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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
FRANK J.McCARDLE B-3/13/1891 D-11/30/1897 6y8m17d
FRANK J. McCARDLE B-4//28/1895 D-5/7/1973 MCC Pvt. US Army WWI
JAMES J. McCARDLEB-Deer Creek Township, Mills County D-11/2/1897 6y8m1d buried-Imogene
JOSEPH J. McCARDLE B-3/13/1891 D-11/30/1897 MCC
LEO HENRY McCARDLE B-I 4/23/1903 Michael & Mary O’Keefe McCardle W-9/16/1927 Florence Edith Cannon
Carroll, IAD-9/2/1975 Alameda, CA...heart attack
MARY McCARDLE B-10/30/1887 Mike & Mary (O’Keefe) McCardle D-10/31/1887
MARY O’KEEFE McCARDLE B-1863 County Kilkenny, Ireland W-Michael McCardle D-8/6/1919 MCC...came to
America in 1886
MICHAEL “MIKE” McCARDLE B-1856 W-Mary O’Keefe D-1941 MCC
DAN McCARTHY-As a man of 33, Dan helped build the first house in Imogene...left shortly after that for
Nebraska...1913-owned 2,700 acres of land at Spaulding, NE and owned a Florida plantation...had 15 children
JULIA McCARTHY B-9/12/1864 J. & M. McCarthy D-4/29/1890 25y7m17d MCC
EDITH GERTRUDE JOHNSON McDERMOTT B-1896 Clark County, MO W-Ralph H. McDermott D-8/8/1972
ERNEST PATRICK McDERMOTT B-7/2/1915 Fisher Township, Fremont County Ralph Henry & Edith Gertrude
(Johnson) McDermott W-11/10/1974 Viola DeWitt Stotts Omaha, NE D-S-7/28/2006F-SMC 8/1/2006 Rev. Vern
Smith MCC...attended country schools in Fremont County...graduated from Shenandoah High School-1933...ran a
dairy farm northeast of Shenandoah, worked at Henry Fields and various farms in Fremont the winter he
worked at Cudahy Packing in Omaha, NE...later he and his brother Jay farmed together until 1973...worked at the
Shenandoah Broad Street School as custodian from 1968-1981 and part-time at the Lowell Street School from 19811986...after his retirement, worked part-time as the custodian for St. Mary Church-Shenandoah. B/S-Lucille King,
Madalene Perkins, Irma Dinville, Carol Catus, James (J.R.)
JAMES RALPH “J. R.” McDERMOTT B-2/9/1922 Locust Grove Township, Fremont County Ralph Henry &
Edith Gertrude (Johnson) McDermott D-S 4/6/2007 MCC...attended St. Patrick Academy and Shenandoah public
schools...graduated Farragut High school-1940...farmhand...1-/13/1942-enlisted in the Army...MP serving with the
342nd MPEG Company...earned 4 bronze stars...honorably discharged 12/4/1945...farmed with brother Ernest...parttime sub rural route mailcarrier for Imogene...early 1970’s-Eaton’s until retirement
RALPH H. McDERMOTT B-10/20/1890 W-1914 Edith Gertrude Johnson D-4/22/1969 Clark County, MO MCC
ANN MARIE WALSH McDONALD B-6/8/1932 Missouri Valley James & Ellen (O’Rourke) Walsh W-SPCCouncil Bluffs 4/27/1955 Emmett McDonald
CATHERINE M McDONALD B-I 4/28/1896 D-S 10/1/1975 F-SPC 10/4/1975 Rev. Daniel Delehant MCC
EMMETT JOSEPH McDONALD B-I 3/21/1927 Thomas & Catherine (Maher) McDonald W- Ann Walsh SPC-CB
4/27/1955 D-3/21/2003 76th birthday F-3/25/2003 SPC Rev. James Kleffman MCC...attended country schools...
graduated from St. Patrick Academy...served in the Army from 12/4/1950-9/9/1952 serving in Korea...attended Iowa
State for a short time and then went into farming. CH-Theresa Dowd, Jerry, Pat B/S-Mary Catherine Laughlin,
Eleanor Eller, Eloise Kaiser, Jim, John
FRANCIS R. McDONALD B-10/24/1904 W-Ruth “Tudie” O’Connor D-12/26/1972 MCC
JAMES PATRICK McDONALD B-Emerson 9/4/1924 Thomas & Catherine (Maher) McDonald W-Westin to Ruth
McDonald 6/22/1955 D-RO 3/11/2014 MCC...graduated St. Patrick High School-1941...Army 1945-1946...farmer CHMichael, Thomas B/S-Emmet, John, Eloise Kaiser, Mary Kathryn McDonald, Eleanor Eller
JOHN THOMAS McDONALD B-Emerson 7/24/1929 Thomas & Catherine (Maher) McDonaldW-7/24/1970
Margaret Tourek St. Rose Church-Omaha, NE D-RO 7/3/2013 F-SPC 7/8/2013 Fr. Tom Kunnel MCC...St. Patrick
High School-1947...farmed his entire life CH-Mary Ann, Kerry, John B/S-Emmett, Eloise Kaiser, Mary Kay
Laughlin, Eleanor Eller, Jim
MARY GRACE McDONALD B-Mike & Susan (McCoppin) McDonald D-3/21/1986 infant MCC
MICHAEL JAMES McDONALD, SR. B-3/22/1956 Omaha, NE James Patrick & Ruth Mary (McDonald)
McDonald W-SPC 11/27/1981 Mary Suzanne McCoppin D-5/12/1956 rural Adams County in an auto accident on
Hwy 34 F-SPC 5/17/2008 Father Donald Bruck MCC...grew up on the family farm outside of Emerson...graduated
Nishna Valley High School-1975...farmed, raised cattle and enjoyed his dogs and horses...was Santa Claus for
neighborhood kids and those of friends CH-infant Mary Grace, Megan Kendrick, Michael, Jr., Katie B/S-Tom
RUTH A. “TUDIE” CONNERS McDONALD B-1/14/1906 W-Francis R. McDonald D-12/16/ 2000
RUTH McDONALD B-11/5/1929 Neola William & Grace (McDonald) McDonald W-Weston 6/22/1955 Jim
McDonald D-1/19/2012

THOMAS JOSEPH McDONALD B-8/25/1889 Castlewarren, Kilkenny County, Ireland W-Catherine Maher DRO 11/8/1979 F-SPC 11/10/1979 Rev. Jim McIlhon MCC
ABRAHAM JOSEPH McGARGILL B-6/8/1980 Omaha, NE George & Laurie (Inserra) McGargill D-10/24/1997
Fremont County as the result of a car accident F-SPC 10/28/1997 Rev. John Clarke MCC B/S-Ben, Clay, Dane,
ADA H. McGARGILL B-1919 W-Louis Edwin McGargill
ANN KINNEY McGARGILL B-5/8/1835 Galway County, Ireland W-John McGargill 1860 at Cascade D-2/15/1921 MCC
ANNA C. McGARGILL–B-1880 family farm two miles south of Imogene...second youngest in the family
...graduated from St. Francis Academy –CB...had a pleasing voice and sang solos at various affairs in Imogene,
Omaha, CB-secretary of the Red Cross during WWI ...was in charge of the Roll Call for December 1922...employee of
the First National Bank of Imogene-20 years...elected treasurer of the town of Imogene-1922 and was at one time
state treasurer of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Hibernian Lodge...2/26/1923 sang at the morning funeral of Miss Agnes
Gutschenritter...that afternoon worked as assistant cashier at the bank...entertained company in the evening and
then made preparations to go to Omaha the following day...About 11pm phoned Dr. T. G. O'Connor, her family
physician, to come to the home...he thought the call was about her invalid mother Eliza...when he arrived at the
home, he found Anna sitting at the kitchen table gasping for breath...she took her last breath shortly after he arrived
at the age of 43. F-SPC Fathers Troy (Imogene), Melville (Shenandoah) and Fortal (RO) MCC...Mrs. Herbert Sullivan
sang "Nearer My God to Thee" and Miss Isadore sang "Face to Face" one of Miss McGargill's favorite songs. Kate
Dempsey accompanied them. Pallbearers were Anna's six nephews - Jerome & Gerald McGargill of Omaha, Ed &
Leo McGargill of Imogene and Leo and Joe Fox of David City, NE. Other survivors included three sisters - Amy
Printy, Mattie Fox and Ida Dwark and two sisters-in-law - Fannie McGargill and Lizzie McGargill. Mrs. Kate Dailey
of Council Bluffs moved to Imogene after the funeral to care for her aunt Eliza.
CATHERINE (KATIE) DEMPSEY McGARGILL B-7/2/1883 Sidney Mike & Catherine (Driscoll) Dempsey WJoseph McGargill D-S 3/24/1976 F-SPC Rev. Daniel Delehant MCC
CATHRINE LAVERY McGARGILL B-Philadelphia, PA 6/7/1836 W-James McGargill at Cascade D-1/9/1908
CLARA McGARGILL B-Temple Hill D-3/31/1950 Omaha, Ne age 77 F-Fr. Doyle MCC...came to Imogene with her
parents as a young girl...moved to Omaha, Ne after the death of her sister Mrs. M. Printy...lived with a grand-niece
Mrs. Bruno Stropka
DELMAS McGARGILL B-3/21/1907 D-6/26/1973
DONALD L. McGARGILL B-11/20/1907 W-Martha Doyle D-Omaha, NE 7/12/1985
EDWARD McGARGILL(1881 Fremont County biography-B-Perry County, Ohio-1828...moved 1845 to Venango
County, PA...after remaining there eleven years he moved to Iowa, settling in Jones the end of nine years,
he moved to Dubuque, remaining there nine years...from Dubuque he came to Fremont County -1874.)Edward BChicago-1831...worked in a bank in Cascade, IA...when the Trappist monks established New Melleray Abbey near
Dubuque, Ed and each of his brothers gave the monks a cow to get them started...came to Imogene with Martin Head
on 3/18/1875...the McGargill and Head families lived together until they built their houses...Ed farmed...Citizen's
Bank of Imogene established-1894 only 3 months after another bank folded...Ed became the President of the bank
and also owned the grain company. W-Eliza Rogers 7/12/1864. D-1907 stroke MCC CH-(as of 1881) were William H,
Martha L, Amy C, Lewis E, Ida C and Anna L...As of that year he had 400 acres of land.
EDWARD JOSEPH McGARGILL-B-I 1/29/1903 Lou & Fannie (Saner) McGargill W-Gertrude Tragesser
9/24/1934D-S 8/25/1971 F-SPC 8/28/1971 Father Gordon Gittens MCC
ELIZABETH McGARGILL B-12/1/1874 D-11/24/1963 MCC
ELIZABETH “ELIZA” ROGERS McGARGILL B-1841 Ireland W-Edward McGargill 7/12/1864 D-6/14/1923
MCC ...came to New Orleans during a potato famine...raised in Cascade
EVELYN LEAHY McGARGILL B-1/4/1904 William & Margaret (Dempsey) Leahy W-I 2/15/1926 Leland
McGargill, W-Omaha, NE 10/5/1967 George Lockwood
FELICIA MARGARET RANDALL McGARGILL B-Rapid City, SD 5/4/1911 W-Omaha, NE 5/29/1942 Roger
FRANCES E “FANNIE” SANER McGARGILL B-I 4/12/1876 W-Louis McGargill 10/24/1900 D-1/8/1975
Omaha, NE F-SPC 1/12/1975 Father Daniel Delehant MCC
GERALD R. McGARGILL B-4/17/1905 D-10/22/1966 MCC
GERTRUDE MARIE McGARGILL B-10/31/1911 Tipton, IN Frank & Mary Amelia (Schuck) Tragesser W-Edward
McGargill 9/24/1934 St. Peter Church-Lovilla attendants-Louis McGargill & Martina Doud wedding dance at AOH
Hall...honeymooned at Century of Progress Expposition D-S 5/3/2005 F-5/7/2005 SPC Father Kenneth Gross
MCC...attended country schools in Pleasantville and Knoxville, IA...attended high school in Knoxville and nursing
school at Des Moines Mercy Hospital. moved to the farm SE of Imogene after her marriage; lived there until moving
to Shenandoah in 2000. CH-Peter, John, Matt, Paul, Mary Agnes, Marilyn Skahill, Mark, Luke, Jake, George, Sam
B/S-Katherine Kuhn and Agnes Fount

JAMES McGARGILL B-4/19/ 1826 (1825) Somerset, OH W-1855 Cathrine Lavery D-3/25/1903 12 o’clock at his
home 2 ½ miles west of Imogene MCC...had been suffering with Bright’s disease for a long time...1850-Washinton,
IA, 1885-Imogene, IA
JAMES A. McGARGILL, JR. B-8/4/1869 Jones County D-Omaha, NE 7/29/1908 appendicitis MCC
JAMES ANTHONY McGARGILL B-I 5/20/1935 D-12/13/1980 San Mateo, CA F-SPC 12/18/1980 Rev. Bernard
JEROME E. McGARGILL B-4/17/1905 D-6/28/1960 MCC
JOHANNA McGARGILL B-I 10/21/1946 Paul & Wilma (Dunn) McGargill D-1/25/2013 Omaha, NE F-SPC
1/30/2013 Fr. Vern Smith MCC...St. Patrick Academy...Farragut High School-1964...worked in Imogene Post Office
over 30 years and was Postmaster when it closed CH-Robin Kessler, Pat Swanson B/S-Jean Gray, Yvonne Chase,
Betty Pelster,Patsy Wzorek, Bill, James, Charlie,Steve
JOHN McGARGILL B-1/8/1829 Lexington, Slater Township, Perry County OH the 2nd oldest of 4 boys...when
quite young he came with his father to Jones County, IA...1870's-came to Imogene and lived on a farm 2 miles west of
town...W-Ann Kinney 1860 Cascade D-May 13, 1903 bowel trouble-only six weeks after the death of his brother
James MCC...that left only his brother Ed since their youngest brother was lost in the Civil War...John had a wife and
4 children
JOHN McGARGILL B-10/8/1861 Temple Hill, IA James & Catherine Lavery McGargill D-I 11/16/1930 Sunday
morning at home of his sister Mary McGargill in Imogene after being ill for about a year...funeral 9am Tuesday SPC.
Fr. Francis Doyle The pall bearers were James Skahill, Johnny Hughes, Will Leahy, Will Head, Ed McGinnis, and

Mike Martin...MCC...came to Imogene with parents in 1884...1885 went to Box Butte and Greeley County, NE.
where he farmed several years, later going to Lake City, Colo. where he owned mining interests. From there he went
to Oregon where he worked in the government reserve forest service. He returned to Imogene several months ago and
has been very poorly for some time. He was a man with a very happy disposition and during his long and lingering
suffering he was very patient. He is survived by one brother, Joe McGargill, of here, also two sisters, Mary, of here,
and Mrs. P. J. Conlon, of Cascade. His brother James preceded him in death. He never married.
JOSEPH McGARGILL B-1873 James & Catherine (Lavery) McGargill W-Catherine Dempsey D-1945 MCC
JOSEPH “JODY” PATRICK McGARGILL B-S 5/28/1925 Joe & Katie (Dempsey) McGargill W-SPC 5/28/1949
Betty Torpy D-1/3/1992 Omaha, NE F-SPC 1/6/1992 Rev. John Clarke MCC
KOLLEEN JOAN HUGHES McGARGILL B-Shenandoah 3/20/1966 Joseph Edward & Jackie Jean (Reed)
Hughes W-SPC 4/6/1997 Dave McGargill D-Randolph 9/11/2007 cancer F-SPC 9/15/2007 Fathers Kenneth Gross,
John Clarke, Dan Kirby, James Klefffman,Vern Smith MCC...raised rural Imogene...graduated Farragut High
School-1984...graduated Tarkio College-1988...taught Albany, MO, St. Albert Primary-CB-8 years until
5/1999...Creighton University masters in Counseling-12/1997...CH-Taylor, Paul, Emily, Morgan B/S-Kim, Kelly,
Kevin, Karla, Karoline Carnes,Kenny, Kay Durfey, Karrie, Kirk, Kris
LELAND F. McGARGILL B-1904 W-I 2/15/1926 Evelyn Leahy D-1963 MCC
LOUIS E. McGARGILL B-Dubuque 1/14/1872 Edward& Eliza (Rogers) McGargillW-10/24/1900 Fannie SanerD8/(28) 29/1908 drowned in the Nishnabotna River near Randolph...went down suddenly while swimming...body
recovered about 11pm-about five hours after the accident...son born 8 months afterwards MCC
LOUIS EDWIN McGARGILL B-4/26/1909 Louis & Frances “Fannie” Saner McGargill W-Ada D-1972 MCC
MARTHA B. DOYLE McGARGILL B-I 3/27/1910 W-Donald McGargillD-8/4/1995 Omaha, NE F-St. James
Church-Omaha 8/8/1995 MCC CH-Joan Durr, Sr. Donna McGargill, Thomas, John, Michael, Frank, Gerry
MARY AGNES McGARGILL B-1952 Edward & Gertrude (Tragesser) McGargill D-1968 car accident MCC
MARY T.(L.) McGARGILL B-10/7/1857 Temple Hill, IA James & Catherine Lavery McGargill D-I 3/1939
MCC...1880-Washinton, IA...1884-came to Imogene with her parents...died at her home in Imogene at 4 o'clock

Wednesday afternoon. She had been an invalid following a stroke of paralysis five years ago...Three nieces have
cared for their aunt during her sickness, Miss Mary McGargill, Miss Margaret McGargill and Mrs. Rose Kane, who
came from East Dubuque, Ill., in October and has been here with her sisters since that time.Funeral services will be
held at 9 o'clock Friday morning at St. Patrick's Catholic church.
MATTHEW McGARGILL B-2/21/1945 Edward & Gertrude (Tragesser) McGargill D-7/28/1990 car accident FSPC 8/1/1990 Fr. Wayne Gubbels MCC
MICHAEL LOUIS McGARGILL B-2/19/1938 San Diego, CA Donald L. & Martha H. (Doyle) McGargill D-RO
2/5/2000 F-SPC 2/8/2000 Rev. John Clark MCC...grew up in Omaha, Ne...graduated Creighton Prep-1955... owned
the Cardinal Real Estate Company in Omaha, NE...after retiring in 1996 he moved to Imogene where he purchased
an acreage that he called his “Little Taste of Ireland”...operated the Emerald Isle -1996. CH-Michael J., Christine
Suverkrubbe, Amy Lasher B/S-Maureen, Joan Durr, John, T. E. “Pat”, Sr. Donna McGargill OSM, Frank, Gerry

PAUL A. McGARGILL B-I 8/8/1906 Louis & Frances (Saner) McGargill W-4/1/1929 Wilma Dunn D-S 5/9/1985
F-SPC 5/13/1985 MCC
PAUL FRANCIS McGARGILL B-RO 1/6/1948 Edward & Gertrude (Tragesser) McGargill W-Virginia Tissue
11/13/1971 SMC-RO D-I 6/25/1995 F-SPC 6/28/1995 MCC...graduated St. John’s Seminary High School in Elkhorn,
Ne-1966...attended Rockhurst College and IWCC at Clarinda...SP4 US Army Vietnam-Purple Heart...farmed in the
Imogene and Bethesda area until 1990 when he was employed at Eaton’s in Shenandoah. B/S-Peter, John, Matt,
Mary, Marilyn Skahill, Mark, Luke, Jake, George, Sam
PETER McGARGILL B-1935 Edward & Gert (Tragesser) McGargill D-1937 drowned in a stock tank MCC
ROGER LOUIS McGARGILL B-7/9/1909 William & Elizabeth (Lyons)McGargill W-Omaha, NE 5/29/1942
Felicia Randall
WILLIAM H. McGARGILL B-5/14/1865 Dubuque County Ed D-3/1/1911 MCC
WILLIAM “WILL” PAUL McGARGILL B-12/6/1902 D-12/7/1902
WILLIAM PAUL “BILL” McGARGILL B I-4/11/1934 Paul Anthony & Wilma Mae (Dunn) McGargill D7/23/2004 Hamburg F-SPC 7/26/2004 Rev. Anthony Adibe MCC...graduated St. Patrick Academy-1952 ...served in
the US Air Force 1952-1956...worked as a forest ranger in the state of California...returned to the Imogene/ Shen area
and worked as a bartender. B/S-James, Steve Charles, Betty Pelster, Yvonne Chase, Jean Gray, Anna Robertson,
Patsy Wzorek, Johanna McGargill
WILMA M. DUNN McGARGILL B-10/(11)19/1911 Mills County Samuel & Matilda (Overstreet) Dunn D-I
1/12/1982 F-SPC 1/15/1982 Rev. John Clarke MCC
JAMES McGARRY B-Ireland 9/13/1858 w-1884 Conception, MO Mary Nansel D-Colorado Springs, CO 8/22/1936
1899-had been a businessman in Imogene 5 years...implement dealer, did horseshoeing, blacksmithing and repairing
in all branches
WILLIAM JAMES McGARRY B-I 9/10/1895 William & Mary Nansel McGarry
MARY CATHERINE (ELIZABETH) NANSEL McGARRY B-IL 11/17/1861 W-Conception, MO 1884 James
McGarry D-5/1/1922 MCC
ALLIE McGINNIS B-9/17/1883 John & Catherine (Bergen) McGinnis D-12/14/1896 age 13 MCC
ARTHUR VINCENT McGINNIS, II B-RO 11/11/1953 Arthur & Violette (Anderson) McGinnis D-12/1/2012
Clarinda F-SPC 12/6/2012 father Tom Kunnel RHC...schooled in Red Oak until 1968...graduated Shenandoah High
school -1971...Minneapolis Medical Technology School-1973...employed at Shenandoah Medical Clinic...Genuine
Parts...manager of O’Reilly’s Auto Parts-RO CH-Katharine, Connor B/S-Mary Johnson, Maureen Herzberg, Joani
CATHERINE BERGEN McGINNIS B-8/13/1853 Coalgrany Kilkenny, Ireland W-1881 John J. McGinnis D-I
DORIS McGINNIS B-3/26/1931 W-Douglas McGinnis D-10/12/1992
DOUGLAS D.McGINNIS B-5/22/1932 Bud & Mabel (Gleason) McGinnis W-Doris
EDWARD “BUD” JOSEPH McGINNIS B-I 2/4/1910 Edward Patrick & Mary (Lynch) McGinnis. W-Mabel
Gleason Conception-1931MO D-6/6/1995 Council Bluffs F-SMC 6/10/1995 MCC...farmed until 1964 when he
became an insurance agent for Physicians Mutual-retired in 1990 D-6/6/1995 Council Bluffs F-SMC 6/10/1995 Rev.
Michael McLaughlin MCC CH-Eugene, Douglas, Jerry, Mary Jo Williams, Karen Walter
EDWARD P. McGINNIS B-1882 W-1904 Mary Margaret Lynche D-1946 MCC
EMMA M. McGINNIS B-4/9/1894 (1893) Scott & Ann (Powers) Arterburn W-1/1917 St. Patrick Academy Chapel
John “Jack” McGinnis D-5/27/1970 MCC
EUGENE J. McGINNIS B-4/9/1894 D-5/27/1940
EUGENE J. McGINNIS B-Mr. & Mrs. E. J. McGinnis B-1934 D-1946 MCC
FAUSTINA DELORES McGINNIS B-I 1/29/1921 Edward & Mary (Lynche) McGinnis D-S 6/30/2011 MCC
...grew up on farms in the Imogene area...attended St. Patrick academy-family moved to Villisca...graduated from
high school there-1938...employed by Iowa Power & Light-retired 1986 B/S-John, E.J “Bud”, Louis, Arthur, Alice,
Mildred, Marcella Ryan
JOHN “JACK” A. McGINNIS B-1893 John & Catherine (Bergen) McGinnis W-St. Patrick Academy Chapel 1/1917
Emma Arterburn D-11/9/1953 heart attack MCC
JOHN ANTHONY McGINNIS B-I 4/17/1905 Edward P. & Mary Margaret Lynch McGinnis. W-Aleta Bayes
4/25/1934 D-9/2/1997 Bellevue, NE...salesman and farmer
JOHN J. McGINNIS B-1853 County Kilkenny, Ireland W-1881 Catherine Bergen D-1941 MCC
MABEL J. McGINNIS B-S 6/29/1909 D-1/8/1973 Omaha, NE F-SMC- Rev. A. Gerald Deere- MCC
MARY MARGARET LYNCHE McGINNIS – B-1/(9)19/1879 County Carlow, Ireland D-S 11/22/1974 F-SMC
11/25/1974 Rev. A .Gerald Deere MCC

MAYME T. McGINNIS B-4/11/1889 D-11/16/1990
THOMAS McGINNIS B-8/18/1853 D-1881 MCC
RACHEL C. McINTOSH B-7/10/1871 D-5/15/1969
JOHN DAVID McKEE B-11/12/1821 D-5/15/1900
MATTIE A. McKEE B-1/14/1826 D-9/15/1876
SUSAN T. McKEE B-4/17/1826 D-3/23/1877
FATHER JAMES E. McILHON B-1932 Des Moines D-8/14/1989 heart attack F-Bishop William Bullockcelebrant, Fr. Edward Kelly (homilist) DM Glendale Cemetery...Conception Seminary & Mt. St, Bernard
Seminary...ordained 1957 by Bishop E. C. Daly
GLADYS McKAY B-12/28/1915D-8/30/2007
JACK E. McKEON (McKOWN) B-9/23/1923 J. H. & E. E.McKeon D-9/26/1923 MCC
THOMAS B. McMAHON D-3/8/1887 4m10d
JOHN McMONIGAL-John served in the Civil War. He lived in Imogene for 12 years and moved to Maryville, MO
two months prior to his death in August 1910. He had been in ill health for a long time. His family asked Father
Hayes to select a marble statue while in Pietrasanta, Italy that could be used as John's tombstone. The tombstone
arrived in Imogene two days after John's family moved to Missouri. Father Hayes ended up paying for the statue and
it was placed on the grounds in front of the 2nd St. Patrick Church. The pedestal for the statue had already been
inscribed with the McMonigal name. When the third St. Patrick Church was being built, the statue and pedestal were
moved into the new church. Later, after the marble altar gates would not close properly, they were replaced by
bronze gates. One of the marble gates was cemented to the pedestal and covered all but the very top of the
McMonigal name. The statue is in the SW corner of the current church. Check the pedestal for the remnants of the
McMonigal name the next time you are in St. Patrick Church.
ALEXANDER PATRICK DEAN McNEESE B-9/25/2006 Omaha, NE Nina & Chris McNeese D-11/28/2010 car
accident Montgomery County F-SPC 12/3/2010 Rev. Caryn Pedersen MCC
MALAKI STEPHEN PAUL McNEESE B-9/16/2005 Omaha, NE Nina & Chris McNeese D-11/28/2010 car
accident Montgomery County F-SPC 12/3/2010 Rev. Caryn Pedersen MCC
LUCRETIA McPHERSON B-12/31/1826 D-3/27/1877
HOMER MEADE B-I 6/22/1892 W-Ida Davis D-6/1965 Concrete, WA
LAWRENCE E. MENSEN B-Ray Mensen & Barbara Cheney D-1961 infant MCC
ANNA C. GLEASON MERWIN B-1900 W-1929 Jack Merwin D-1981 MCC
LEON C. “JACK” MERWIN B-Campbell, MO 9/27/1897 George & Inez (Dolson) Merwin W-1929 Anna Gleason
D-6/9/1996 MCC1925-moved to Shenandoah
ROGER C. MEYER B-12/3/1924 Conception, MO John Stephen & Anna (Eickolt) Meyer W-10/6/1948 Bernice
Monnett St. Benedict Church Clyde, MO D-S 10/10/2000 F-SPC 10/13/2000 Fr. James Kleffman MCC ...served with
the US Navy 1944-1946...moved to Imogene -1951 and began farming...was a partner in Imogene Grain CH-John,
Kathy Maher, Delores Beckenbaugh, George, Marjorie, Donald, Jerry, Anita Toth B/S-Amelia, Linus, Martha Stoll,
Rita Fisher, Ursula Dunzer, Augusta Poje, Viola Ginther, Joan Runde, Herman, Stephen, Victor
WILLIAM CLEMENT MILES B-I 5/30/1913 Albert & Nona Clements Miles W-Myrtle Crossman 11/5/1938
Lawrence, SD D-7/29/1980 Sturgis, SD
FRANK MILLER owned a grocery store in Imogene
JOHN D. MILLER bought the Imogene land site from Samuel Kessler and his wife for $400 on 1/28/1864.
ROY H. MILLER Imogene depot agent
WILLIAM FRENCH MILLER B-I 5/12/1908 w-Luella Naeve D-6/10/1993 Glenwood Springs, CO
WILLIAM HARLAN MILLIGAN B-I 12/31/1869 W-1888 Emma Henderson D-1 2/31/1947 Oconto, Ne
LUCY A. MILLS B-7/11/1854 D-12/1/1906
MARK (MART) MILLS B-7/26/1856 D-5/16/1915 blacksmith
ELLEN MINAHAN B-1829 W-Timothy D-3/9/1895 MCC
TIMOTHY MINAHAN B-4/12/1830 W-Ellen D-12/5/1903 MCC
JOHN MINNICK Imogene depot agent
EMMETT MOLES W-Pearl Wankel...had a grocery store in Imogene
PEARL ELLEN WANKEL MOLES W-Emmett the late 1940’s Pearl’sdad Peter lived with the family in
Imogene...he was impatient to return to his home in Illinois s his grandson Kenneth flew him home-at the time Peter
was over 90 years old and it was his first airplane ride...he later returned to Imogene
CATHERINE McGRATH MONAGHAN B-Wexford, Ireland 8/15/1830 W-Ed Monaghan2/26/1868 D1/30/1908 Benton township buried Nebraska City, NE
ED MONAGHAN B-Carrick Cross, Ireland 5/10/1834 W-2/26/1868 Catherine McGrath D-12/19/1915...age 8-went
with parents to Dundee, Scotland...18-came to New York harbor...employed in Fall river, MA linen mill...naturalized
at Freeport, IL...came by boat to Nebraska City...commanded an ox team to Denverfor seven years enduring the

hardships and dangers ofplains life and avoiding capture by the Indians...December 1868-had cattle at Nebraska City
and selected land 3 miles SE of Percival for a farm
FRANCIS MOORE B-3/31/1842 D-12/31/1909
MALINDA MOORE B-1/8/1841 D-1/7/1910
GERALDINE LOUISE MORELOCK B-10/17/1926 rural Imogene William & Vergie (Pritchard) Gutschenritter
W-Glenn Elbert Morelock 3/30/1944 St. Mary-Shenandoah parsonageD-S 10/14/2011 F-SMC 10/25/2011 Fr. Vern
smith RHC...attended country school near Essex...graduated Shenandoah High School...LPN degree at Iowa
Western...later received her Registered Nurse degree...lived on farm south of Shenandoah...moved into Shenandoah
December 1987 CH-Max Stephen (died as an infant) Kathy Allely, Michael, Bonnie Danielson B/S-Leo, Carroll,
Delmus, Frank
GEORGE MORSE Imogene depot agent
AUGUSTA MOSIER B-2/26/1867 D-2/15/1895
ROSE MARIE MURPHY B-DM 8/6/1956 Ervin & Barbara (Benedict) Wilcoxson W-10/4/1986 Myrl Murphy
D-Omaha, NE 12/4/2009...graduated Farragut High housekeeper, security guard
STEPHEN J. NARKE B-10/15/1902 W-11/14/1932 Mary Louise McGargill D-12/10/1960 MCC
JOHN NATION(S) B-I 9/15/1893 John & Margaret Franks Nation(s) W-Minnie Hooker 12/27/1917 Clearfield, IA
D-5/14/1992 Pennington, SD
FR.MARK NEAL He was a coach and teacher of theology from 1989-2003 then resumed his studies for the
priesthood...ordained a deacon on May 20, 2005...assisted Father Gross at St. Patrick Church and St. Mary ChurchRo from May 27, 2005-August 7, 2005...then returned to his final semester of studies at Kenrick School of Theology
in St. Louis, MO...ordained for the diocese of Des Moines in June 2006.
JAMES J. NEBEL B-12/6/1928 Blair, NE Joe & Catherine Nebel John & Josephine (Stessman) Sonderman WOlive Sonderman D-10/2/1988 Omaha, NE F-SPC 10/5/1988 Rev. Gerald Stessman and Rev. Wayne Gubbels MCC
OLIVE M. NEBEL B-4/10/1928 Portsmouth W-Jim Nebel D-3/8/1979 Omaha, NE F-3/12/1979 SPC Fr. Gerald
Stessman MCC
HERMAN NEBHUT B-1829 D-10/9/1887
MARY E. NEBITT B-9/10/1872 d-7/1/1922
ALVIN NELSON W-Edna Throckmorton9/8/1909 Barnard, MO D-6/1/1953
EDNA LEOTA THROCKMORTON NELSON B-I 9/3/1890 Elmer & Nancy (Beck)Throckmorton W-Barnard,
MO 9/8/1909 Alvin Nelson D-4/4/1955 F-RLDS Church-Guilford, MO Burial-Graves Cemetery Guilford, MO
CLAUDE NESS Imogene dray service
ED NESS Imogene mail carrier
JOHN F. NESS B-12/23/1876 D-5/31/1906 Imogene rural mail carrier
ROBERT C. NESS B-3/20/1833 D-12/1/1905...mayor of Imogene 1905-1906...dray service
ROSAZETTA E. NICHOLAS B-7/19/1906 Holdridge, NE D-6/29/1990 Omaha, NE
THOMAS WESLEY NICHOLAS B-2/14/30 Fremont County Evert & Leah (Perkins) Nicholas W-11/29/1952
Verilee Bruce at St. Mary Church-RO. D-RO 12/30/1995 F-SPC 1/3/1996 Rev. John Clarke MCC...graduated Strahan
High School...farmed near Essex until 1972 when he started working at the Shenandoah Farm Supply and then S&S
Farm and Home Supply in RO...Korean Army veteran CH-Vicki Scharp, Douglas, Wesley B/S-Gladys, Jim, Evelyn
Hall, Hazel Wax
BARBARA ANN NIELSEN B-S 12/1/1947 Louis Edward & Julia Jean (Rose) W-SPC 5/13/1967 Larry Nielsen
O’Brien D-11/19/2008 F-SMC 11/22/2008 Fr. Vern Smith RHC...attended St. Patrick Academy until eighth grade...
graduated Shenandoah High School-1965...graduated from Stewart Beauty School-CB... After her marriage, lived in
Walnut, Shenandoah, Clarinda and then rural Imogene...moved to Shenandoah-2006...worked at Henry Field’s
Nursery, operator at Northwestern Bell in Shenandoah and at Central Surveys CH-Troy
LARRY DEAN NIELSEN B-4/23/1947 Council Bluffs D-4/8/1990 Council Bluffs F-SMC 4/11/1990 Rev. Wayne
Gubbels RHC
LARS NIELSON B-4/1/1861 D-2/6/1903
LAVERA NYE Imogene phone operator