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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
TRAJAN PALMER B-10/10/1824 D-I 6/25/1899 MTC CH-Mrs. Michael Delehant, Mrs. Israel Putnam, Mathias
Palmer & Mrs. John Hickenbottom
AUSTIN FLINT PARKER B-I 12/22/1886 Arthur & Luella Price Parker W-2/7/1912 Taitha Rhines D-12/23/1949
Lakeland, FL
GEORGE PARKER B-11/20/1887 D-1/1972
ROY PARKER B-I 1/9/1888 Arthur & Louella Price Parker D-1/11/1888
WILLIAM WIDMAN PARKER B-I 11/24/1884 W-10/14/1908 Phoebe Johnson Essex, IAD-7/31/1950 Red Oak
JOSEPH PARRISH B-10/3/1892 D-1/1966
M.M.PARRISH-B-Tuscarawas County, OH 10/24/1836...age of eighteen moved to Webster County, IA remaining
there four years and then moved to Douglas County, KS where he remained four years...moved to Peoria County, IL
where he was engaged in the hardware business...1874-located in Fremont County...served in Company C, fourteenth
Illinois Infantry until the close of the war...W-8/26/1860 Olinda Miller of of 1881 they had five childrenJohn M and Carrie E and three who were deceased.
NELLIE PARRISH B-3/21/1895 D-9/24/1999
CORA E. PATIENCE B-1890 D-1933
DANIEL PATIENCE B-12/18/1894 D-9/1976
DONALD C. PATIENCE B-I 4/27/1930 George & Cora Wood Patience D-11/21/1993 San Antonio, TX
STELLA PATIENCE B-1/23/1895 D-5/1981
WILLIAM PATIENCE B-I 6/20/1899 Thomas & Emma “Naomi” Garrison Paatience W-Farragut 6/1919 Florence
Smalley W-Nina Briggs 8/31/1934 Shenandoah D-9/17/1967 Shenandoah
CHRISTOPHER DEAN PELSTER B-S 9/30/1960 Harvey Dean & Betty Louise (McGargill) Pelster W-5/2/1981
Loretta Good D-7/24/2010 Omaha, NE F-SPC 7/28/2010 Father David Smith, S. J. MCC...graduated Farragut High
School...employed by Farm Master Gate factory 1978-1984...ROMECH in Red Oak until 2001...maintenance man for
the town of Imogene...served as fire chief for the Imogene Fire Department for 10 years and served on the City
Council...CH-Steven, Melissa B/S-Cindy Dyke, Janice Doyle, Angela Pelster, Patti Wetterlind, Julie Herold, Mary
Blackman, Curtis
ELIZABETH “BETTY” LOUISE PELSTER B-I 3/9/1932 Paul & Wilma (Dunn) McGargill W-Harvey Pelster
2/12/1952 Maryville, MO D-I 6/22/1998 F- SPC 6/24/1998 Rev. John Clarke MCC CH-Victoria, Cindy Dyke, Janice
Doyle, Angela, Patti Wetterlind, Chris, Julia, Mary Blackman, Curtis B/S-Jean Gray, Anna Robertson, Yvonne Chase,
Patsy Wzorek, Johanna McGargill, Charlie, Bill, James, Steve
HARVEY DEAN PELSTER B-5/31/1930 Hamburg Edward & Ruby (Garrett) Pelster W-St.Mary Church-Maryville
2/12/1952 Elizabeth Louise McGargill D-3/16/2012 F-SPC 3/20/2012 Father Tom Kunnel MCC...grew up Nodaway
County, MO...attended school near Burlington Junction...lived at Tarkio, MO and Hamburg before settling in
Imogene...served in US Navy 1948-1953...trucked for many years...worked at Skateland over 27 years...member of
Imogene Fire Department over 20 years CH-Vicki, Chris, Lucinda Dyke, Janice Doyle, Angela, Patti Wetterlind, Julia
Herold, Mary Blankman, CurtisB/S-Marion Clapper,Fonda Shipley, Kay Clapper
VICTORIA ANN PELSTER B-11/6/1955 Harvey & Betty (McGargill) Pelster D-11/11/1958 MCC
CATHERINE HORRIGAN PENDLETON B-Dennison, Crawford County Michael Horrigan W-Thanksgiving Day
1880 D-I 4/26 (29) 1889 age 30...3 sons and 1 daughter ages 2-8 raised by her parents MCC
HARTFORD PENDLETON W-Thanksgiving Day 1880 Catherine Horrigan D-spring 1897 MCC
MADALENE ROSE PERKINS B-near Farragut 7/11/1919 Ralph & E. Gertrude (Johnson) McDermott W-SMC
6/20/1939 Thomas Perkins D-RO 3/2/2014 F-SPC 3/10/2014 Father Tom Kunnel MCC...grew up on Fremont
County farm...graduated Shenandoah High School-1937...Mt. Arbor Nursery for a short time...lived on farms in
Montgomery, Mills, Page and Fremont counties...painted in oils CH-infant Thomas, John, Paul, Leo, Mary Rose
Shedd, Rita Kennedy B/S-Ernest, J.R., Irma Dinville, Lucile King, Carole Catus
THOMAS N. PERKINS B-2/17/1917 Mills County John & Olive (Bellis) Perkins youngest in the family W-SMC
6/20/1939 Madalene McDermott D-12/7/2002 Omaha, NE F-12/11/2002 Father James Kleffman MCC...age of two
weeks, he and his family moved to a farm 4 ½ miles NE of Imogene...completed his education at Golf Country School
in Page, Co...worked for John Deere dealerships in Fremont, Page and Mills counties ...for a time owned an
implement dealership with his son in Imogene...served on the Imogene City Council and as Mayor of Imogene CHTommy, John, Paul, Leo, Richard, Mary Rose Roberts, Rita Kennedy B/S-Claude, Ed, John, Jim, Ruth Malmberg,
Leah Nicholas
THOMAS N. PERKINS B-4/21/1940 D-5/18/1940 MCC
JOHN ERVIN PERRY B-I 2/22/1903 D-8/15/1981 Hugo, CO
SADE PERRY had a rooming house in Imogene
ODEA PETERSON-D-7/25/1887 2y5m

ORRIN GUY PETERSON B-I 12/27/1909 W-11/9/1942 Marvel Leonhardi D-10/8/1974
JAMES PHELPS-W-I Nancy Hayes 1/3/1878 D-10/1/1937 ...moved to Nebraska in 1884 and settled near Central
City until the fall of 1913 when they moved to Utica...several other family members also moved to that area
NANCY HAYES PHELPS W-I James Phelps D-1933
ARLENE MAE WETHERELL PHIPPS B-I 11/3/1924 Harry & Amy Kammerer Wetherell D-Omaha, NE
5/1/2011 Bro-Willard, Donald Sis-Ruth Dickson CH-Cheryl Nenneman, Albuquerque, NM, Marsha Ferraguti
Billings, MT, Glenda Priebe Shenandoah, IA, Vicki Velarde Albuquerque, NM
ANNA AMELIA MILLER PIEPER B-3/17/1857 Schoenlanke, Germany W-August Pieper D-Anita 11/27/1916
AUGUST CARL PIEPER B-11/25/1851 Stettin Germany W-Anna Miller D-Anita 1/19/1926
FREDERICK AUGUST PIEPER B-I 9/11/1881 W-1/1/1908 Anita, IA Amy Mildred WhiteD-8/19/1965 Dexter, IA
LOUIS OTTO PIEPER B-I 4/1/1885 August & Anna Miller Pieper W-Belva McDonough D-6/13/1958 Anita, IA
MARY LOUISE YOUNG PIERCE B-I 11/30/1893 Charles Leslie & Nannie Elizabeth Kidd Young W-5/24/1917
Dean Willis Pierce Lewiston, MT W-5/12/1950 Paul Adelbert Danks Kitsap, WA D-3/27/1970 Seattle, WA ...1910Logan, ND
ORVILLE LYNN POOL B-I 6/28/1931 D-9/1/1957 Long Beach, CA
JOHN M. POOLSTON B-6/15/1887 D-1/26/1917
ANN POWERS B-3/17/1834 W-Dennis Power in Ireland D-1/4/1910 MCC
DENNIS POWERS B-11/1/1824 Kilkenny, Ireland W-Ireland to Ann D-2/28/1911 MCC came to Imogene area1870
EDITH POWERS B-8/1/1888 D-3/1968
EDMUND (EDMOND) J. POWERS B-1895 W-Mary Regan 7/1933 D-1971 MCC
ELIZABETH “LIZZIE” A. LEE POWERS B-1873 W-James Powers 4/16/1902 D-12/11/1957 MCC
JAMES J. POWERS B-8/13/1869 Dubuque W-Elizabeth Lee 4/16/1902 D-1/29/1958 MCC...came to Imogene area
JOHN J. POWERS B-12/25/1857 IrelandW-11/1/1892 Mary Foley D-11/13/1915 Saturday AM cancer of the
stomach at his home five miles SW of Emerson F-SPC 10am 11/14/1915 Father Hayes MCC...came to America with
his parents when 7 years old...first located in Dubuque Mills County-1871
MARY POWERS B-5/28/1857 D-11/13/1915 MCC
MARY ELIZABETH REGAN POWERS B-1913 W-7/1933 Edmund Powers D-1972 MCC
FREDERICK G. PRANGE B-10/12/1821 D-7/2/1891...1875-came to the Imogene area with the western exodus
LOUISA M. PRANGE B-10/8/1839 D-11/17/1919
OTIS PRICE B-7/18/1892 D-12/1971
CATHERINE ROACH PRINTY B-5/20/1855 W-Mike Printy D-7/5/1886 MCC
CATHERINE (CATHRINE) WALSH PRINTY B-12/5 (15)/1828 W-Edward Printy in Ireland D-7/28/1900
midnight...funeral rites conducted by Fr. Walsh MCC...mother of merchant M. Printy...quite old and feeble...few
months earlier was raised from what seemed to be her death bed...resided in Fremont County 24 years...Catholic the
last nine years of her life
CLARE PRINTY B-1904 D-12/21/1904 MCC
EDWARD PRINTY B-2/12/1818 W-Catherine (Cathrine) Walsh (Welch) in Ireland D-3/12/1903 MCC
EDWARD PRINTY B-1858 Edward & Catherine (Walsh) Printy D-1904 in Chicago MCC...the telegram telling of
his death did not reach Imogene so it was quite a shock to the family when his sister called from Malvern telling
relatives when the body would arrive in Imogene
JAMES ANTHONY PRINTY, MD-"Doc" Printy, son of Edward & Catherine Walsh Printy B-Ohio 1/7/1856...after
his family moved to Imogene, he attended Malvern Academy and Tabor College...1882 graduate of Iowa State
University...physician in Imogene for 4 years...did his post-graduate work in New York and then returned to practice
medicine in Imogene for 1 year...returned to New York in 1888 and married Allie Weir...relocated to Chicago,
Illinois...1890-on the medical staff at Cook County Hospital...1894-dean and professor of surgical diseases of women
at the National Medical College of Chicago...eventually gave up these positions due to his large private practice
JANE CAREY PRINTY B-1865 W-Mike Printy D-1956 Greeley, CO
JOHN R. PRINTY B-Ohio 9/27/1861 Ed & Catherine (Welch) Printy W-age 24 3/3/1886 Hamburg by Fr Cook to
Mary “Macie” McGargill D-4/25/1891 29y7m29d MCC...hospitalized with a broken leg and contracted diphtheria
...100 teams joined the funeral procession
MARY F (L) “MACIE” McGARGILL PRINTY B-IA John & Anna (Kinney) McGargill W-John Printy at age 22 in
Hamburg 3/3/1886 MCC
MICHAEL “BIG MIKE” PRINTY B-4/20/1852 W-Catherine Roach, Jane Carey D-7/2/1929 MCC...came to the
Imogene area in 1878 before the railroad was laid out...farmed until the winter of 1883-1884...opened an implement
business in Imogene...after 7 years sold out and opened a general merchandise business...sold this to Ed Sweeney
and John Laughlin-1911

WILLIAM V. PRINTY B-2/13/1864 Dubuque County D-11/7/1897 MCC
EVA FLORENCE SMALLEY PUTNAM B-I 9/9/1903 Charles & Anna Belle (Clites) Smalley D-Omaha, NE
ORIN D. PUTNAM B-8/22/1902 W-3/14/1923 Eva Smalley D-4/22/1969 San Diego, CA
RALPH I PUTNAM B-Shenandoah12/16/1908 W-Sidney 1/7/1928 Thelma Black D-Shenandoah 12/8/1952
THELMA MARIE BLACK PUTNAM B-I 10/7/1910W-Sidney 1/7/1928Ralph Putnam D-Douglas County, NE

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