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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
JOSEPH C. WAGNER B-1911 W-Rose D-10/1986 MCC
ROSE V. WAGNER B-9/5/1912 W-Joseph Wagner D-12/15/1987 F-SPC 12/19/1987 Father John Clarke MCC
EDDIE WALTER B-2/10/1880 D-1/29/1897
ROBERT WALTERS B-S 4/25/1934 W-Barbara Laughlin D-5/26/1986
IRA WATSON D-I 8/29/1889 1y1m
LIZZIE WATSON D-I 9/28/1890 age 31
JACK WAUGH Imogene telephone owner and operator
HARRY MILTON WAX B-I 12/26/1877 William & Lyda Woods Wax W-Mable Wilson D-3/3/1933
HAZEL WAX B-Henry D-9/1910 17 months infantile paralysis
HAZEL MARGARET NICHOLAS WAX B-1/20/1918 near Imogene James & Leah (Perkins) Nicholas W-Cecil Wax 12/20/1945
Hiawatha, KS D-S 7/21/2002...Imogene High School graduate-1935...general duty and private nurse-6 years...moved to Emerson1951...moved to Shenandoah-1972
BLANCHE CATHERINE HUGHES WEBER B-I 9/3/1896 John & Mary (Gilmore) Hughes W-I 1/23/1929 Frank Weber D9/7/1985
DR. FRANK WEBER W-Blanche Hughes 1/23/1929 D-7/27/1968
HOBART WEIHLER D-I 7/2/1897 2m12d
JENNIE LAWLESS WELCH W-W. A. Welch 1/23/1903...prosperous rancher-Niobrara River
ANNA WERNER B-1866 D-1891
AUGUST WERNER(March 24, 1849-August 26, 1931) and his wife Mattie were present for the platting of the town
of Imogene. Originally they ran a restaurant and boarding house in the now empty space to the south of the Cahill Bank building.
They then built a house and carpentry shop on Main street. August had success in building model helicopters that
could fly. On 7/4/1886 he attempted to fly a full-size helicopter over Imogene. Some say his helicopter rose 4 feet in
the air on top of the First Street hill. Others say the helicopter never lifted off the ground before crashing around him. He
never recovered from this failure; more advanced knowledge of the laws of modern physics might have resulted in a different
outcome. After December 1886, he spent the rest of his life in mental institutions. Originally he was in an institution
in Mt. Pleasant and moved to the institution in Clarinda on 12/25/1889. He eventually had his own woodworking
shop there. He was a master craftsman and built furniture for the State Capitol in Des Moines. The aviation
visionary, who attempted to fly 17 years before the Wright brothers, is buried in the Monroe Township/Old Lutheran
Cemetery north of Imogene. A booklet August Werner of Imogene and His Iowa Flying Machine was compiled by Jerry
Schmalenberger for the Imogene community celebration of August Werner Days the first weekend of August in 1984.
AUGUST WERNER B-2/19/1863D-6/4/1907 buried-Hamburg
BERTHA WERNER B-12/1/1874 D-3/3/1928 buried-Hamburg
DONALD HAROLD WETHERELL B-I 1/5/1927 Harry Logan & Amy Edna Kammerer Wetherell W-9/1/1949
Omaha, NeD-7/17/2013 Oklahoma City, OK
HARRY WETHERELL W-Amy Kammerer D-1930
LOIS L. WETHERELL B-8/17/1921 Hamburg George & Nellie (Reeser) Parker W-11/18/1938 to Willard Wetherell at Rock Port
MO D-3/28/1996 Sidney Graveside MTC 3/30/1996...raised in Sidney...graduated from Sidney High School...lived in
Imogene her entire married life...worked at the Earl May Seed and Nursery Company for over 25 years C-Sharon
Wetherell, Dennis B/S Rex Parker, Martha Standard
SHARON KAY WETHERELL B-Imogene D-10/27/2012 age 71...graduated Farragut High school-1959, BA in
teaching State College of Iowa (now UNI)-1962...taught English...1971-MA in library science from
specialist for the Cedar Rapids Schools until retirement in 2001
WILLARD HARRISON WETHERELL B-I 4/11/1917 Harry & Amy (Kammerer) Wetherell W-Lois Parker
11/18/1938 D-11/15/1999 Sidney Graveside MTC 11/17/1999 Mark & Lynn Costello officiating...attended Imogene
Public School for 12 years...inducted into the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) June of 1935 ...discharged in May of
1939...worked as a carpenter with his grandfather William Rush and then was employed at the Martin Bomber Plant in Omaha, NE
and the Hastings, NE Ammunition depot...inducted into the Army 5/27/1945...served in the Military Police in Munich
before being discharged in July of 1946...January 1947 employed by the Greenwood Lumber Co...became the manager in August
1953 and remained there until October 1978 when it closed. The next day he became a part-time employee of Imogene
Grain and worked there until his retirement in December 1995. CH-Sharon, Dennis
JAMES RILEY WHITE B-I 3/9/1915 James & Mary Louisa Huff White D-3/29/1953 St. Joseph, MO
JANET KATHLEEN WHITEHILL B-RO 7/1/1950 Harry & Grace (George) Smith W-1/1969 Bruce Gruber, W-8/27/1988
George (Bob) Whitehill, II D-S 9/3/2006 F-9/9/2006 Selby Chapel Pastor Fred Bryson Locust Grove CemeteryNorthboro...went to St. Patrick Academy through 8th grade...graduated from Farragut High School-1968... after Bruce passed

away, worked for Whitehill Oil Co. for several years...she and her 2nd husband owned and operated the Farragut Tavern...CH-Bruce,
Melanie Houchin B/S-Mary George, Barbara Hilger, Jim, Steve
EVERETT WHITSLAR Imogene rural mail carrier
GEORGE DELBERT WHITSLAR, JR. B-7/18/1928 Beaver Falls, PA George Delbert, Sr. & Vivian (Morrison) Whitslar W8/24/1951 Peggy Nicholas at St. John’s Church in Essex D-S 9/13/1998 F-Hackett Livingston Funeral Home
9/16/1998 Rev. Donald Nelson RHC...lived for a short time at Beaver Falls then moved to East Palestine, OH...age of
15 he joined the Navy and served for one year...served in the Army from July 1949-1952...after his discharge, moved to
SW Iowa where he was employed at Bartlett Grain for 15 years and then was worker, manager and part owner of Imogene Grain for 27
years CH-Peggy Jean, George Delbert III, James Linda Bredberg, Carol Walker B/S-Patricia Potts, Jim, Bob, Donna Burnett, Toy
Johnson, Donald
PEGGY MARIE WHITSLAR B-S 5/26/1934 John Barietta & Rosazetta Eliza (Kelso) Nicholas W-8/24/1951
George Whitslar, Jr. St. John’s Lutheran Church-Essex D-11/18/2002 Omaha, NE F-11/21/2002 RHC...educated in
the Stanton schools...lived in Ft. Riley,KS during George’s military service....after a short time in Beaver Falls, PA
they moved to a farm outside of Essex...moved to Shenandoah after George’s death. CH-Peggy Jean, Linda Bredberg, Carol Walker,
Delbert, James B/S-Maudie Mary Nicholas, Martin, Don, Robert, Jane Stewart, Joyce Smith
JEAN L. MAHER WILLIAMS B-I 8/11/1924 Lewis & Ida (Cahill) Maher W-Ira Williams D-S 6/22/1980...lived in Colorado since
1954...was in the area attending the centennial celebration of St. Patrick Church...suffered a heart attack
ANNA BERIGAN WILSON B-Abraham & Bridget Berigan W-11/29/1884 James Wilson
JAMES J. WILSON B-11/17/1856 Monmouth, IL John G. & Melvina (Skinner0 Wilson W-11/29/1884 Anna Berigan...1885-came to
Malvern as a bookkeeper for the First National Bank...1893-promoted to cashier
FRED WIMAN Imogene postmaster
ROSALEA F. WIMAN B-12/18/1869 D-11/22/1930 MCC
EUGENE WILLIAM WINANS B-Eugene D-I 12/1/1929 6m...buried New English, IA
ZELPHIA WOMACK B-7/30/1880 D-2/1967
CHLOE WOOD B-1864 D-I 1/25/1922
LAURA HANNAH SHOBER WOOD B-I 7/7/1880 Francis H & Elizabeth Ellen Clayton Shober W- 1897 (98) WY James Isaac
Wood D-3/3/1970 Commerce City, CO...1885-Triumph, NE...1895-Sundance Town, WY...1900-SD...1910-Denver, CO
W.H. WOOD B-6/28/1837 D-12/27/1880
EDWARD ALVIN WOODS B-I 3/19/1921 Eugene & Mabel Kammerer Woods W-Ruby D-8/20/2005
EUGENE WOODS B-8/20/1888 D-3/1966
IDA BELL LEE WOODS B-Albert Lee D-I 3/25/1935 age 78 buried Knerim, IA
JOHN ROBERT WOODS B-I 2/(23) 26/1916 Eugene & Mable (Kammerer) Woods W-Grace May Carter 1/7/1946 at
Sidney D-S 9/10/1993 F-9/14/1993 graveside MTC Rev. Laverne E. Leigh ...educated in Imogene and served in the army in
WWII...B/S Charles, Merle, Lester, Edward, Albert, Allan, Earl, Elizabeth Higgins, Ida Mutchler CH-Merle, Robert, Richard, Elizabeth
LANCE WOODS B-Hoppy & Mary Woods D-8/24/1979 motorcycle accident north of Essex
LESTER L. “HOPPY” WOODS B-I 5/29/1917 Eugene & Ida (Kramer) Woods W-Mary D-S 12/4/2001 F-graveside 12/8/2001
MTC...educated in the Imogene schools...worked for Hughie Laughlin and then Mount Arbor Nurseries. CH-Lance, Charles, Judy
Ebersole, Joel Ebersole, Carmen Munson, Darwin Ebersole B/S-Ike, John, infant Charles, Ida, Liz, Ed, Earl, Merle, Marion
TOM WOODS Imogene oil station operator
MYRTLE LOUISE MAHER WOOSLEY B-2/5/1930 Tom & Catherine (Sweeney) Maher W-Cleo Eugene Woosley
3/25/1947 Creston
AGNES ELLEN SULLIVAN WORKMAN B-6/10/1867 Franklin County, NY W-George Workman 3/28/1894
D-10/23/1911 TB
ELLEN WORKMAN B-6/10/1867 D-10/23/1911 MCC
EARNEST CREO WRIGHT B-George M. D-10/7/1930 age 61 MTC
NEWBERRY”NEWT” FIELDEN WRIGHT B-1/9/1911 Lebanon, MO D-Emerson 11/9/1996
ANN WYLIE B-8/27/1903 Browns Valley, MN Peter & Nellie (Ven Rooy) Vanderweyst W-John Earl Wylie 1/24/1923 Mayhew Lake,
MN D-5/19/2007 Tabor F-SPC Fr. Ken Gross MCC...she and her husband farmed in MN where they raised turkeys...moved to Iowa in
1936 and farmed near Tabor and Randolph CH-Helen Adrian, John, Joe, Jim, Ray B/S-Bernice Goulet and 5 deceased brothers and 3
deceased sisters
BARBARA LEE WYLIE B-7/31/1951 D-8/12/1951
JOHN EARL WYLIE B-1/20/1900 W-Ann Vanderweyst 1/24/1923 Mayhew Lake, MN D-2/20/1979 Funeral 2/23/1979 Tabor
Graveside 2/24/1979 MCC
C.S.(L.) YOUNG-B-Morrow County, Ohio 2/7/1834 W-Joanna Williams 5/15/1855 Ohio...spent his early life on a farm...left Ohio
1855 for Muscatine, IA where he remained a year and a half and then moved to Henry County... January of 1872 moved to Fremont
County, IA...had ten children

DEWEY DALE YOUNG B-I 10/29/1897 Charles & Nannie Elizabeth Kidd Young W-4/2/1938 Mildred Colson
Billings, MT D-4/24/1963 Lewiston, MT
GRACE LOURINE YOUNG B-I 11/5/1895 C. L. Young D-4/13/1913 TB...moved with her parents to SD in the
spring of 1901
MARY LEAHY ZENS B-9/20/1914 William & Maggie (Dempsey) Leahy...celebrated her 100th birthday-2014