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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
HARRIETTE CATHERINE SPRENKLE OAKES B-I 10/22/1889 Jesse Peter & Annie Elizabeth Trobough
Sprenkle W-Blue Hill, NE 10/27/1907 Emmett Alvin Oakes D-4/19/1938 Omaha, NE...1900-Elm Creek, NE...1921Fremont, NE...1926-Council Bluffs, IA...1934-Omaha, NE
AMANDA OATIS B-I 11/6/1882W-John Oatis 9/6/1903 D-S 3/6/1969 MTC
JOHN W. OATIS B-6/8/1870 Barrington, IL W-Amanda Addy 9/6/1903 D-S 2/13/1953 MTC
ROBERT OATIS B-5/20/1836 D-5/31/1889
BRIDGET QUINN O’BRIEN B-4/7/1850 Dundee, Scotland W-6/21 (22)/ 1869 Matthew O’Brien D-2/15/1908
11:35am tumor of the brain...sick since last part of November F-SMC Fathers Roach, John (Shen.), Coraher-David
City...1869-came to Fremont County with her parents
ELIZABETH “BABE” O’BRIEN B-I 11/3/1913 Robert Roy & Blanche Leona (Black) Trenholm W-SMC 1/19/1935
Eugene O’Brien D-12/3/2001 Council Bluffs F-SPC 12/6/2001 Rev. James Kleffman MCC...attended St. Patrick
Academy...graduated Imogene Public High School...lived her entire life in Imogene CH-Patricia B/S-Georgianna
Doyle, Beatrice Patterson
EUGENE MATTHEW O’BRIEN B-I 10/16/1910 Matthew & Genevieve (Kennedy) O’Brien W-SMC 1/19/1935
Elizabeth Trenholm D-10/12/1993 Fremont County F-SPC 10/15/1993 Rev. John Clarke MCC...farmed his entire
working life CH-Patricia B/S -Mary Genevieve, John, Maurice, Louis, William, Robert, Ambrose, Gerald Ch-Patricia
GENEVIEVE KENNEDY O’BRIEN B-1/5/1885 W. J. & Catherine (O’Brien) Kennedy W-4/25/1906 Matthew
O’Brien D-7/11/1966 MCC
GERALD JOSEPH “IRISH” O’BRIEN B-12/9/1912 Fremont County Matthew & Genevieve (Kennedy) O’Brien
D-11/17/2003 Fremont County F-SMC 11/21/2003 Rev. Donald Bruck MCC...attended Rice and Sunnyslope schools
...graduated from Shenandoah High School-1930...US Army 1942-1943...farmed the remainder of his life B/S-Mary,
John, Eugene, Ambrose, Robert, Maurice, Bill, Louis
LOUIS E. O’BRIEN B-12/5/1917 rural I Matthew & Genevieve (Kennedy) O’Brien W-SMC 12/4/1946 Jean Rose DS 9/30/2011 F-SPC Rev. Thomas Kunnell MCC 10/3/2011 ...lived in Imogene & Shenandoah areas...attended Rice &
Shenandoah schools...farmed near Imogene...worked for Page County ASCS in Clarinda-over 17 years...compliance
supervisor for 12 county offices of the State of Iowa-4 years... CH-Barbara Ann Nielsen B/S-Mary, John, Bill, Eugene,
Ambrose, Gerald, Robert, Maurice
MARY O’BRIEN W-Michael O’Brien D-10/1909...on the way to the cemetery, the team ran away, threw the body
out and smashed the hearse
MATT O’BRIEN B-Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland 9/26/1836...came to Canada with his parents when
young...remained there until 1867 when he came to the America and settled near Payne, IA...was connected with the
railroad for many years...later farmed and raised stock...had 11 children of which 3 died in infancy-John, Charles of
Hamburg, Mrs. T.P. Gilmore of Missouri Valley, Mrs. John Head and Matt O'Brien of Imogene, James of Omaha,
Mrs. Otto Wirth of Nebraska City, and Mrs. E. P. Laughlin of Percival...retired from farming-1906 and moved to
Nebraska City...daughter kept house for him until her 1914 marriage when he moved back to the home place to live
with the couple D-10/9/1921 F-SMC-Nebraska City
MATTHEW EUGENE O’BRIEN B-12/3/1881 Matt & Bridget (Quinn) O’Brien W-4/25/1906 Genevieve Kennedy
D-1/18/1966 MCC
MAURICE O’BRIEN D-7/19 St. Catherine Hospital-Omaha, NE...little son of the Matt O’Brien’s...burial was from
the home of Mrs. O’Brien’s parents Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Kennedy on Sunday afternoon at 2pm...everything possible was
done in the hope that the little life might be spared but in vain and the dear little son and brother, God loved him and
took him back to heaven from when he so lately came, while he leaves a never to be filled vacancy in the hearts of the
little family circle
PATRICIA LOUISE O’BRIEN B-3/17/1936 Lou & Liz (Trenholm) O’Brien D-4/13/1957 F-4/15/1957 Fr. Doyle
THOMAS ROBERT O’BRIEN B-8/14/1921 Fremont County Matt & Genevieve (Kennedy) O’Brien D-5/18/1996
Dubuque F-SMC 5/21/1996 Rev. Michael McLaughlin MCC...graduated Shenandoah High School...taught country
schools in Fremont County for two years before serving in the US Navy during WWII...graduated from the University
of Iowa before working for A. Y. McDonald Co. in Dubuque until his retirement B/S-John, Maurice, Eugene, Mary,
William, Ambrose, Gerald, Louis
ANASTASIA O’CONNOR B-5/30/1876 D-7/8/1951 MCC
BRIDGET HORRIGAN O’CONNOR B-1844 Thomas Horrigan W-1866 Thomas O’Connor D-1/6/1924 MCC
DANIEL EDWARD O’CONNOR B-Fremont County 1884 Patrick O’Connor D-RO 4/17/1930 MCC
DORA O’CONNOR D-4/13/1998
ELLEN NELLIE O’CONNOR B-I 7/9/1891 D-S 10/2/1969 F-SMC 10/14/1969 Rev. Monsignor Paul F. Marasco
officiating MCC

JAMES “GREG” O’CONNOR B-S 5/9/1944 Frank & Monica (Dempsey) O’Connor D-1/25/1997 Omaha, Ne FHoly Cross Church Omaha, NE Rev. Charles F. Swanson Calvary Cemetery-Omaha
JAMES P. O’CONNOR B-5/7/1903 D-10/29/1958 Los Angeles, CA F-10/31/1958 MCC
JAMES PATRICK O’CONNOR B-1887 D-10/22/1902 15y10m MCC
JOHANNA KEEFE O’CONNOR B-1853 County Cork, Ireland Dan Keefe W-Patrick “Patsy” O’Connor 1875 St.
Francis Xavier Church-CB by Father Bernard McMenomy D-2/4/1925 infirmities of old age MCC...came with her
parents at the age of two to Sodridge, Canada...1860-family came to the United States and settled in Clinton,
Iowa...she remembered the rally when Abraham Lincoln was elected President...her father worked for the railroads
and gradually, as the tracks were built, moved westward until they settled at Glenwood...1870-she and her sister went
to Council Bluffs where she was employed in various homes...cook and housekeeper at Trappist cattle ranch NW of
present day Imogene...legend has it that this tiny woman wasted no words when the “cowhands” would come back to
the bunkhouse, tracking in mud and leaving dirty handprints on the whitewashed walls in the stairway... member of
the Altar Society since it started over 40 years before her death...casket decorated with spirituals instead of flowers. her home, in a corner on a closet shelf, three generations later, members of the family found her small, pearlhandled pistol – a memento from her days on the cattle ranch...Johanna was the second oldest in a family of
ten...except for a sister, Mary Malloy of Galveston, TX, no other information about her siblings is available
JOHN F. O’CONNOR B-Mills County 1876 Patrick O’Connor D-7/1905 cancer of the liver age 28 MCC
JOHN FRANCIS “FRANK J.” O’CONNOR B-9/12/1906 Thomas & Maggie (O’Keefe) O’Connor W-SPC 1/3/1934
Monica Dempsey D-1965 MCC
JOSEPH M. O’CONNOR B-1880 Patrick & Johanna (O’Keefe) O’Connor D-12/1/1958 MCC...lived the last 16 years
of his life with his sister Nellie
JULI ANNE O’CONNOR B-12/18/1961 Thomas & Karen “Kay” Rima O’Connor D-12/19/1961 MCC
MARGARET O’KEEFE (KEEFE) O’CONNOR B-I 10/6/1871 W-4/1900 Thomas O’Connor D-Omaha, NE
4/21/1918 MCC...horribly burned at her home at noon on Friday 4/12 while burning rubbish when her clothing was
entirely burned from her body and she was burned from head to foot...a veil of deep mourning was cast over the
community when the sad news went forth that Margaret had died...fortified by the sacraments of the holy church
with her purgatory of pain on earth borne resignedly for a week, tended to the Master as a penance for human
frailties, she passed to her reward...besides her stricken husband she left 8 children
MICHAEL T. O’CONNOR B-8/28/1870 (1876) Cass County, NE Thomas & Bridget (Horrigan) O’Connor
D-6/29 (30) 1941 MCC
MONICA CATHERINE O’CONNOR-B-I 1/1/1909 Michael & Anna (Saner) Dempsey W-Frank O’Connor
1/30/1934 SPC D-8/24/1996 Omaha, NE F-SPC 8/27/1996 Fr. John Clarke, Father Jim Scholz, MCC...after
attending St. Francis School in Council Bluffs and St. Angela’s Academy in Carroll, graduated St. Patrick High School
in Imogene...after farming near Imogene for 21 years, the couple moved to Imogene where Monica was employed at
Skahill Hardware and Grocery...she eventually bought the store from her brother and operated O’Connor Grocery
until 1964...around the age of 56, she lost her husband to cancer and began a new career at Berning Café in
Shenandoah retiring 22 years later...died of a heart attack after suffering injuries in a tragic car accident at 42 nd &
Oak in Omaha, NE
PATRICK (PATSY) O’CONNOR B-County Cork, Ireland 1843 W- Johanna Keefe 1875 St. Francis Xavier ChurchCB D-11/27/1898 cancer/dropsy of the heart MCC.. came with his family to America in the mid-1800s and found
employment along with other Irish immigrants hired to build the railroad. The Cistercian (Trappist) monks at Our
Lady of New Melleray Abbey near Dubuque purchased cattle-grazing land north of the present site of
Imogene. Herds were fattened and shipped to Chicago to feed a nation engaged in a Civil War. Patrick was hired as
overseer of the ranch. Seven years later, in 1877, they purchased a farm two miles northwest of Imogene where they
lived for fourteen years, then moved to the “family home” west of Imogene where they lived until their deaths...Patsy
had one brother and three sisters: Thomas (wife Bridget), Ellen (husband Boyle), Mary (husband John O’Connor),
and Ann (husband Horrigan). Their children were Thomas (“Tommy O), married to Margaret (Maggie) O’Keefe of
Kilkenny, Ireland; Bridget (Dolly), married to Thomas F. Maher; Joseph (Joe); Daniel (Dan); and Ellen (Nellie O).
Tommy O’s children were Mary (Pet), married to Lyle Torpy; James; Dora, married to John McLaren; John Francis
(Frank), married to Monica Dempsey; Florence, married to Richard (Dick) Schneider; Agnes, married to Donald
(Don) Ryan; Paul, married to Hazel Forbes; and Louise, married to John Anderson
PAUL A. O’CONNOR B-1913 D-1982 MCC
SARAH ANN O’CONNOR (Sr. Vera RSM) B-farm SW of Imogene 5/26/1936 Frank and Monica O’Connor...
named Sarah Ann and nicknamed Sally...attended St. Patrick Catholic School in Imogene, graduating with the class
of 1954...1957 graduated from Mercy Hospital School Nursing in Council Bluffs, IA, (RN) and in 1958 she committed
her life to the Sisters of Mercy, choosing Vera as her religious name. Sister Vera attended the College of St. Mary in
Omaha, NE (BSN), and Catholic University, Washington, DC (MSN). She served Mercy Hospital, Denver, CO, Mercy
Hospital and the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Des Moines, IA, and was Administrator at Mercy Care Center,
Omaha. She served as President of the Sisters of Mercy, Omaha Regional Community 1986-1990. After 1990 Sister

Vera worked in Mercy Housing Services and as Regional Services Coordinator, Mercy Services Corp. She died on
9/18/2003, at her home in Omaha, NE, of an apparent heart attack.
THOMAS O’CONNOR B-1837 T. O’Connor W-1866 Bridget Horrigan D-4/18/1902 face cancer of the
earliest settlers in the Imogene area...1899-owned 320 acres, farmer, cattleman
THOMAS O’CONNOR W-2/17/1903 Anna Cain
(Dr.) THOMAS GRIFFIN O’CONNOR B-Chicago, IL 9/16/1871 James O’Connor W-1906 Anna D-3/6/1923
pneumonia MCC
THOMAS M. O’CONNOR B-6/9/1875 W-4/1900 Margaret Keefe (O’Keefe)D-11/2/1937
THOMAS MICHAEL O’CONNOR B-8/16/1937 Frank & Monica (Dempsey) O’Connor W-Karen Rima D2/27/1962 car accident in a snow storm MCC Korean vet 1950-1953
ALPHONSUS PHILIP O’DOWD B-1899 W-CB 2/1939 Anna Margaret Gutschenritter...both 39
ANNA GOLLOBITH O’DOWD B-1872 W-Peter O’Dowd D-8/16/1944 MCC
GILBERT J. O’DOWD B-Wakonda, SD 11/18/1908 Peter W-Mildred McGinnis D-1968 MCC
MILDRED M. McGINNIS O’DOWD (Hughes) B-6/7/1912 W-Gilbert O’Dowd, George Hughes MCC
PETER GILBERT O’DOWD B-1872 W-Mildred McGlone, Anna Gollobith D-3/30/1937 MCC
ANNA DEMPSEY OTTE B-12/26/1868 Lombardsville, Stark County, IL Michael & Catherine (Driscoll) Dempsey
W-I 4/1889 George Otte D-Omaha, NE 7/8/1968 MCC
DONALD LOUIS OTTE B-9/11/1930 D-5/17/2006 MCC
GEORGE W. OTTE B-Sidney W-I 4/1899 Anna Dempsey D-young age of a heart attack
HUBERT OTTE B-5/4/1902 George
JOHN OTTE-attended St. Patrick Academy until 1916... student Director of the Creighton University Band from
1920-1923...after his 1923 graduation, he became Director of the band...worked in the band instrument department
of Schmoller & Mueller Piano Company in Omaha...played the French horn and trumpet in the Omaha Symphony
Orchestra, the Omaha Philharmonic Orchestra, the Elks Band, the Council Bluffs Municipal Band, the American
Legion Band and Nordin’s Band.
LEO OTTE B-7/3/1905 George
ANNA OWENS (Sr. Benigna) B-Frank & Margaret (Busse) Owens D-10/31/1924 7am age 24 of heart disease and
TB...attended school in Clyde and entered the convent four years before her death...teacher at Benedictine
Convent...funeral and burial in Clyde, MO
DONALD LOUIS OWENS B-I 9/11/1930 John William & Rose Susanna (Duehr) Owens W-12/2/1950 Wanetta
Thompson RO D-5/17/2006 Tabor F-SPC 5/20/2006 MCC...graduated from Imogene High School-1949...worked at
Union Carbide in RO where he met his wife...1951-moved to Council Bluffs...worked briefly for the Union Pacific
Railroad before beginning a 47 year career as a heavy machinery mechanic for LeRoy Wade & Sons of Omaha, NE...
Moved to Tabor 3/24/2004 CH-Michael, Terry, Teresa Udron, Christina Wilkinson, Donald B/S-infants-Paul &
Eugene, Jay, Margaret Letak, Louise Martin, Anna Rose Bryte, Kenneth, Justin
ETTA VIOLA OWENS B-9/3/1902 D-7/2/1934
EUGENE FRANCIS OWENS B-10/25/1932 John & Rose (Duehr) Owens D-1/8/1933 flu that turned into
pneumonia then a gathering at the base of the brain developed MCC
FRANK E. OWENS B-12/8/1869 W-S Margaret Busse D-1954 MCC
JAMES OWENS B-Frank & Mary (Busse) Owens W-Mary Doyle 1/25/1921 (2/15/1921)
JAMES FRANCIS OWENS B-1897 Frank & Margaret (Nansel) Owens W-1924 Bertha Wilson D-CB 9/1979 MCC
JOHN J. OWENS B-I 6/12/1927 John & Rose (Duehr) Owens D-I 1/19/1993 F-SMC 1/21/1992 Rev. Wayne
Gubbels MCC
JOHN WILLIAM OWENS- B-8/28/1899 Council Bluffs W-9/21/1920 Rose Duehr D-12/20/ 1971 New London,
MARGARET BUSSE OWENS B-1862 W-S Frank Owens D-1935 MCC
MARY E. DOYLE OWENS B-1/19/1896 Mike & Bridget (O’Keefe) Doyle W-1/25/1921 (2/15/1921) D-1922 MCC
wed a little over a year leaving a husband and 4-month old son Francis
PAUL A. OWENS D-5/10/1929 infant MCC
ROSE SUSANNA OWENS-B-6/4/1898 Bernard W-John W. Owens 9/21/1920 D-10/3/1971 Omaha, NE F-SPC
10/6/1971 Father Gordon Gittens MCC

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