El Camino Feminist Collective

The Feminist Collective is a place where women and men who defy the established status quo come together to discuss the problems and solutions that face women on campus, in our communities, and around the world. Goals: Collectivism- Organizing collectively, without dependence on formal club authority, as well as consensus decision-making to assure all members share an equal role in the collective Non-Ideological- Openness to a variety of political beliefs, as well as allowing for a variety of activism tactics and levels of participation Campus Activism- Distribution of literature, on-campus activities, and support services for women in our communities and around the world Inter-club Cooperation- Working with other campus clubs involved in struggles for human rights and social justice Information Resource- Provide support and information for the El Camino campus and surrounding communities regarding patriarchy and sexism, as well as effective ways of confronting and eliminating it International Solidarity- Supporting international and indigenous women’s movements Confronting Wars- Understanding and confronting war, war’s roots in patriarchy, and the effect on women of various class and racial backgrounds

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