierce, NE
EDWARD JAMES MARTIN 5/13/1927 D-8/18/1951...Killed in action in Korea.
EDWARD V. MARTIN B-9/19/1896 Petersburg, NE W-Mary Catherine Ramaekers D-S 12/10/1970 F-SMC Msgr.
Paul Marasco 12/12/1970 RHC
ELDON LEROY MARTIN B-I 9/8/1926 James & Helen Robb Martin W-Margaret Conner 12/25/1952
D-12/24/2008 Broomfield, CO
ESTHER ANDERSON MARTIN B-7/29/1927 Coin Arthur V & Ruby (Hatch) Anderson W-SPC 8/6/1947 Edward
J. Martin D-7/16/2001 Pierce, Ne F-7/19/2001 St. Joseph Church burial St. Joseph Cemetery-Pierce...graduated
Coin High School...All state Iowa girl’s basketball...lived on a dairy farm at Imogene after marriage...1976-moved to
Pierce...worked for Agri King retiring-1993

FRANCES JANE MARTIN B-I 8/21/1914 Michael & Anna (Saner) Dempsey W-SPC 6/19/1939 John Thomas
Martin D-I 11/1/2012 F-11/5/2012 SPC Fr. Tom Kunnel MCC...graduated St. Patrick Academy...took care of church
linens and flowers...taught CCD...played the church organ...received a Papal Award in 1997 CH-Dee, Gerard, Mary
Anne Johnson, Mike, John, Janie Brannen, Tony, Therese Sunderman B/S-Mary Dempsey, Monica O’Connor,
Michael Dempsey, Jim Skahill
GERARD MARTIN B-9/1/1952 John & Fannie (Dempsey) Martin D-9/1/1952 MCC
HANNAH ANASTASIA FOLEY MARTIN B-3/1/1875 Fayette County near Dubuque W-Edward Martin
7/12/1900 Carson Catholic Church D-1944 MCC
JAMES ANTHONY MARTIN B-I 7/29/1910 D-8/22/1966 Omaha, NE F-SMC 8/25/1966 Rev. S. J. Hoppe of
Tarkio, MO MCC...joined the service 3/1942...reported missing in Normandy on 6/19/1944...POW in Germany Stalag
7-B near Munich...had diphtheria while a POW...liberated 5/1945...Iowa Cpl. Co F 357 Inf WWII BSM
JAMES PAUL MARTIN B-S 12/2/1913 William & Mary Irene (Conners) Martin D-10/26/1987
JANE ANN MARTIN B-1947 Michael & Louise (Owens) Martin D-1947 MCC
JEANNE L. MARTIN B-8/3/1920 W-Joseph Martin
JERRY MICHAEL MARTIN B-1948 Michael & Louise (Owens) Martin D-1948MCC
JOHN T. MARTIN B-12/11/1895 Dominick & Ann (Hughes) Martin W-W-6/19/1939 Frances “Fannie” Dempsey
D-12/11/1957...on his 62nd birthday MCC
JOSEPH J. MARTIN B-I 1/12/1913 W-Jeanne L. D-5/9/1992 MCC
JOYCE V. MARTIN B-5/8/1928 Blair, Ne D-2/6/1984 Omaha, Ne Buried-Council Bluffs
KATIE REGAN MARTIN B-1868 W-Patrick Martin D-9/15/1913 TB
LOUISE OWENS MARTIN B-I 1/13/1926 John & Rose (Duehr) Owens W-6/24/1947 Michael Martin D7/15/1987 Lincoln, NE F-SPC 7/18/1987 Rev. John Clarke MCC
MARGARET VERONICA MARTIN-Born-2/24/1904 Dominick and Anne (Hughes) Martin at the family farm
northeast of Imogene D-S 4/22/1994 of nine children, including two sets of twins...mother and twin sister
Angela passed away the day of Margaret's birth...faced with raising eight children under the age of 9, Dominick sent
her to live with Pat & Kate Martin until suitable help could be found to care for her in the family home. When
Margaret was two, Teresa Saner came to live with the Martin family. Margaret returned home and grew under her
care until the age of five. Then her older brothers and sisters were able to help with her care. Margaret attended St.
Patrick Academy in Imogene. After her brothers and sisters married or entered the convent, she lovingly cared for
her father and brother Dominic. Margaret raised chickens and won the Chicken of Tomorrow Contest at the Des
Moines State Fair. She always had a big strawberry patch and enjoyed sharing the abundance of her garden with
family and friends. Family celebrations were not complete without her angel food cakes and cinnamon rolls. In
October of 1979, at the age of 75, she journeyed to the Living History Farms in Des Moines to attend the papal Mass
of Pope John Paul II. Shortly after returning home she caught pneumonia and her health continued to decline. B/SJohn, Dominic, Catherine (Sister Eunan, OP), Mary (Sister Isidore, OP), Martha, Anna, Lucy, and Angela
MARTHA MARTIN B-3/12/1902 Dominick & Ann (Hughes) Martin D-9/15/1902 6 months MCC
MARY MARTIN B-2/15/1921 W-Thomas P 4/23/1941
MARY AGNES MARTIN (Sister Isidore, OP) B-near NE of Imogene 7/19/1899 Domnick & Ann (Hughes)
Martin D-11/9/1984 St. Dominic Villa Dubuque F-11/12/1984 Sinsinawa, WI...entered Dominicans
8/1922...celebrated her diamond jubilee (60 years) 5/27/1984
MARY CATHERINE RAMAEKERS MARTIN B-9/2/1895 St. Bernard, NE Mathias & Elizabeth (Heimann)
Ramaekers W-Edward V. MartinD-RO 7/11/1981 F-SMC 6/13/1981 Rev. Bernard Gottner RHC
MICHAEL MARTIN- B-5/26/1876 Roscommon, Ireland D-6/22/1958 MCC...lived with brother Ed
MICHAEL JOSEPH MARTIN B-8/13/1866 County Roscommon, Ireland Roscommon, Ireland John & Bridget
(Feeley) Martin W-Catherine Maher 6/23/1909 D-I 5/9/1955 F-SPC 5/12/1955 Father Francis Doyle MCC
MICHAEL WILLIAM MARTIN B-2/2/1915 Fremont County Michael & Catherine (Maher) Martin W-SPC
6/24/1947 Louise Owens D-S 5/13/2004 F-SPC 5/17/2004 Rev. Ken Gross MCC...raised on a Fremont County
farm... attended country school CH-two infants, Connie, Karen Younts B/S-James. Joseph, Patrick, Edward,
Thomas, Gerald
NANCY ANN MARTIN B-1/24/1955 Michael & Louise (Owens) Martin D-1/24/1955 MCC
PATRICK MARTIN B-1860 W-Katie Regan D-9/5/1911 TB MCC
PATRICK LEO MARTIN B-11/8/1911 Deer Creek Township Mills County Michael & Catherine (Maher) Martin W6/25/1952 Alice Caster St. Patrick Church-Neola D-1/5/2003 CB F-1/9/2003 SPC Rev. Dan Kirby MCC...completed
12 years of education receiving his GED in 1971 the same year his oldest child graduated from high school...served in
the Navy during WWII-Panama, the Philippines and areas near Washington, D.C CH-Leo, Paul, Mary Fischer,
Barbara Lundgren, Katie Daly, Carl, Mark B/S-James, Joseph, Edward, Michael, Tommy, Gerald
THOMAS PAULMARTIN B-I 5/4/1916 W-4/23/1941 Mary D-2/2/2008 Council Bluffs MCC
VINCENT JOHN MARTIN B-3/12/1923 D-12/18/1966 F-SMC- 12/20/1966 Rev. Paul Marasco RHC

WILLIAM J. MARTIN W-Mary Conners 4/1907
WILLIAM S. MARTIN B-3/20/1835 W-S 1882 Bridget Duff D-SW of Shenandoah 1/12/1901 lung fever F-SMC Fr.
Bulger officiating MCC...moved to Randolph a year previously
RAY MATYA W-Virginia Hughes D-5/1/2004 Milan, IL car accident
DARELD EDMUND MAUER B-Dareld & Rosemary (Delehant) MauerD-9/19/1963 infant MCC
DARELD EUGENE MAUER B-CB 3/14/1930 Leslie George & Florence Bridget (Lynch) Mauer W-SPC 11/11/1954
Rosemary Delehant D-5/10/2003 Sun City West, AZ F-SPC 5/16/2003 Rev. James Kleffman MCC...1949 graduateSt. Joseph High School in Neola...served in the Koran War 1950-1951...1952-1953-owned and operated Mauer
Brother’s Skelly station...1954-1969 farmed in the Imogene area...1969-2003 owned and operated Wambolt’s Camp
Resort in Park Rapids, MN CH-infant Dareld Edmund, Jerome Eugene Kathryn, James, Karen, Joseph B/S-Donna
Rae Madole, Donald
ROSEMARY ANN DELEHANT MAUER B-I 6/3/1933 Michael Edmund & Mary Ellen (Ryan) Delehant W-SPC
Donald Eugene Mauer 11/11/1954 D-3/31/2006 Omaha, NE F-SPC 4/5/2006 Father Kenneth Gross
MCC...graduated St. Patrick High School-1951...worked at the Security Trust and Savings Bank 1951-1954...she and
her husband farmed in the Imogene area until 1969 when they purchased Wambolt’s Resort in Park Rapids, MN...ran
the resort until 2002 CH-Jerome Eugene, infant Dareld Edmund, Kathryn, James, Karen, Joseph B/S-Michael
Delehant, Joan Bruce, Rita Hurst, Patricia Erickson, Donald Delehant