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Chocolate Graphics International Newsletter Issue 23, 2011

Presidents Report
First, Id like to offer a warm & sincere welcome
to our newest licensees, Kranthi Elluru and his
associates, Navarathan Kumar Jain and Abhinay
Govindu. They are the proud new owners of the
Regional Master License for Southern India.

Signing the RML Agreement for Southern India

Second, Id like to officially welcome

Eva Nicoletatos who has taken the
position of National Manager in New
Zealand. On page six you can read
some of the recent testimonials
coming out of New Zealand.

I recently visited Chocolate Graphics

Vietnam where Ken La is doing a
great job and the retail shops are
doing well. Sheryl & I extend our
congratulations to Ken & Jinny who
recently became engaged.
It was also great to
catch up with SiewKen & Jinny - CG Vietnam
Hua in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia. Chocolate Graphics
Malaysia are negotiating with a large, bakery
chain that operates throughout SE Asia.
Keep up the great work everyone!
Best regards, John

Siew-Hua in

Maori emblem
on chocolate



Strength in Co-branding


Chocolate Business Cards


Using Social Media


Wedding Planner
recommends Chocolate
Graphics QR Chocolates


NZ Testimonials

Co-branding with Chocolate Graphics

By Carol Webster

Chocolate Graphics has begun partnering with other companies who see
the value of our proprietary and patent-protected technology in the
marketing world.
For Chocolate Graphics, co-branding is a good way to expand business for
our licensees worldwide as well. Co-branding allows companies to work
together to increase the leverage of their brands by combining their core
strengths with those of other companies who offer compatible products.
Chocolate Graphics is also in talks with several other companies to offer
personalized, embossed chocolates through online Internet stores.

QR Chocolates
Greg Slapp of QR Stuff ( read about our new QR chocolates in the
press and was intrigued enough to contact us as he was interested in selling the
chocolates himself. His QR Stuff website is one of the top generators of QR codes,
and has visitors from around the world (currently about 75% from the U.S., 20%
Europe and 5% from elsewhere). The website currently generates more than
40,000 hits per month. Greg has successfully been selling QR code products through
his Zazzle store, but wanted to have a stand-alone website for the sale of QR code
The website is now up and both QR Stuff and Chocolate
Graphics are beginning to promote it! Orders will be placed through the QR
Chocolates website, and will be produced and processed by Chocolate Graphics.

Co-branding continued...
The Chocolate Business Cards (TCBC)
The Chocolate Business Cards is the brainchild of well
-known entrepreneur Germaine Kingdomchild
Moody. Moody runs several companies globally,
including a wine club, book club and a series of
networking events (
Moody became interested in Chocolate Graphics
products in early 2010, and since then has developed a way
to incorporate his
networking events with the concept of chocolate business
cards produced by us.
Chocolate business cards will become an integral part of his
networking business events all around the world. Moody
also plans on approaching his many contacts in the hotel industry to secure large-scale volume contracts for other personalized chocolate products from Chocolate Graphics.
TCBC also offers an affiliate program; anyone who signs up
as an affiliate will have a mirror web page very similar to
the main website. All they have to do is market the site to
everyone they know and they will receive commissions for
orders received on their website. Chocolate Graphics will
handle all these orders.

Germaine Moody
Well-known entrepreneur and
founder of MoodTyme Corporation

For more information about the Business Card Affiliate Program, please go to:

Moody is also launching a line of other food and beverage products such as trail mix
and energy drinks (The Chocolate Business Cards company will be eventually be
under the umbrella of GMoodys, which is the food division of the umbrella corporation MoodTyme).
If you have any questions or would like more information about co-branding Chocolate
Graphics products with other companies, please contact CGIs International Marketing
Manager, Carol Webster at:

Spreading the word through social media

By Kim Hughes

While print magazines and newspapers can still be valid places to advertise, you will
have noticed advertisements get smaller and smaller. Direct mail is down substantially
from a decade ago. Magazines are now on iPads. Now we have text ads, banner ads,
140 character tweets, social groups, fans and the like.
WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? - Because now we have to get even more creative
than ever in the way we present our company! Some of the options include
Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In (and other Internet media). We have a smaller
canvas on the Internet and therefore must get much better with our brushes!
One thing you can do to monitor when your company is mentioned on the Internet is
sign on to Google Alerts:
Chocolate Graphics International has been looking very international in several recent
Google Alerts: Australia, South Africa, Bahrain, and the UK were all featured
Google Alert - "Chocolate Graphics"
John Taylor | President, Chocolate Graphics | Burleigh Heads ...
Chocolate Graphics is the owner of a patent protected technology for high definition that
allows us to emboss any photos, logos, messages, ...
Profile - Chocolate Graphics
Free ads in your . Kalahari Ads you will find accommodation, job, car, virtually everything.
Bostani Chocolate-Bahrain | Facebook
Chocolate Graphics Something Blue Wedding Designs Create a Page. Bostani Chocolate-Bahrain. Like. Food/Beverages Manama, Bahrain ...
Chocolate Graphics (UK) Ltd Wedding Chocolate Bars
personalised chocolate bars, personalised wedding favors, bespoke chocolates.
Chocolate Graphics featured in Eventline online magazine!

The online buzz for QR Chocolates continues - we were recently featured in

Special Events magazines Eventline! See what they had to say!
We are pleased you shared your product with us. Special Events Eventline is
exposing your product to over 41,000 special events industry people. Be prepared to receive inquiries from our readers regarding your featured product.
Here's the link to today's e-newsletter with your product release
Click on "QR" Chocolates..."

QR Chocolates
Lissahn Wrapped Couture

Wrapped Couture is a Custom Gift Basket Company where every

basket is "Delightfully Filled...and Especially Yours".
I love everything about weddings and I hope to provide inspiration
through images that I love and find absolutely beautiful. Sometimes it may be a wedding that I've done or one of my gift baskets,
but I'm fortunate to do exactly what I love!
I remember when computers were black with green block letters; nothing
spectacular to say the least! Now, technology has changed in so many ways and
has allowed us to take our computers with us and even have it on our phones.
Now, the latest in technology is the QR Code, which is a specific barcode that is
readable by dedicated QR readers and camera phones. The information thats
provided can bring up more information on the product, a website, a telephone
number, or other pertinent information on the brand.
As an added bonus for me, being the chocolate lover and the business owner that I
am, one of my favorite chocolate companies, Chocolate Graphics has come up
with a way for you to combine chocolate and technology. You can market your
company by incorporating your website, Twitter feed, online catalogs, and YouTube onto milk, dark, or white chocolate. How cool is that?! Id definitely be the
one to get the information I needed and enjoy the chocolate later. A brilliant way
to combine technology and a sweet treat!
Thanks Michele for sharing this information on Chocolate Graphics and letting us
know that chocolate can also be informative!
The full blog can be found at:

Recent New Zealand Testimonials

July 2011
I have been using Chocolate Graphics for marketing purposes since
2008. I have recommended them to many of my clients to use for the
same purpose as I find the product quality excellent, and the service great. In fact
me advising them to use the chocolates is one of my first key little pieces of
I am a business coach to small businesses in the international education field.
Originally I was with a large institution and we ordered many different products
which I became known for literally worldwide. I then went out on my own. I have a
small business and I still find it very cost effective to brand my company using
these chocolates. Often I make up my mind last minute, but they always deliver on
The actual chocolate (dark) is excellent in taste, so at conferences where I often
have them people come up and ask me for them! Now that would be bad if they
were just inhaling my chocolates, but they read the literature and see how brands
need to be associated with a sense and you will see why I am remembered, as
the best sense to be remembered by is taste and that little jolt of feel-good
hormone that gets released.
I can totally recommend using these products for your business and it was a lucky
day when I stumbled upon them at a business meeting and had a taste.
Suzette Eastmond
June 2011
I would just like to drop you a quick note to thank you for your brilliant service
We were looking for a unique way of acknowledging our clients for their business in
quite a difficult market. Some eye-catching advertising bought me to your
companys products.
We now send chocolate out with each customer order we
supply with a simple Thank you for your business message with our company branding.
While we have only just started this in the last few weeks,
it has been a very well-received promotion which I expect
continue with for a long time to come.
Our order & artwork was handled very rapidly & the final
product is excellent quality.
Many thanks, Ross Patterson
Maser Communications NZ Limited

Statistics from Candy Industry Magazine

Did you know...

Global sales of confections in 2010 was US$171.2 billion
Compound Annual Growth Rate is just under 5%
Forecasted sales in 2015 of US$313.3 billion
Strongest growth projections are:
Latin America, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Australasia and
Asia-Pacific (especially Brazil, Russia, India and China)
Slowest growth projections:
North America and Europe
The highest growth rates are:
dark chocolate as opposed to milk or white!
In China and India, the growth rates for everyday chocolate are
negligible; all the growth is occurring in premium chocolate and seasonal
chocolate, which is of course right up our alley!

Chocolate Tips
Here is an idea for QR code Customers:
When customers order QR code chocolates it is very important to
include a hard copy insert or sticker with the customers QR code on
it. The insert or sticker should match the graphics on the QR code
chocolate perfectly. Once the QR code chocolate is used and then
consumed, the customer is still left with a hard copy QR code for
marketing purposes!!

Michele Smith
CG Customer Manager & Senior Chocolatier