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By Willem Speed wees ‘a major freeway in collapsed when fault ruptured in 1988 A big earthquake is overdue for Southern California. Lat BHAMLE Instead arth moves, Imagine that you anda friend are tectonic plates, enormous chunks of ‘eying to side a huge chest of the planet's crast and upper mantle ‘he most momentous news in science is someti ‘couched inthe dulles Tfnennge Tic this bit éravers. Hepulls you pull that fit together like pieces of frome scientific pperinarecent the dam ting woot vats puzzle, Tectonic plate, says Falko, {ssue of Nature: "The observed because the fiction, ofthe force “age in constant motion relative to vee ates confirma tha the soutt- ~ Grpasngmotion, BeA=E the chest ont another, moving very slowly”-— fxn section of the San Andreas tithe floor is too high. When jst centimeters per Yea Fault may be app your owm strain builds up enough, ‘At their boundaries, o: borders, ofthe interseismic phase dhe chest Finally moves with @ big ‘pro patos may bang into each other, earthquake cycle” rumbling sound. You've created & forming s convergent boundary. OF Teenslation: major eabquake Kind of earthquake hey may drift apart—e divergent coming! the ground that runs roughly parallel Lott The San Andreas Fault is 2 huge crack in the fautt noth of Los Angeles Ca en Diegs) eonigecst tthe sete alonia Right An mri! vi ‘Se ia, used sates to show ‘that the San Andreas Fault near Los “Angeles has @ lot ofpentsap CRESS Tis deta ust in Batt tembior (exrtaquke) S008 ‘Soon fs loose rm 2003. ‘f can mean tonight few dozen ‘years fromnow. ‘Nocrediblescien- ‘tist has figured out predict. can earthquake’ swith amy sorta: accuracy: ‘But themillionsi6!